Myolie Wu Dumps Bosco Wong for Eric Huang?

In the latest twist of Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) breakup story, Ming Pao Weekly reported that Myolie allegedly has a new love interest, Eric Huang (黃少祺), and is eager to resume her single status! In the beginning of the year, Myolie was allegedly outraged by Bosco’s wild partying, that she had given him the cold shoulder.

It was reported that Myolie’s trust for Bosco was shaken during their 8-year relationship, when he was often rumored with his female costars, including: Toby Leung (梁靖琪), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Elva Ni (倪晨曦). However, Bosco always had his ways to humoring Myolie, showering her with lavish gifts each time he got into trouble.

Myolie Touched by Eric’s Attentiveness

In the beginning of the year, Bosco was photographed partying intimately with many women at a nightclub. This allegedly infuriated Myolie so much that she gave Bosco the cold shoulder. Bosco allegedly thought that Myolie would be appeased after a while after she cooled off. It never crossed Bosco’s mind that her costar Eric Huang was so smitten with Myolie that Eric began a relentless courtship on her!

In the early part of 2012, Myolie flew to Suzhou to film mainland series, Jin Yu Man Tang <金玉滿堂>. Rumors quickly spread that she got along very well with her costar, Eric Huang. Aside from going out to dinner together, it was understood that they mutually admired each other and love sparks resulted!

Forty-one-year old Taiwanese actor, Eric Huang, is a former model. The dashing hunk left his modeling job in 2000 and his popularity rose after filming Taiwanese hit dramas, Shen Ji Miao Suan Liu Wen Bo <神机妙算刘伯温> and Jia He Wan Shi Xin  <家和万事兴 >, becoming the “big brother” of Taiwan Television (TTV).  He was romantically rumored with his costars, namely June Tsai (六月) and Mayko Chen (陈仙梅). His romance with Mayko Chen also caused a stir in the Taiwanese entertainment circle, as they broke off in a week after dating!

Eric Huang was reportedly to be financially savvy, and invested in many properties. It was reported that he currently owns 3 to 4 properties.

The production crew of Jin Yu Man Tang disclosed that Myolie and Eric had great chemistry onscreen although it was their first collaboration. Eric allegedly was exceptionally attentive towards Myolie and the pair would often go for meals together. The crew also revealed that it was winter during the filming, and Eric would visit Myolie with a cup of hot coffee to warm her, even though he was not required to be at the filming set.

Myolie was said to be touched by the attentiveness of the hunky Eric, and their relationship progressed rapidly. The pair often keeps in touch even after Myolie returned to Hong Kong. Eric would often upload a picture of him and Myolie together on Weibo. There was even a hugging close photo of Eric and Myolie taken together with a group of fans; Myolie’s head leaned closely to Eric in that photo.

Myolie Paves Way for New Love?

In order to pave the way for her new love, Myolie allegedly complained to Bosco’s friends that he could not give her a sense of security, hinting that she intended to end their romance. An insider revealed, “About two months ago, Myolie had plans to reveal her intention to split up with Bosco, but she found it hard to do so. Myolie’s friends also knew that she had met a rich Taiwanese man.” The insider also said that Myolie allegedly made a long distance call to Bosco in Shanghai to break up with him.

Virginia Lok: Breakup is Not Due to Bosco’s Infidelity

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) disclosed earlier that Myolie felt insecure in her relationship with Bosco. She said in her earlier interview, “Putting in so many years into a relationship, yet there is still a lack of security. Since there is unhappiness, you have to let go no matter how much you love [him]!”

Regarding Bosco’s infidelity, Ms Lok said, “It was many years ago, definitely not within the last 4 years. In youth, of course there is flirtation and unreliability (沙沙滾). At that time, Myolie forgave him.”

Ms. Lok also let on that their breakup is not likely due to Bosco’s infidelity, “I do not think that their breakup is because of this. I did try to salvage their relationship many times, but since it was their decision, I have to accept it.”

Bosco’s good friend, Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉), also refuted the breakup was not caused by Bosco’s infidelity, “From what I know, there is no third party at all! I also know his assistant in China; she is just an ordinary girl. Liu Yan also has a boyfriend. As a friend, I can only lend a listening ear; I am not in the position to give any comments.”

Eric Huang’s Manager Responds

Eric Huang’s manager responded to Myolie and Eric’s romantic rumors, “I don’t think they are dating. They collaborated only in one drama, so they should be friends. When they were filming, I was not around, so I can’t comment. I only know that after collaboration, they became friends. I don’t know if they keep in touch after that.”

Asked if Myolie and Eric are developing a romance, Eric Huang’s manager said, “Sorry, I will not comment anymore.”

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  1. Something like this was expected to come out. Does surprise that sparks came about n myolie’s behalf…

  2. This news is getting hotter and hotter everyday. I wonder what Myolie has on mind. I wish she and Bosco could make it through, but if their love fades away, there’s no other option.

  3. Will Eric Huang come out and make official statement “I’m not a third party” like Liu Yan? LOL

  4. Good for her if rumors are true.. say bye bye to the smoker, clubber, cheater bad boy boyfriend and hello to mr health nut who does not touch alcohol or cigarettes.

    Marriage material? choice is obvious.

    1. Eric has steady wealth too and old enough(41) to be mature LOL. Good for marriage

  5. “I also know his assistant in China; she is just an ordinary girl”

    This is poor innocent girl. I know someone who know her and said she is just doing her job which is an assistant LOL.

  6. Well..what next!!! Good for Myolie. This will make Bosco squirm in his boots. Either offer Myolie a marriage or watch Myolie with another man which has more to offer.

    1. Bosco is already desperate to get Myolie back but Myolie had enough. It’s time for her to find a better man who deserves her. Eric Huang treasures her and treat her well he’s a much better husband candidate.

      1. If Eric is really interested, let’s see. This is early days yet.

  7. Wow, he certainly looks better than bosco. Go Myolie, eat him! lol

  8. Mingpao can’t be trusted, but Eric Huang is a better man than Bosco and gives a sense of security.

  9. myolie really wants to be 黃太 one way or another.

    1. this 黃 doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, not a player, has many properties, has great career, has hunky body. i would love for this guy to be attentive at me too.

  10. I can’t believe this news, that’s really something, I would think of Myolie as the broken-hearted girl crying for the ex-bf but who knows the truth???

  11. Now more and more innocent ppl are getting dragged into this and it’s making this break up a whole lot more complicated.

    Eric and Myolie do look like a pair of good friends in private but something beyond friends?I don’t think so. I remember watching an interview of them together during the filming of 金玉滿堂 and at that time they already had rumors published in one of the HK magazine.One of the reporters asked Myolie if Bosco knows about it. Myolie was smiling all the way and answered “He did read the magazine reports.He even complimented Eric’s body to be really fit!”

    If there is something really going on between them then it would be so awkward for myolie to say that infront of Eric no?

      1. Not just Mingpao, Easy Weekly and 3 Weekly drag more other artistes than Mingpao.

      2. The one Easy Weekly and 3 Weekly badmouthed is Bosco. So, it’s ok and not stupid for fiona.

    1. Yeah HK media is relentless. Bosco has apologized to everyone who got dragged innocently in his airport interview yesterday.

      R-Reporter B-Bosco

      R: Did you know Ada Lin just came forward to explain she’s not your third party?

      B: I haven’t seen the news in the last two days, and I’m actually really sorry. The break up is just between the two of us, but it seems like there are so many people involved, they’re all so innocent, really sorry.

      1. Ada Lin = Liu Yan? LOL I think she’s innocent too after she come out right away to clear her name.

      2. After Liu Yan, another mainland actress 宋新妮 come out in her weibo to clarify her innocence. LOL

        @宋新妮 : 我完全不認識黃宗澤,一句話也沒説過,為什麼媒體會扯到我…為什麼!

        @宋新妮 : 我…們…一…句…話…都…沒…説..過……….怎麼可以寫成這樣……!

      3. Edit the first one: @宋新妮 : 我完全不認識黃宗澤,一句話也沒説過,為什麼媒體會扯到我…為什麼!三周刊!讓我昏死過去好了

      4. 宋新妮 is from taiwan. She had rumours with tw host Jacky Wu. LOL!! This is so random.

      5. LOL look at how she’s at disbelief for 3 Weekly accusing her. Funny LOL

      6. would not be surprised if the Queen of England gets dragged into the breakup sooner or later… -.- maybe even QUOTED by an ‘insider’.. “queen demands for split.”

        Claiming that it’s ‘apart of the package of fame’, breakups shouldstill only and still remain to be between two people. Magazines should keep their heads out of the dump, maybe that would get them to practice to not write up so much **** each week.

  12. I believe his manager because usually they will say no or I don’t know but this one is different. Doesn’t mean there is no attraction. I am sure she has her admirers and yes he is hunkier than Bosco but being a former model probably has a complicated past.

  13. Myolie seems to love it when guys are attentive to her. And Eric is a very suitable candidate for her, considering he has whatever Bosco had to offer to her before, minus the bad impression of a playboy and a smoker. If the news is true, I’d say good job to Myolie, since it’s pretty obvious that Bosco is a flirty guy. Even if he never truly cheated on her, being flirty is a big no-no.
    Hasn’t Myolie done this before? Wasn’t she dating Nardone when she met Bosco then fell for Bosco and broke up with Nardone? Because if they dated in 2004, there is an overlap right?

    1. WOIL start filming around Nov-Dec 2004. When did Myolie break up with Nardone?

    2. I have always thought that Bosco was wooing Myolie during her dating period with Nardone and they probably started dating after Myolie broke up him.

      1. Myolie said she started to get close with Bosco during WOIL when she found out Bosco has a good side to his bad boy image. She might broke up before WOIL.

    3. I think I read that they had broken up already and that’s why Bosco started to pursue her.

  14. Eric Huang looks like a good candidate for a husband.

    Not sure if Myolie and Eric are indeed dating, let’s wait and see. But I feel that this is only the beginning of the great witchhunt by the media to find who broke up Boscolie.

    1. Eric Huang makes a great husband and has great qualities from what has been reported. As a woman I will find it a waste if this great man is interested in me and I rejected him.

    2. Eric Huang is a good man and will never break a couple. I think he is interested in Myolie but did’t woo her seriously because she had a boyfriend. Mingpao weekly didn’t have any hard evidence and only take pictures from weibos. What a waste opportunity for Myolie because she deserves a mature and stable man like Eric.

  15. I love it how as soon as two people are in a drama together they are suddenly a “couple” in all the Chinese magazines -.-

  16. It’s the time apart & the attention Myolie received fm another guy. Bosco should not give up.

    1. 620 said Bosco gives Myolie insecurity. He might not cheated but giving insecurity feeling is bad too. It’s time for Myolie to find her better Mr Right.

  17. I’m just waiting for Ghetto Justice 2 to air next week for the inevitable “Kevin Cheng is the third party!” rumors, especially since they’re supposed to have more kissing scenes in this one.

    1. GJ2 has started promotion early with this huge breakup LOL 😀

    2. OMG!! SO true!! And plus, 620 will love this one… More PR… =_=

  18. Now the media has to drag every artist that have worked with either Bosco or Myolie in this mess. Hope this can stop soon so both parties can focus on work and move on.

    However, I prefer Yu Bo over Eric Huang. Really looking forward to the Yu Bo-Myolie pairing 🙂

  19. I hate how the media is making this break up a big thing causing a more rift between the two of them…cuz if they can look passed it and tried to work things out again then peeps would say its for pr only….I hope they could just leave the two only give them time and space when she cools down and if she truly can’t forget him then they might give it another go…and I’m pretty sure if they get back this time their chances of getting married is high….but if Bosco was to find love with someone else within this year I say he’s going to knock that girl up and it’s the end of Boscolie for sure…or vice versa…

  20. LOLLLLL so Bosco is rumored to be pulled by mainland lengmos while Myolie by mainland attentive, mature Eric man?

    These two should have never went to Mainland!

  21. Alright…

    I’ll just wait for Bosco + Myolie to confirm the news themselves – if they ever feel like doing so. Poor people dragged into situations that they may never have been a part of. Speculations, I can understand, but outright attacking people simply based on rumours is just… uncalled for.

    I like both Bosco + Myolie. I understand Myolie has a cleaner image, and Bosco’s antics and wild behaviour isn’t doing him any good. Not only that, people feel that women have the greater loss in a long term relationship, since “her youth has been wasted.” But why are people so quick to criticize Bosco, hating on him, suggesting boycotting his future works (even before 620 made her statement)? Now with Myolie, it’s “I trust her 100%” or “good on her”? Bosco must have had his good points in order to sustain their relationship for 8 years, surely. Or did Myolie just have EXTREMELY poor judgement? Please note, I’m actually a greater Myolie fan, but I can’t help feeling the treatment is rather one-sided.

    On a lighter note, I’ve always liked Fenolie. Oh well, FSF’s hooked up now. Plus, I’m not sure how well they match in real life.

    1. Bosco and Myolie both denied any third party. Also above got someone post Bosco say sorry to all these innocent people that got dragged in LOL.

      Normal for fans to get angry when their idol speculated of getting cheated. That’s why Myolie fans attack Bosco.

      1. If Bosco dated a lengmo or big boobies, he wont get attacked much LOL. Who told him to have serious long term relationship with TVB #1 fadan? 😛

      2. OT: I watched WI last 2 episodes for fun LOL. TVB copied Andy Lau movie! ROFL

      3. its all gossips, there are no evidence, unlike ron’s where he has evidence that he cheated. The media just like making things big, all these gossips would affect bosco but after a while all these will be gone same for when bed photos leaked on raymond

      4. Ron has evidence and showed his level of stupidity but his cheating easier to forgive since he cheated on Viann a PS product with big boobies image LOL

      5. Of course they would deny any third parties but are they telling the truth?? I think many of us have learned through the years that most of the time, they are lying through their teeth…

    2. This is just how it is in the circle. You choose what to believe and what not to believe. Whether it is true or not, at times, time will tell while at other times we will never know. However, this will all disappear and everyone will be back to square one.

  22. HK media are seriously too much in adding all the oil. :/

    1. Many people predict next week HK media will copy the gossip in Tianya forum and will copy one netizen said about Bosco has a baby with a mainland woman. LOL no evidence at the forum but HK media rarely have evidence except Benny and Joe Ma case.

      1. If Bosco can pick up his career again after all these gossips, I’m impressed ROFL

  23. whatever every magazine say, whether its a thrid party is not true, they just want people to buy the magazines so they would always say oh so and so have like 5 girlfriends

  24. this is getting ridiculous. the pot keep stirring in new ingredients. *sigh* i trust Myolie when she said “on my part, i can say i do not have a third party.” the media must be laughing all the way to the bank with all these new twists and the volume of readers. 😛

    i’ve always felt that Myolie has great chemistry with her co-male lead. whomever she partners with, she makes it so believable. and from the vids of what i see of her and her co-male leads, she has always been friendly, e.g. Chilam, Kenneth, etc. she can’t be dating all of them is it? i’m about have had enough of it and just wish the media give them a break and let them go on with their lives. they parted. period. next!!!! 😉

  25. Eric Huang is actually a Taiwanese actor not a mainlander. I have liked Eric for many years and have seen many of his series and have heard many great things about him. If this is true, then I am happy for Myolie because Eric seems like a great guy from what I have heard.

  26. Eric looks very manly and mature. Bosco’s appearance is cute and immature.

    1. ….but guys like bosco & ron love them. 100% satisfaction guarantees.

  27. Myolie needs someone very mature, she’s smart & GREAT !!!!
    But is this Eric good enough? Seriously never heard of him !!! But he does look pretty good though. But 3 , 4 homes is not enough….lol….

  28. well if it comes down to this then i suggest myolie go for eric huang. i wished i would have went for the guy that doesn’t smoke, drink or blaze. i should have went for the better candidate. i hated myself so much. hate and regret it. at least myolie get to choose now. i wished i would have more guys to choose from. i’m too afraid of meeting new people. wish myolie luck. she deserves better.

    1. Mingpao is lying, but I want Myolie to go to Eric Huang too. I myself would love a man who doesn’t smoke, drink or give me sense of insecurity. Myolie is lucky she has Eric Huang chasing her.

  29. congratulations for bosco. Finally, he gets what he’d wished. without this boring boobless myolie, bosco can flirt with as many big boobs non-stop as he wishes.

    Myolie is old and out of charming shape already. Forget that “old auntie”.

    Bosco, you are still very very young &handsome. Don’t be upset just becoz you were being dumped by her. Life has to go on as there are many beautiful things you’ve not cherished. Further, they are many many very beautiful and sexy young females waiting for you out there. It’s very sinful if you are wasting their time and not giving them a chance to serve you and hohahoha with you.

    1. If a “boring boobless” woman dumps a man , what does that make that man? Not even a “boring boobless” woman wants him.

    2. It’s Bosco who’s still chasing Myolie when Myolie doesn’t want him anymore. Stop your crap tony. Myolie is a great woman and if Eric Huang who is a great and clean man without any negative rumours propose to her I want her to say yes at once. That will teach Bosco a lesson!

      1. I do think that its better for them to breakup. For Bosco, it is truly a blessing. He is already succesful, and famous in his career. Now he can have his party all night long party with his big boob mainland girls with no worry.

  30. Bosco!, Bosco! why never learn your lesson , why party….party….just…like Paris Hilton ….see Myolie gets mad now, go now and woo Myolie back !

    1. Myolie is already history. Now its time for those foxy mainland girls!

  31. Never mind Bosco, you have potential, work hard on your career, everyone make mistake, no one is perfect.

  32. Well another so called “truth” came out today —–>

    According to the news above some mainland girl confronted Myolie and told her that she’s attached to Bosco.At that time Myolie was so mad that she requested a breakup with Bosco but he insisted that he doesn’t know the girl and that he was innocent.Bosco tried explaining to her but she doesn’t want to listen and requested for a time out.Coincidentally during that period Bosco has to film in mainland and was seen really sad and quiet unlike his usual self. A few days ago he came back to HK thinking that he could still patch things up with Myolie but news of their breakup leaked. Myolie finally decided to announced it to the public and Bosco had no choice but to give in.

    Well this seems more legit to me. That explains why Myolie is hinting that Bosco had a third party while he stand strong toward his word that there’s no third party involved. It might be a huge misunderstanding?Or is someone trying to trap Bosco?The news even reported that one of their(boscolie) close friend said Bosco likes to fool around and party in nightclubs with friends but he’s just going there for drinks.There would be girls surrounding him but he knows his boundary and would never excess it.Hmmm….I wonder how true could this be?

      1. True enough he is innocent ! I’m on Bosco’s side.

    1. If this is what happened it is really sad but this clicks with both Myolie and Bosco’s words.

      1. Bosco firmly denied many times
      2. Myolie hinted but never firmly said so. It might be a suspicion.

      3. 620 is dumb LOL 😛

      Now it become a media circus. Many people are upset and accused. The guy got attacked by the woman’s fans. The woman got constant questions from media. Many outsiders become ‘third parties’ and need to come out to deny.

      The media are happy 😛

    2. In Bosco’s news of passed out at bar earlier, he did excuse himself away after many girls suddenly surrounding him LOL.

  33. A reporter POV towards the boscolie breakup. I think it’s worth reading since what he/she said makes a lot of sense and it’s probably from a neutral POV.

    [12/07/29 評論] 講少兩句當幫忙 (澳門日報)






    I agree with his/her last sentence. How would Myolie be able to accept a long distance relationship(with Eric Huang) to feel security when she can’t even feel secure with someone who stays right beside her?

    1. I agree with most things he said, especially about 620. I have a feeling this woman craves to be the centre of attention. Myolie, Bosco and Bosco’s mom, decline to answer, yet she just keeps shooting her mouth off.

      1. “How would Myolie be able to accept a long distance relationship(with Eric Huang) to feel security when she can’t even feel secure with someone who stays right beside her?”

        Because she is a die hard romantic and she is bored with one so she wants a fresh start with another hoping for best?

        If a few months down the road she is indeed dating this new guy, perhaps there might be some truth in the rumours and all.

    2. Finally, a reporter calling out 620’s inappropriate handling of Myolie and Bosco’s breakup, and pointing that she actually enjoying her responding to the media’s questions.


      The reporter entitled her article, “Speak less is helping.”

      Love the heading.

      1. Which is always what I am saying about 620. She is a failed PR.

  34. “Shen Ji Miao Suan Liu Wen Bo “

    Should be ‘Shen Ji Miao Suan Liu Bo Wen’.

  35. In a long relationship such as Myolie’s and Boscoe’s thnings can happen. People do change and the frequent separations between the 2 do not help. Some say that separation “makes the heart grow fonder” but it can also have the opposite effect like “out of sight out of mind”. I don’t think it’s the fault of either that this has happened, but it has. No third party was involved and Myolie has not accused Boscoe of having been “unfaithful” so, the cause of the break-up seems to be elsewhere. I just have the feeling that Myolie wants to make a clean cut and get on with her life alone for now.

    1. That was cute. But I think that Eric did like Myolie because apparently he warms up slowly to strangers but no doubt he and Myolie got on like a house on fire. But whether he pursued her and is the third party is a totally different matter.

      About the pix posted on his weibo, all artists weibos have pix with their co-stars to show how much ‘fun’ they were having while working together on a set. Nothing to it.

  36. LOL Myolie’s crazy fans keep @ in weibo to forward the link of Tianya forum to badmouth Bosco. I also peek at there once but those pics that I saw shows nothing special. Let’s see which magazine will be damn cold blooded to cook this rumour LOL. I think Apple will be likely because they fought with Bosco last year.

    This can be double edge sword though. If the magazine publish the Tianya rumour without proof, Bosco can sue.

    1. What I can say is fans and media are making this situation worse LOL.

  37. I’m not gonna trust Mingpao! Eric is a good looking man with healthy background.

  38. Bosco>Eric in looks, Bosco has unique features (mouth and eyes)and looks to be very funny- I’m straight, jussaying.

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