Jennifer Tse Announces Motherhood

The younger sister of Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷), has announced that she has become a mother.

On June 2, the 36-year-old actress-model suddenly announced on social media that she is now a mother of a beautiful baby girl, who just celebrated her one hundred days of birth.

“You are my brightest light,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer’s last major appearance in Hong Kong was last May. At the time, Jennifer did not show any signs of pregnancy and had maintained that she was still single.

Her manager said, “Today her baby celebrated her one hundred days of birth. Jennifer is absolutely ecstatic! Thank you all for the concerns. Let’s wait until Jennifer comes back before we answer any more questions!”

Reporters also reached out to Jennifer’s father, Patrick Tse (謝賢) for comment. The veteran actor admitted, “Yes! I am a [maternal] grandfather! I’m very happy!” Patrick pointed out that Jennifer is still overseas and he hasn’t met his granddaughter yet. Asking if Jennifer is in the United States, he said, “Probably, haha!” As for the father’s identity, Patrick keep a tight lip. “It doesn’t matter who it is as long as she likes it. Don’t be so nosy! (A Chinese or foreigner?) I don’t know. How would I know? She isn’t in Hong Kong.”

Nicholas Tse said he has no comment.


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  1. The use family is seriously the most mysterious family in HK. You can never predict what they are up to and their next moves is always insane of ordinary people do the same

  2. The Tse family is so mess up, how come the grandfather doesn’t seem to care who the daughter date with or get a kid with … this family doesn’t really have any love. It’s all for show!

    1. @vodka the whole family is messed up! the old man is dating a woman young enough to be his daughter. Nicholas is dating an older woman. now this daughter gave birth and the old man doesn’t even know the son-in-law’s nationality.

  3. jennifer always gave me a mature, poised & ‘westernized’ feeling whenever i see her photos. it’s nice seeing her do things out of expectations. it makes her more human. congrats to her and her newborn baby girl.

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