[Breakup Files] 81-Year-old Patrick Tse Breaks Up with Young Girlfriend, Coco

Patrick Tse (謝賢) recently ended his 12-year relationship with Shanghainese model, Coco. Since 81-year-old Patrick and Coco have a huge 49-year age gap, their dating relationship often raised eyebrows. Coco is even three years younger than Patrick’s daughter Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷)!

While dating Coco, Patrick dressed stylishly and appeared to be much younger than his real age. He was often seen shopping with Coco and treating her attentively. Patrick lavished her with gifts and even helped Coco go to England to study English to improve her skills.

In an older interview, Patrick admitted that he loved Coco and that they had an active sex life while together. He said, “In the past, why did people have so many children? Because there was no other entertainment. [Making kids] was the only entertainment. I had this form of ‘entertainment’.”

Although Patrick treated Coco sweetly, he could not offer her marriage. After two failed marriages, Patrick did not want to get married again. It is unclear if this was a factor in their breakup, but Coco has evidently been absent in Patrick’s life for the last few months.

This week, Patrick was spotted with several of his friends, including long-time buddy David Chiang (姜大衛). Looking distressed, Patrick was seen lamenting about his breakup with Coco over a late-night dinner. After having a couple of drinks and getting slightly drunk over dinner, Patrick’s steps were wobbly before being picked up in a car.

Despite his divorce with Deborah Li (狄波拉), Patrick is still friends with his ex-wife. Patrick was seen shopping and chatting with Deborah and her current husband, Kong Yiu Sing (江耀城), perhaps hoping to find some comfort after his split from Coco.

Source: East Week; Qpeek.com

This article is written by Su and Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I have no problem supporting a younger woman/older man, or older woman/younger man relationship, but this is crossing the line, this is creepy and nasty. For God’s sake, Coco is even younger than his own daughter. Patrick Tse should be hung by his geriatric balls, and it is safe to say that she is a certified gold digger. Wonder if she found a younger, richer man, did a Karena Ng and dumped great grandpa Patrick.

  2. OMG, she might be younger than his son and ex daughter in law? haha lol…Holy Mackerel!! She looks like that super cheap character actress Jacqueline Chong? ahhaha LOL…

  3. The good thing is they don’t have any kid otherwise he’s probably ended paying child support. Lol. I think it’s funny how he’s into a younger woman and his son is into older women.

  4. His reason about “having children” is so laughable and stupid and unfounded. He’s an epitome of ignorant and arrogant. Never liked him. Never understood his fame.

  5. Not my type though he does posses the height, charisma, suaveness and relatively handsome. He was very popular with girls. He married my favourite actress, ChenChen. Amazing how he managed to keep his looks.

  6. i always thought he looked perverted even when i was little. he’s got the hugh hefner look – both look very perverted. it’s just the way they look and perhaps they are both grandpa and into young girls which i consider pretty distasteful. never thought his son was cute either even when he was super popular back in 2000s.

  7. I feel bad for his kids. Their dad is a total embarrassment. I mean, this is not their fault at all, but I would die from shame if this was my dad. As much as it’s children who reflect their parents, the flip side is also true. Parents who act poorly also gets reflected on their kids, smh.

  8. The Tse parents – thrive on ‘face’, being hangers-ons and seen in the right crowd/places and overall … showyness. (the glitz but with no substance, ie no real wealth or great fame of their own – except, sure dad was a former matinee idol).

    Even in Vancouver, and Jennifer Tse’s reputation here isn’t that great back then either.
    And Nic Tse is great at packaging himself as a Gordon Ramsey type … but his acting isn’t anything outstanding (just checked out his movie with Goa Yuan-yuan) – it was so stilted.

    ROFLAMO: 😛 😛 😛
    “Patrick Tse should be hung by his geriatric balls”
    “I think it’s funny how he’s into a younger woman and his son is into older women.”

  9. Personally, I hope to die younger than 80 years old. It is not an age anyone wants to live up to. He’s probably feeling lonely. At that age, people will have no parents, kids probably grown up and married and one person being at home facing 4 walls every day. Most friends, wife/husband would have passed on in their 70s. Its quite understandable if he wants to date someone younger.

    1. @kk12345 like I said, I have no beef with a younger man to woman, or older woman to man couple. However, this Patrick/Coco relationship is creepy. I read what what you said about children grown up, and spouse deceased . One can get lonely, I get that. Even ancient seniors like patrickTse has needs too, but come on, are you aware this Coco woman is thirty-two, or 32 years old, even younger than his daughter? This is a bit too much for even me to stomach, which is saying a lot.

      1. @bubbletea I get what you mean but she’s a consenting adult when their relationship began and to be fair, they lasted 12 years, that’s longer than most hollywood marriages. Not saying that there isn’t some kind age- and status related of power imbalance in their relationship but who knows.

        Also I don’t really buy the consensus here that Coco is a gold-digger. Investing 12 years of your youth, your peak age, on a target like Patrick Tse? On the streets of Shanghai you can easily bump into business men half his age with double his wealth.

      2. @peanutbutterjelly what crazy woman will want to stay with a man multiple decades her senior if he wasn’t rich AF? if he wasn’t who he was, I doubt she would’ve stayed with him (or attracted to him to begin with.) I think she stayed so long because she was pining for the wife title, much like holly stayed with hugh. because once she’s wife, she’s set for life. however, she never got that even after a decade of pursuance, so she’s given up. a girl can only give up on her youth for so long because she realizes it’s not worth it.

      3. @coralie “what crazy woman will…”

        A lot of them.

        Thousands upon thousands of people do things everyday that we cannot comprehend. I’ve lived on this planet long enough to know that all kinds of people exist in this world. If you come across articles such as people being in romantic adult relationships with their biological parent, a man who force-fed his girlfriend to be 900 pounds ‘because he loves to see her get bigger’ or some woman who legitimately is sexually attracted to the Eiffel tower then a 20 year old falling for a 70 year old suddenly doesn’t seem that crazy anymore.

        I still maintain my position that, if all she cared about was money, she could’ve easily gotten someone richer and wealthier than Patrick ‘I basically sold my son to EEG because I’m bad with money’ Tse.

      4. @peanutbutterjelly i think she cares and has affection for him. but to say she “loves” him is going too far. and Patrick is not just rich, but has social media presence. you don’t know what she’s thinking when she decided to allow him into her life (neither do I), but just from superficial motives, you can already tell it wouldn’t be love at first sight. and if it was love, there’s no reason she wouldn’t stay till he dies. but they decided to end things here. my opinion is that she’s in it for the money & the fame

      5. @coralie Agree with you. She is in it for the $$ and fame. Probably figure he can jump start her career.

        Honestly don’t find her pretty so really doubt she can catch young big fish.

      6. @bubbletea i can’t imagine his girlfriend who is 49 years YOUNGER than him and his DAUGHTER would have an active sex life with him. was she hoping he would marry her? it’s disgusting!

      7. @janet72 she probably was pining for that marriage. probably hoped to have some kids too. once she’s married, she’s set for life. just waiting for the old man to flip over, so she can keep his fortune to herself.

        I do feel slight pity for her since she waited for over a decade for nothing. but it’s not like she got nothing out of their relationship. at the very least, some education, glitz and glamour. I think deep down, he’s aware that she’s not with him due to love. at least he’s not some old, imbecilic fogey who has lost sight of that fact (though if he does, he deserves it.)

      8. @janet72 You might be right. I wonder if Coco stuck around that long wondering if the platinum senior citizen would marry her. Well, she did get recognition. She got fame, even if she did not get a fortune. Well, surely by now, everyone knows who Coco is. With all those dinosaur years and trysts to his name, Patrick must be like fine wine in the sack, so Coco most likely got some mighty fine loving. She did get a lot from Patrick, she got a lot.Now she can finda young rich man, and Payrick can find a twenty-something year old to get giggy with.

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