Joey Yung, Wilfred Lau End 5-Year Relationship

According to a reliable source, Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Wilfred Lau‘s (劉浩龍) five-year relationship has ended. Since the outset of their relationship in 2012, many people did not feel that Joey and Wilfred were a good match due to the disparity in their financial success. It was allegedly this reason that also made the couple break up.

When Joey and Wilfred initially announced their dating status, Joey’s former flame, Denise Ho (何韻詩) felt betrayed and refused to send her blessings. After the scolding drama subsided, Joey and Wilfred continued to face public pressure due to Wilfred’s lack of success in his career. From the start of their relationship, Joey has been very considerate, paying for Wilfred’s vacations and never asking for expensive gifts.

Despite their five-year relationship, Wilfred was unable to gain the support of the elders in Joey’s life. Unhappy that she often had to face battles on her own, Joey and Wilfred drifted apart.

The couple showed signs of a troubled relationship at the beginning of the year, when Joey traveled to Japan by herself. She attended a fashion show in England, and also stopped by Australia and Beijing, without Wilfred in sight. After Joey returned to Hong Kong, she went to Calvin Choi‘s (蔡一智)  gathering without Wilfred, who stayed home by himself watching a sports game that night.

Joey Wished to Have Children

Due to her mother’s poor health, Joey had considered getting married to bring more auspicious luck. In 2015, Joey had stated that she wanted to get married and have children before turning forty. However, Joey changed her mind last year and said, “I don’t intend to get married yet.”

It was understood that Joey and Wilfred agreed to separate on peaceful terms due to conflicting priorities. Joey would like to spend more time taking care of her mother, while Wilfred has been busy preparing for his first concert, which will take place in April.

When reached to comment on the breakup reports, Joey and Wilfred’s representatives responded discretely, “We will not respond to [artistes’] personal matters.”

Friends with Joey for 20 years, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) respected Joey’s need for privacy and refused to comment on the breakup reports.


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  1. Oh my.

    I don’t know if money is the real reason why they broke up. But it’s a darn shame. 5 years is not easy to let go.

    But better they cut their losses sooner rather than too late. I wonder why Joey doesn’t want kids with Wilfred, though. Because the assumption is she wants kids, just not with him.

    1. @coralie
      That will always be the problem with a celebrity of Joey’s status. It will always be difficult to find a man with better financial status than her.

      1. @jimmyszeto True, though I think part of it too is that Wilfred hasn’t been trying hard enough to reach higher status and most likely their relationship wasn’t tremendously stable in the first place. 5 years can be a long time but it can be short too depending on how you look at it and most likely the pressure from Joey’s mom’s health condition played a role as well. Coincidentally, I read an article the other day about this exact type of relationship (the girl is more popular and makes more money than the guy) that turned out well in the end (the 3 examples in terms of HK couples from the article were Ada Choi/Max Zhang, Kay Tse/Louis Cheung, Esther Kwan/Nick Cheung). All three couples struggled when they first started off and public pressure (as well as pressure from family) was tremendous, especially when pretty much everyone was criticizing that they would never last (in the case of Esther and Nick, they even broke up for a period of time due to the pressure)….but in the end, the ladies all made the decision to stand by their men and it paid off, since Max, Louis, and Nick all eventually rose up based on their own merit and hard work (in Nick’s case, he even became a bigger star than Esther was)….now all are happily married with kids they adore. So there are definitely success stories out there, though a huge part too also depends on the compatibility of the artists themselves and also how hard they are willing to work on the relationship and stick it out for the long haul.

      2. @llwy12 Another example is Catherine Hung and Andy Zhang Dan Feng. When they first got together, everyone he was in it for the 15 mins of fame, even though Catherine was not rich or famous, she was quite well known in the 90’s. And with him being the younger man, people never thought that he would stay around for her when she got older. But they are still going strong now with cute kids.

        Same with Bobby and Raymond Wong who had a lot of criticism since they married rich wives and got called “soft rice eaters”.

        There are definitely male golddiggers out there, but we should not stereotype all men who date more successful women in that category. Same with women who date more successful men. Those who will make it will pull through and get closer, and those who won’t gradually drift apart. Both sides need to give, compromise and support each other through the hard times.

    2. @coralie lol in that case what was the 6 years relationship with Denise Ho? Chopped liver?! Not to mention the 7 years Denise waited for her before then, flying to NYC alone to surprise Joey on her birthday when she was training dancing, and dedicating butterfly musical for her which finally won Joey over back in 2005? Denise is 10x better than this lowlife yet Joey’s mom welcomed him at first just cause he was a guy! Yea not so much after the dust settled huh. So happy about this news, bring out the fireworks! This low life was with Joey all for her money and fame! That’s why Joey’s mom never approved of him! He’s only a lazy leech who relies on his sweet talk and bros for any work or significance! Someone who relies on his connections instead of his own hardwork will never ever succeed! People him don’t truly love the arts and was only there for the glitz and glamor! Now he can finally retire without anymore ounce of significance, good riddance!

      Example of laziness: He started learning guitar about the same time as Denise years ago before their debut. Yet Denise became a master at guitar and a singer-writer while this lowlife never amounted to anything. When asked whether he can play the guitar he makes up an excuse saying “playing guitar is a performance I need money for that”. No ones paying for anything if they can’t see what you can do sir. Look at singers like Det Di and Jason Chan they spends hours learning the guitar and composing while Det even took upon himself to learn writing/arranging software on his own! Those are the true singers who love the craft!

      Even during their relationship when I heard Joey and Lau went to take guitar and photography classes together I laughed. Yea go try learn something Joey’s “ex” Denise was already a master at, that’s so…moving on.

      1. @sport3888
        Networking and relationships definitely does help in many professions but only to a certain extent. To reach elite status, dedication and talent are necessary. Wilfred has friendships with ‘Big Four’ and was obviously previously in the Denise group. I think he has already acheived the maximum he could have got out of career. Many of similar fame to himself have already disappeared….

      2. @sport3888 girl…calm down. I don’t know anything about joey’s relationship with denise because it was all hearsay when they were rumored to be a couple back then. we as outsiders especially don’t know whether those rumors are true (unless you have insider info.) joey never publically came out to admit it either.

        she did announce her relationship with Wilfred though, so I just go by that. if her and denise really had a relationship for that long, well, that’s a shame too.

    1. @elizabeth No, he’s not with TVB (at least not currently, though he did work for them briefly in the past). Wilfred is a singer (started in the industry after winning a singing contest) turned actor (though he’s not tremendously active in acting), plays on the Celebrity Soccer team, and is (or was) part of the Andy Hui / Sammi Cheng friend crowd. Not surprising if you don’t remember him, as, like @sport3888 said, Wilfred never really amounted to much despite being in the industry oh like 20 years. I think that’s one of the reasons why so many people were shocked that Joey would get together with Wilfred, as he kind of had a reputation already for being useless with little chance to amount to much while Joey was already a mega star with a continued steady path to fame. The few things that Wilfred was “known” for in the media were mostly negative– the two that come to mind (aside from him and Joey getting together and their subsequent fallout with Denise Ho) were the “dirty hands” incident (which he got lambasted for by practically everyone, both within the industry and outside of it, which resulted in him having to “go into hiding” for awhile) and him spilling the beans on Andy and Sammi already being married (which Andy was publicly pissed about — I can’t remember the exact details but I recall Andy saying that Wilfred is not his friend and so the media shouldn’t be listening to him on matters regarding himself and/or Sammi).

      1. @llwy12 I did a Wikipedia search and the only thing that seems familiar to me is the duet he did with Justin Lo for “Line Walker”.

  2. I like Wilfred in ‘Second Life’. I think he acted well and sang well in the series. Some of his songs are also pretty good. I’m sad that he and Joey broke up. His situation reminds me so much of Louis Cheung. Before Louis became successful, he was called ‘soft rice king’, ‘Mr Tse’, useless etc. These harsh unfounded criticisms nearly pushed him to commit suicide. He was talented and worked hard (he also did behind the scene work like composing song). But somehow luck was not on his side for many years, and the public couldn’t see his work, just his marriage to a more famous wife.
    Maybe Wilfred is also in the same boat. He did worked hard, but, luck was not on his side.

    1. @kidd
      Louis Cheung and Max Zhang have pulled it off with their dedication and talent. Sometimes how the audience perceive them is very important. I’m not sure if Wilfred can make it unless somehow pulls it off overnight by starring in a Mainland series…

      1. @jimmyszeto

        Well, he might not be hugely successful, but, it seems like he’s doing ok currently, since he has a concert coming. Interesting that he has never tried out in Mainland. I check his wiki page. All his work are based in HK.

      2. @jimmyszeto You don’t have to pull it off if you are a legit down to earth good guy like LeungSiuBing’s husband.

        Except Lau had bad character and loads of negative news to support that. His dirty hand fb incident proves that as well as kicking reporters while closing Joey’s company car van. Not to mention his one sided admitting of his relationship with Joey at the costume fitting of his lead role at HKTV without her consent; forcing Joey and Denise to not have any chance to turn around and make amends.

        If you’re a person with morals you don’t go after a 10+ year’s friend’s gf! Not to mention everyone knew Lau used to have a crush on Denise Ho years ago even dedicating a 1-2 songs for her then turn around going after Joey was sick in so many ways!

    2. @kidd wow comparing this useless guy to Louis Cheung is insulting. Louis graduated from HK Academy of Peforming Arts’ majoring in acting and was a Singer-Singwriter. I don’t like Louis but he had legit acting and music talent! The only thing he lacked was fame. The real reason behind talent is hard work and truly loving the arts.

      Lowlife like Lau was only in it for the money and fame without putting in the hard work! Dude has too much pride to push through the rough path of filming cameo and supporting roles for 10+ years at TVB like most people! Just trying a few cameo roles at TVB and the giving up and focusing being cameo in movies thinking the former was beneath him isn’t going to work. A serious artistes wouldn’t continue to hold onto the coat tale of his friends at every chance he gets including the duet with Justin Lo, using Andy Hui’s help and previously Denise Ho to sign to music companies and his superficial friendship with Big Four and Endy Chow.

      I’m 100% sure thjs breakup news was Paco and Lau’s idea using it to promote his upcoming concert just like Andy Hui in the pass. Except no one cares.

    3. @kidd I also feel it’s insulting to compare Louis and Wilfred in that sense. Louis definitely had legit singing/songwriting and acting talent (oh and hosting talent too), it’s just that he was down on his luck due to Kay’s overwhelming popularity at the time plus he got caught up in stuff beyond his control (i.e. he got sacrificed back when the royalty dispute broke out between TVB and the Big 5 record companies). The key is that he didn’t let any of that stuff define him and worked beyond hard to turn all that stuff around and stand up on his own two feet. Wilfred on the other hand, has relied on relationships and connections most of his career to get to where he’s at now…not only that, he seems to be incapable of standing up on his own merit and has to rely on “creating” controversy (like the dirty hand incident, which supposedly was to promote his new song, outing his relationship with Joey during HKTV series filming, etc.) in order to get himself noticed. To me, that’s not “working hard” – someone like Louis or Max who had zero connections and relied solely on their talents to bring themselves up, working their butts off for many years – THAT’s the type of hard work that deserves respect!

      1. @jimmyszeto I doubt that it’s at HKC, though if Paco is the one who got him the opportunity, then it’s possible since Paco does have connections (my guess is that it’s at one of the lesser venues though). I also wonder who would pay to watch him in concert, but then again, even the least known of entertainers can often get tickets sold so who knows. I have a co-worker who has inside connections with concert organizers so he often gets concert tickets for free – he said that even though he doesn’t know the artist and/or doesn’t even like them, he would still go to the concert or give the tickets to his relatives to go because it’s free anyway. I’m sure it’s not too hard to find people to fill seats if you give them freebies, lol….

      2. @llwy12
        I for one would not go even if free. Unless the ‘Big Four’ keep him in the spotlight, I don’t think Wilfred will be around for much longer, especially within music..

      3. @jimmyszeto Me neither…my time is precious and I wouldn’t waste it on attending a concert of someone I don’t know and/or don’t care about, lol. But I’m sure there are plenty of people who would be willing to go if given free tickets, which I don’t blame them for either since it’s human nature to gravitate towards free stuff. But hey, one thing Wilfred doesn’t have to worry about is scalpers scooping up all the tickets (like they’ve done with previous HK concerts) – most likely the scalpers wouldn’t touch those tickets with a ten foot pole because they know for sure they’ll get ZERO return on investment, haha….

        By the way, looks like Wilfred’s concert will be held at MacPherson Stadium, which is a small venue in Mong Kok that seats around 1800 (probably if they squeeze, could get close to 2000 people)….also, it’s only 1 show on April 27th. I have a feeling that someone must have pulled some strings, as Wilfred even said himself in an interview that for the past 8 years his focus has been on movies rather than singing and he hasn’t released anything in awhile. So why a concert all of a sudden…kind of random. And yes, given his track record, I do kind of find it fishy that this news about Joey and Wilfred breaking up (which neither has admitted to by the way) is coming so close to his concert….one of the articles today said that Joey uploaded a picture of her and Wilfred’s matching tennis shoes last night, which media is speculating perhaps that’s Joey’s way of saying that they didn’t break up? To be honest, if that’s the case, it kind of makes things worse because given Joey’s behavior recently (traveling by herself, getting tongue-tied and answering vaguely when reporters ask her about Wilfred, etc.), makes it look like they are colluding to pull a publicity stunt in order to draw attention to Wilfred’s concert…

      4. @llwy12
        A 1800 seater stadium is Wilfred’s best achievement to date. That is quite poor…. To be honest I would rather follow the nicer groups in the industry such as Chilam and his friends. Even Joey Yung, I’m not fond of her at all and her news….

      5. @jimmyszeto Yup, agreed!

        I just saw reports that the tickets to his concert aren’t selling well at all, so now some of the media outlets are coming right out saying the breakup thing is a publicity stunt to garner attention for his concert….how pathetic! Honestly, if he has to resort to such tactics all the time to get noticed, then he should just leave the industry altogether and find a job that suits him better!

      6. I only know the one song of his: 思覺失調. I did like it but I think any half decent singer could have performed it just as well, if not better. If he had not been with Joey for the past 5 years, I think he would have faded into obscurity.

      7. @jimmyszeto So Joey attended an event today and of course, reporters asked her about the breakup with Wilfred. She was evasive again – thanked reporters for their concern, stated that their focus right now is on work, she has 2 albums to record while Wilfred has his concert so they are both busy, etc. The reporter kept digging and she answered each question with a vague response. Then the reporter straight out said that some people think the breakup rumors were leaked to help promote Wilfred’s concert, to which Joey responded – “Do you guys really think that works?”

        Well… ok, Joey, so here’s the thing….I personally had no clue that Wilfred was doing a concert until this news of a rumored split came out…and then, when we started discussing it in the comments, I got curious and actually went searching for information about Wilfred’s concert online and now I know more than I ever cared to know about his concert. I’m assuming many of the “ordinary” (meaning not Joey or Wilfred fans, or anyone associated with them) people in this forum (at least the ones who commented on this thread) are probably in the same boat as me (feel free to say so if I’m wrong)…

        So to answer your question Joey….um, yes, it DOES work! I’m actually convinced more than ever now that the breakup rumors were indeed “leaked” at this precise moment to help promote Wilfred’s concert. Now of course, it could still be true that the 2 of them indeed broke up (or will be breaking up in the near future), but that doesn’t matter anymore because the timing already told the story in this case…

      8. @llwy12
        Agree. Even if the breakup false they can just continue the relationship for a few years without responding to questions. I suppose Wilfred has been around for so long that any chance of him making it big has already gone. Will try any method to get his name out there…

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