[Breakup Files] Karena Ng Has New Boyfriend; Raymond Lam Still Wants Her Back

Throughout their five-year relationship, 38-year-old Raymond Lam (林峰) and 24-year-old Karena Ng (吳千語) spent little time together due to their busy work schedules. This has allegedly caused the couple to drift apart, with Karena showing interest in another man. The most recent breakup claims were met with ambiguous responses by the couple. Both admitted that they have not seen each other recently.

Although Raymond often gifted Karena with luxury brands and supported her living expenses, but his family did not like Karena. Six months ago, Karena asked to break up and Raymond tried to save the relationship by going on vacation together. Although the couple temporarily got back together, it seems that their relationship soured after Karena met Brian Shi (施伯雄) through her friend Tianyo Ma (馬天佑).

Twenty-eight-year-old Brian Shi is the grandson of real estate entrepreneur Shi Ziqing (施子清). The Shi family is involved in real estate and large-scale infrastructure projects in Mainland China, bringing the family’s net worth to over $10 billion HKD. Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration at George Washington University in the United States. Following his family’s successful business ventures, Brian founded an online real estate platform.

Raymond Still Wants Karena Back

Despite Karena being involved with Brian, Raymond is allegedly still hoping to salvage his former relationship. Although admitting he and Karena have not seen each other recently, Raymond refused to publicly announce their breakup.

On the other hand, Karena has made up her mind and is devoting her time and attention to her new boyfriend. Since Brian is closer to Karena in age, he gets along very well with her. While working in Hengdian recently, the 24-year-old actress took the opportunity to spend time with Brian, who was in Shanghai for business.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Some gals have all the luck. From one rich dude to another and not that she’s fantastically beautiful or famous either. Just like Loletta Chu from one tycoon hubby to another. Sigh…..

    1. @passingby yeah absolutely spot on but Loletta Chu is more geng coz can still snare such a rich dude in her 50’s. Luck or she is really gifted

  2. i mean, the clues are there that she really might be a gold-digger.

    it’s not that i don’t believe it, but i just don’t want to believe it lol.

    however, what i can say is that any large age gap relationship has major risks. they exacerbated the problems when they made this long distance also.

  3. She traded her older on his way to unclehood 38 yr old wealthy bf … for a young but also wealthy model.

    This girl is a social climber, but I would put her in a quite different light from graceful Loletta Chu (different type of background).

    Karena Lam comes from the ‘survivalist’ type culture – those types can be more manipulative and will try anything to climb.

    1. @nomad822 graceful or not both are social climbers lol. She married at the age of 20 right after winning the Ms HK when she caught the eyes of the big fish Timothy Fok & then hooked another big fish at the age of 48. Really amazing woman

      1. @nigel agree with you. Wonder what kind of spell she and Karena cast on the men. I mean with that kind of dough they possess, surely they can have their pick of any women they want.

      2. @passingby I know a lot of people don’t believe this but after looking at Loletta Chu’s astrology chart, it looks like she is destined to marry into wealth. Her chart is also similar to Cathy Tsui’s.

      3. @nigel so true. I guess some women have their eyes on the prize…. Well Karena did get a lot of exotic vacays and an army of handbags costing more than some people’s homes.I better stop righ here. I remember when there was a certain vixen here who stirred up a lot of trouble cause someone commented on Karena’s pricey handbags, and that vixen troll got the commentor kicked out. Well haha, let us indeed hope that Karena is happy and Raymond can be in a better relationship next time……

      4. @bubbletea karena enjoyed expensive holidays and beautiful gifts from raymond…unfortunately what raymond doesn’t realize is a long distance relationship will eventually lose its spice if there is no communication.

  4. Don’t think anyone will be surprised if this is true. She is young. Why will she settle when she has bigger fish to fry.

  5. Karena was too young when she started Raymond. It’s not easy to meet at 19 and grow old together in a relationship. With Raymond’s busy career and frequent long-distance separation, he simply didn’t have time to maintain a relationship with such a young girlfriend. But her youthful attitude helped him find his lost youth (which was spent filming night and day). This has been his longest relationship… hope Raymond can learn from it and be in a better relationship next time.

  6. raymond is not exactly that old…but a long distance separation will be hard to to keep the chemistry going. karena is lucky to find another rich guy and one closer in age to her.
    it would be foolish for raymond to want her back when the spice between them is already gone.

    1. @janet72 I cannot remember the name of the girlfriend right now, but Raymond cried in public like a baby after his last breakup. I hope he has grown up more and will not do that this time. Bawling in public will not bring back a girlfriend who has bigger fish to fry. Karena will probably get a house this time. She does have jewelry, bags, clothes and cars from Raymond. A house from Mr Rich ll will complete where Mr. Rich l left off.

      1. @bubbletea really? So it looks like Raymond is the needy clingy one in this relationship. No wonder she could string him along, ride a cow while looking for a horse in Canto-speak.

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