[Breakup Files] Natalie Tong and Tony Hung Are Over

The rumors were true after all—Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Tony Hung (洪永城) announced their split on social media Tuesday, ending their two-year relationship.

Rumors of the pair’s breakup first started circulating in January, when the paparazzi caught wind of a “cooling off” period in Natalie and Tony’s relationship. At the time, it was rumored that Natalie and Tony were taking a break. Despite their denial, the breakup rumors persisted for several months.

After months of speculation, Natalie and Tony finally confirmed their breakup on Tuesday, May 16. Tony posted a lengthy response on his Instagram, expressing that the split was a mutual decision. He stressed that their separation had nothing to do with marriage or a third party.

“Thank you all for your concerns,” wrote Tony. “Natalie and I originally wanted a low profile relationship, but in the end, we decided on a different approach. It was an amicable breakup. It was a decision we made together. The reason was not because of marriage, like what the media has been reporting, and it was definitely not because of a third party. Please stop with your speculations based on these unjust and unfound rumors. It’s not easy to manage a relationship, and it’s even harder to break up, so I hope everyone will give us the space to collect and adjust ourselves. Thank you [Natalie] for bringing me so much joy in the last two years!”

Natalie made a similar announcement on Weibo, writing, “To start a relationship is hard. To end a relationship is even harder, especially when you’ve truly loved the other person. Two years is neither long nor short. Tony and I have experienced many high and low times together, and we’ve loved and supported each other. During that time, we became much more familiar with each other, and with ourselves as well. We’ve deeply thought about this, and in the end, we both agreed that this is the best for our relationship, and that is to go back to being friends again.”

She continued, I’m thankful that our relationship had received so many blessings during the time we were together. A relationship is between two people, and it is very hard to explain where the problem arose. I never wanted to talk about our relationship, and the recent speculations and circulation of untruthful reports gave us a lot of pressure. I hope everyone will respect our decision, and give us the space to deal with this difficult time.”

Natalie ended the statement like Tony’s: “Thank you [Tony] for once bringing me so much joy!”

Natalie and Tony grew close on the set of 2014’s Rear Mirror <載得有情人>, which was shot in late 2013. They started dating sometime in early 2015, when it was confirmed that the pair were seeing each other.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hurrah!!! Natalie actually dumped this big loser! Well done Natalie. I am sure any one you hook up with after this douchebag would be a million times better.

    1. Let’s just hope she doesn’t back track to Amigo.

      Tony is ok, better than Amigo but she can do so much better.

  2. tony’s okay, way better than amigo. i don’t like natalie, she’s okay, i thought she and tony looked like a perfect match together but they broke up. oh well, life goes on for both.

  3. He is not her cup of tea. Just simply look at her body language when they are together. She feels uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassed. Well, there are better and adorable woman out there. Life will move on.

  4. Tony is way better than amigo. He is a bad actor but don’t see him as a douche bag. Seem like a pretty straightforward guy actually. Moving on is better than wasting each other time.

  5. i always got the impression that Natalie is into talented guys, who usually turn out to be very popular and give off a ‘bad’ boy vibe. Tony seems too easy for her; I didn’t think they’d last. Plus the way she usually described him or their relationship, there’s always this hesitance to accept him.

    1. @coralie I totally agree with you. This woman is into bad boys. Tony is cool and easy going. How anyone can call him a douchebag is beyond logical reasoning and common sense. I get the impressuon Natalie got bored with Tony because he is not (spicy) bad boyish enough for her. Hope she doen’t have to regret ending this relationship

    2. @coralie Yep.. Always find her not that into him/relationship. No lost really. Just move on instead of wasting each other time.

  6. I don’t think he’s a douchebag. And she’s not into bad boys either. She’s an intelligent woman that needs a lot of mental stimulation and maybe Tony can’t fulfill that. They just seem like 2 different kinds of people. From the beginning I was surprised already. She seems like a deep, sentimental kind of woman, maybe more complicated than Tony who is the easy going and simple type. Like a boy. Move on to a man Nat! Even somebody like Vincent would match her better personality wise. Too bad he’s taken.

    1. @kaykay408

      I don’t think anyone who can maneuver through North Korea and Middle East war zone is still a boy. Being easy going doesn’t indicate immaturity either.

      I think Natalie was just not that into him.

      It’s interesting how she chose a guy who looks like Amigo and also a great host like Amigo. Can her heart still be with Amigo?

      1. @kidd
        Yup, totally agree with your views. Tony might have a more boyish and easygoing reputation from his jokes and interviews but he is actually quite serious and thoughtful if you go through his social media feeds and watch his travel shows. Plus he was the one who actively pursued her from the start and she was the passive one who accepted and seemed to just settle and compromise. Their whole rship always felt really off to me, like they were only friends joking around rather than a couple in love.

    2. @kaykay408
      Late reply but gotta say that i think the exact opposite. Natalie seems like a more materialistic, go with the flow girl who follows the crowd whereas Tony actually tries to break the trend and stand out from the crowd. He does have an easygoing attitude, but he also is a thinker judging from his past social media posts about supporting worthy causes and commentary about news/current events. In fact, early on in the relationship, I remember him mentioning about changing Natalie’s opinions and mindset about travelling and shopping. He wanted her to travel with purposes other than shopping or touristy attractions, and instead learn about the culture/lifestyle etc… more like how his travel documentaries are.

      1. @stargirl why to try change someone’s opinions and mindset? everyone has their own way of thinking,likes and dont likes. you cannt change a personality and shape it to your ideal character,thats selfish.this already say they are not compatible, and if tony is the one who pursue her then it is his own risk to pursue a girl thats not his cup of thea.

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