Patrick Tse Reconciles with Ex-Girlfriend, Coco, of 13 Years

In July of this year, 82-year-old Patrick Tse (謝賢) announced he had called it quits with his Shanghainese model-girlfriend Coco, 33, after dating on and off for 13 years. However, news broke out the two had reconciled despite their 49-year age gap, and she often visits him. Patrick accepted a phone interview earlier and claimed they never broke up!

He said, “When did we ever argue? We are friends, we won’t break up, and we have always been good friends.”

Patrick also added she visits him at his house because they are friends. While it is unclear what caused their initial break up, marriage might’ve been a factor, as Patrick could not offer her that after having two failed marriages.

After breaking up with her, he once expressed loneliness living in his nearly $10 million HKD residence and said it’s just “the old man and the sea.” Perhaps, he no longer feels neither old since he has always dressed stylishly and looked younger than his actual age while dating her nor lonely with a beautiful woman accompanying him.

Yesterday, he even met up with friends for high tea and was seen talking and laughing. In addition, his son, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), who is only five years older than Coco, was very filial and went for a walk with his dad earlier. They even bumped into Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and took a group photo together.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Old man power. Sammo gives away a house to Bingbing as a gift. Wonder what Patrick have to give Coco?

    In other news, the media need to stop using the word Filial piety. A son going for a walk with his dad does not warrant the use of the word fiial.

    1. @mike……….Right on the spot…………And I get the feeling that girls like Coco knows that the best time to reconcile is when the Sugar Daddy is handing out more gifts and money………….I mean really,…… she certainly isn’t reconciling for his looks or his libido, nor would she want to marry the old dude.

  2. Lol. They can be father and daughter already and too many surgar daddy these days. If she’s a model I’m sure she’s got money too don’t know why she has to stick with him.

    1. @cutie777

      Hater! I don’t see how their relationship hurts anybody else. In contrary to those with extramarital affairs. Your jab at them for having a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is low – purely an assumption.

  3. Nic is filial because he bought a million dollar mansion for daddy, so daddy could have something to attract young girls who think they’ve got a rich sugar daddy.

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