Myolie Wu Earns $5.4 Million For Mainland Series

Since winning the TVB TV Queen title in December, Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) market value has increased dramatically. Numerous mainland companies fought to feature the new TV Queen in their filming projects. Recently, Myolie agreed to film a Hunan TV’s The Feast <金玉滿堂> for $5.4 million Yuan, doubling her price to $180,000 Yuan per episode. The Feast will be broadcast on the highly influential Hunan TV station, which also aired Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, boosted the popularity of Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) in mainland immensely. Perhaps Myolie will have to chance to become a new TV Queen gold magnet!

Unfortunately, Myolie’s agreement to film The Feast meant rejecting and offending other production companies.  Rumors circulated that a production company boss was interested in pursing Myolie. After he was rejected, he allegedly defamed her name. Asked to confirm the rumors, Myolie said, “I have never met the rumored boss reported in the news. There is no such thing! TVB will handle the series I act in.”

Asked whether Myolie will have time to film the mainland drama despite shooting Triumph in the Skies 2 < 衝上雲宵 II> in May, she noted, “TVB will help me. Work is the most important; it does not matter if it will be more strenuous for me!” Myolie possessed expectations for her new drama, The Feast, since it will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, which has high market share and was highly influential. Allegedly, Myolie was invited to film mainland series, Palace <宮鎖心玉> as well. However, due to her filming TVB series, Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>, Myolie rejected the offer.

After a big roundabout, Myolie will finally be able to make an appearance on Hunan TV.  Myolie noted, “Several years ago, TVB and Hunan TV partnered in Strictly Come Dancing <舞動奇蹟>, in which I had participated in the dance competition. We worked together well. I look forward to my series being aired on this station!”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Kevin Cheng was reported to command upwards of $160,000 Yuan per episode, while Myolie’s rate of $180,000 Yuan sounds very high as well!

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  1. I believe Kevin’s pay increased to 250,000 yuan per episode after he won TVB king.

  2. Eh? Myolie higher than Kevin? No way! And luckily she wasn’t in that trash called Gong. Wait! 宮鎖心玉 = Gong right? Probably Sonija’s character? But the cursed series is as bad for different reasons.

    1. Kevin’s pay is 250k per episode. Myolie’s is 180k per episode. While it’s still lower than Charmaine (250k) and Kevin’s, it’s higher than that of Sheren/Ada/Jessica (100k) and Tavia (40k).

      1. Sheren only gets 100k? I would think that she makes more since she’s a 2-time tvb queen and she’s not contracted to tvb.

      2. From what I see, Sheren does supporting roles in Mainland series, not main roles unlike Charmaine/Kevin/Myolie. Likewise, it also depends on who is hot commodity in the current year. Maybe Myolie and Kevin are hot this year due to their popularity but next year their pay may be lower if they are not well received.
        Thus while TVB artistes want to go to mainland to dig gold, it’s also necessary for them to keep up their popularity by doing TVB series.

      3. Myolie and Kevin really got their pay rise to the sky after winning TVB awards!

      4. Damn Kevin is milionare if like you said 250 k per eps! Is he the highest rated in TVB now? This might be why TVb let him go to china as he wish! That pay is insanely good. Great life for Kevin after becoming Asia’s best actor

      5. Kevin only started to have main role from 2012. Even in BBJX, he is supporting only. That’s why his price was low before. Once he has main roles, his fee will be higher. Kevin’s 250 is for the new series in 2012. Before that he is only 160 after BBJX and before BBJX, it’s lower. However, the fee isn’t really fixed. It can be changed next year if they can’t be welcomed by audience anymore.

        Sheren’s fee 100k is considered as high compared to other TVB artists at the moment of last year. This year she can get higher as her role in HZGG is loved. Her age is a matter for her in China as she often is offered supporting roles and leave the leading roles to younger artists.

      6. I wouldn’t exactly call his role as supporting. He was pretty much from ep 1 to last episode.

      7. @Funn: Not enough to be considered as a main roles. He appears with a group in BBJX quite a lot.

      8. Tavia is understandable. I don’t think she is even known in China.

      9. I believe he is one of the main in BBJX. Hard to say since almost every male character has equal portion of screentime so if there is a movie billing, their names will all appear next to each other for equal billing, thus they all share the lead name tag.

      10. I just need to include Tavia’s pay because her fans think everyone loves her so much.

        I think Kevin is the 2nd male lead in BBJX. He has more screen time than YH or LGX.

      11. thanks for the list Nicole. As for Tavia I think she still has a long way to go. If she gives great performance and win next year her pay might went up too

      12. Uhm, 2nd main lead is just a way to call :P. It’s actually supporting, hehe.

      13. Technically Fox Shi Shi is the lead and the rest are supporting, nicky included.

      14. Then you think Wallace Huo is supporting in Qing Shi Huang Fei? (If you watch it) When first mainlead is Yan Kuan.
        As far as I can see, Kevin’s screen time and relationships is much more detailed on screen than the other “supporting roles” like 13th/14th, and in the first part of the series, he was definitely the actor who was leading the show.

      15. I watched the show, I think he’s definitely 2nd lead. There’s SUPPORTING and supporting. 😛

      16. I quit Qing Shi Huang Fei half way (it’s so boring and Deng Wah’s writing is the same for both BBJX and QSHF) but Wallace is nothing like Kevin’s position in BBJX.

      17. Kevins screentime and character developing in BBJX is equal to a male lead. Nicky is first lead and Kevin is second. The other males are supporting

      18. Kevin’s character in BBJX is definitely a lead. The first part of the series concentrate on his relationship with Ruo Xi. Besides Nicky, which prince has that much screen time? Which prince do they go on so much about his wives, concubines and mother??? Only Kevin.

      19. Eh if the writing is same as in BBJX then it should be good? I heard some good things about QSHF. Rather tempted to watch.

      20. @Funn nah it’s not that great, especially since Ruby’s acting didn’t improve much, she still give the dead pan look most of the time. If you want to watch, watch the other palace show Zhen Huan Zhuan with Sun li and Ada. That is good acting. It’s 70+ episodes but not draggy at all.

      21. Sunli and Ada? The one about Yong Zheng? The uglier Yong Zheng?

      22. yes, the uglier yong zheng 😛 You can’t fault his acting tho.

      23. @Funn: These series based on Deng Wah’s novels, but watch BBJX alone is not enough to watch something similar to this :P? And I agree with Nicole that Ruby’s performance in this one is nothing different to BS, which give me a bored. Moreover, I dun like Ruby’s chac there. This chac is… uhmm… unrealistic even to a fantasy series.

      24. Nicole, coming from someone who loves YZWC to death, I understand your meaning. I am sure by episode 5 I will find him rather pleasant looking!! He is husband of what’s the actress name? From TV CTHD right? Everybody is joking he is same age as Nicky Wu. Of course he is more realistic.

      25. @Fox btw what is BS?

        @Funn He’s the husband of Jiang Qinqin? who is gorgeous. IDK how he nab her anyway.

      26. I think Kevin and Nicky are older than him, but he looks much older, Theylook 30+ and he looks 50-60 😀

      27. Charmaine got highest pay- 250K for her current “Legend of Yuan Empire Founder”
        She is the highest Hong Kong TV artist, even higher than some of China main TV artist. Sheren is not that popular in China even if she is a two timer TV Queen.

    2. Although you say it’s crap the Jade Palace series make Yang Mi and FSF become movie actors straight away and away from TVB actors whi still stuck to crappy TVB productions

      1. Yang Mi is still TV series actress now? So does FSF :). They take movie and series at the same time.

      2. Vivien might mean that Feng and Yang mi rise to a higher rank artistes after success of Gong and managed to jump one foot out of TV. lol it’s not easy to be jump to big screen. Not everyone will have full support like Raymond who got TVB and EEG behind him, Fox 😛

      3. Define movie actors. Because sometimes TV actors are in better position than movie actors. Don’t look down on TV actors, they might earn more than asian movie actors.

        And gong is still crap.

      4. FSF and Yang Mi have Hua Yi, lol. Why you always forget Hua Yi? It’s like second time you forget Hua Yi who is FSF and Yang Mi’s back up.

        Yang Mi is actually more famous than FSF before Gong. She was in some grand productions before him. FSF was also in a level of famous before that with a number of series aired. After both of them joined Hua Yi, they are pushed harder.

      5. @Funn: Being movie main actor is always have higher position in China than TV actor. The money is just a matter, the fame is another matter. Look at Zhou Dong Yu, she is top star after one night.

      6. Yeah, because not everyone have the potential LF has. TVB had given full support to other siu sangs before, but they just couldn’t make a jump.

      7. Fox depends on which director. The problem with being a movie actor is the prestige but how many actually go watch the movie? TV series is more accessible to the masses. There used to be a difference, a demarcation of movie actors being more of royalty than TV actors, see the sittings in Golden Globe awards but nowadays a lot of movie actors return to TV or tv actors part timing in movie or tv. The demarcation is pointless. I don’t see the prestige unless it is a famous prestigious director.

      8. @Funn: Yes, of course grand productions and famous directors will help the names to get the fame faster. But in the view of Chinese ppl, movie actor is still higher ranked than TV actor, even the money is lesser.

      9. @NX: Also depends on the fanbase and the potential market value of this artist. TVB can do something to promote the artists but if there is no offer from the China companies, how can these artists act in China series?

      10. Movie actors and singers are still viewed higher than TV actors in HK and china. That’s why TVB let Raymond Lam to concentrate more on movies and albums than TVB series so that another louis koo or andy lau can be born

      11. @lol: I think it’s his own decision and TVB accepts more than TVB’s arrangement to him.

      12. but Fox TVB is the final deciding factor. Just like Steven Ma’s case where TVB didn’t accept the mainland series that he really wants which prompts Steven to end his TVB management contract

      13. Depends on how the relationship with TVB is? In SM’s case, he is against 620 while LF is close to 620. BTW, who noe that if TVB dun agree for him to focus on music and movie, he will do the same as SM?

      14. i’ve started to like yang mi since she played wang zhao jun, it was in 2006, her acting was good in that historical drama, i think, she wasn’t even 20 while filming wang zhao jun.
        there were rumor that Yang Mi and FSF had a little crush while filming mei ren xin ji, although they didn’t have any scene together, fsf often gave yang mi medicine or water in the location. i’ve also seen fsf admittance about that on hunan tv. Very sweet… 🙂

    3. @fox

      he has title of Asia Best Actor now after winning that TVB king. Maybe that’s why his pay rise dramatically. I really think he has highest pay in china now compare to other TVB actors

      1. This Asia Best Actor, he isn’t the only TVB artist who won :). Other names are: Myolie (2008), LF (2009), Bowie (2010), Charmaine (2011) (for main lead roles only). I’m not sure that he is the highest paid with 250 or not because I heard that Bowie is offered 280 now. Yes, Bowie isn’t a TVB actor now but he was. LF said that 160 was his fee 2 years ago, so he can be a rival of Kevin. Don’t forget Michael Tse who is going to have series in China. If Michael Tse’s role is loved, who noe that he can surpass Kevin. Uhm yes, it’s the future.

        Hope Kevin can keep the value. TVB now seems to be open for artists to go to China more then the chance for them to get more money is higher.

      2. P/S: Kenneth Ma will also film China series.

        It’s really a new wave of TVB artists to go China.

      3. Is Kenneth doing a hunantv serie too? I’ve heard him mentioning about strong desire to film mainland series and make money. Hopefully he can be successful.

      4. Kenneth dubbed will help him to sound not so innocent and perverted and can help him if the role need to have bad side

  3. ” Myolie possessed expectations for her new drama, The Feast, since it will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, which has high market share and was highly influential. “

    Hope she won’t become depress when her expectation isn’t met this time. HunanTV might be influential, but, not everyone acted in a series air on HunanTV has as much success as Kevin.

    1. So far from wat I see, everyone acted main roles in HunanTV series (golden time) will be successful, even more than Kevin :). Example are Wei Chen, Zheng Shuan, Zhang Han, Li Qian, Yang Mi, Feng Shao Feng. Yu Hao Ming might be the most unlucky case with the accident. His name is like disappeared after that.

      1. Li Qian, Feng Shao Feng, Yang Mi. The rest, I don’t know. Never heard of them.

        HunanTV air so few TV series. Only 6 main leads.

        Sorry, I really cannot believe your claim of everyone became successful.

      2. Fox is probably right, without equal amount of success. I am sure if you follow Mainland series you will find the names fimilar. But every production company likes to use certain actors.

      3. I don’t really see Li Sheng, Zhang Rui, Hai Lu being very popular. Of course, more people may know of them, but I think they gain way more haters than fans, due to the popularity of HZGG and the notoriety of NHZGG.

      4. Wei Chen, Zheng Shuan, Zhang Han are from Hunan’s Meteor rain. Wei Chen has focused on his music career more now so you might not know him. Zheng Shuan and Zhang Han are very famous as a couple now in China. How can you don’t know them? Hmm… Zheng Shuan got a role in Mural right after Meteor rain. And the new series of them with Bak Bing Bing is going to air on HunanTV. Bak Bing Bing is the girl in new HZGG.

        Li Qian here is the girl in HZGG, not the girl from TOB :). The girl Li Qian from TOB is also famous but Li Qian from HZGG seems to have a lot of offers now.

        Maybe in Msia they are not famous but in China, I’m sure to you the names like Wei Chen, Zheng Shuan and Zhang Han are liked now.

        Forget to mention, Viann Zhang is now quite liked in China after the new movie with Chen Kun :). Look like one day Viann fans will have to say that Ron’s position is lower than her.

      5. I don’t think there’s a Li Qian in NHZGG. so if you can’t even remember her name, she isn’t exactly that popular is she?

      6. Her name can be pinyin-ed as Li Qian? Or just that I pinyin-ed wrongly her name :). Not a big deal. I know she is new Little Bird :).

      7. Kidd, I don’t know them by name but if you tell me which series they’re in I probably do. And since is it fox who said New HZGG, all I can say is I know them and I hate the new HZGG.

      8. Nicole, she may look like Vicki Zhao, but look closer, I will call her the uglier version. The mole is the problem. Acting is another. I felt like I was watching a desperate copy cat. I blame everyone but the actress.

      9. And I hate New XYZ and ZW too.
        Li Sheng is the older and uglier version of XYZ
        Hai Lu is the fatter and uglier version of ZW.

      10. @ Funn

        I said not everyone acted in HunanTV has as much success as Kevin. Fox retorted that everyone acted main roles in HunanTV series (golden time) will be successful, even more than Kevin.

        so, you agree with this statement of hers?

        Yes, appearing in HunanTV will make you more known. But, is it really true that everyone gain success?

      11. Fox, the new empress is sheren right? I prefer the old one, the same 4th’s mother in BBJX. She was awesome and a better actress if and only IF with her real voice. Rather regal.

        Kidd, I don’t agree same level of success as Kevin, Kevin’s success is an exception but some level of success I agree. More well known, open more doors. But how many actors can come across a script and production as high value as BBJX?

      12. New Empress is Sheren 😛 I think we all watching TVB will like her somewhat.
        I like Sheren and that girl who acted as Qing Er. She is cute. But I still like Rebecca more, her voice so suitable for Qing Er.

      13. @Kidd: To reply for your comment to Funn (because I’m involved), the name I stated might be not famous in your place but I’m sure to you they are famous in China. I took Zheng Shuan and Zhang Han as example. They are now considered as one of hottest onscreen couple in China.

      14. @Funn: I like Sheren more. She always give me the feeling she is a craft cat, lol. Qing Er is also a good performance and I prefer her in the new one than the old one, but not like.

        Hmm, why I still dun think BBJX is too good? I think BS is even better than BBJX.

      15. What is BS??

        Can;t remember the lady’s name but I remember loving the old HZGG partly because of her. Qing Er was in old HZGG II correct? That;s why I don’t remember her much.

      16. @Fox I don’t think Kidd is disagreeing with you that those people you named are popular, but they are NOT the norm. If we look at the leads of NHZGG and other shows , while they become more known due to exposure, most are not shot to fame.

      17. @Funn Old HZGG empress is called Dai chun Rong. She is acting in QSHF as Wallace’s mother.

      18. Again, who can achieve what was achieved through the original HZGG? Remember when it was out, both leads and the actors were super stardom. It was rare, much like it is now for BBJX and yes, that craptastic Gong.

      19. @ Nicole

        Exactly! Everyone shot to fame is a big claim. Of course they will be more known than before. But shot to great fame? Not everyone.

      20. I don’t think the popularity of BBJX and Gong can be compared to HZGG seriously. When HZGG was shown on ATV, that was when ATV ratings are above that of TVB. I doubt Gong and BBJX can achieve that. And HZGG has gained popularity in many non chinese speaking countries like korea, philipines, vietnam, I don’t think BBJX and Gong can do that. 😀

      21. @Nicole: Zheng Shuan and Zhang Han pairing is a norm. Do you see Kevin in BBJX as a norm? If compare to Kevin in BBJX and after BBJX, some among the names I listed even gained MORE fame after the series aired than him.

        In fact, I even dun like HZGG, dun say of the remake, lol. In the past, I thought that HZGG was dull and I wondered why it was liked.

      22. @Kidd: I took Zheng Shuan and Zhang Han as example. From nobody, they jumped to top stars in China just after a series. Their pairing is considered as one of most hottest pairing in China now. So compare to Kevin, Zheng Shuan and Zhang Han’s popularity is rocketed more or less?

      23. @Fox I don’t think you are getting what we are implying here. We are NOT doubting Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang’s popularity. But will you say that it is normal for everyone to achieve popularity of Meteor Garden? In that case, Jerry Yan won’t be earning so much more than the other a-listers. And all shows shown on HunanTV are as popular as Meteor Garden? doubt so.

      24. Then can you state anyone acted in a series aired on HunanTV in golden time who isn’t successful? Count from 2009 onwards because the norm of HunanTV started from this year.

        I can help you to give a name: Yu Hao Ming. But he isn’t famous because of his disappearance after the accident with Selina. I feel it’s very unlucky of him.

      25. Nicole,

        “I don’t think the popularity of BBJX and Gong can be compared to HZGG seriously. ”

        I agree with you. In terms of worldwide, you’re absolutely right. But that is because BBJX has yet to be broadcast elsewhere. It is now in Malaysia, next year in Singapore, Hk coming soon, etc and after it has done the rounds then we can finally compare. But BBJX is a phenomenal success as it is. Will it be such an overall success like HZGG was, time will tell. Now too early.

        Fox, old HZGG was awesome for many reasons and one of which, Vicki Zhao is irreplaceable. Ruby in retrospect fitted her role. One interview said Nicky Wu was offered a role and I suspect it was the role that went to Zhou Jie. Perhaps it was supposed to be a vehicle for the Little Tigers back then.

      26. @Nicole: You and Kidd dun get me. I mean I don’t see anyone acted main lead in HunanTV (golden time) who isn’t successful and become famous after the series aired, if comparing to Kevin Cheng in BBJX.

        The core of my comment is: As much successful as Kevin. So Kevin’s success is the standard to compare.

      27. @Funn: I still think HZGG’s script and content is utmost so-so and nothing special. But I do respect the norm the series given and how its ppl become star in Asia. But to comment on the content of the series, I think it isn’t good at all. Maybe in your opinion, the script of HZGG is awesome, or same to BBJX, but I still think these series’s stories lacks the depth and the creative.

      28. @ Funn

        I agree with you on Vicki Zhao. Little Swallow is actually an annoying character. It’s Vicki Zhao who made her likable.

      29. Fox I didn’t say HZGG is equal in terms of story and depth as BBJX but HZGG has its charm. The story is touching and for a qiong yau story, for once it was controlled without going overboard. But HZGG II and III are different matters entirely. The original HZGG was brilliant.

      30. @Fox like i said, I don’t see leads of NHZGG shooting to STARDOM. note i said stardom. Maybe more people know of them, but they are not hot commodity like the way YM and FSF is. Do you see them getting movie deals left and right? No. Do you see them getting pay upwards of 250k? No. That’s why they are less popular.

      31. I agree with Kidd.Not ‘everyone’ who has series aired in hunantv can shot to success

      32. I rewatched HZGG some time back and as I see it now as someone who has seen it before, I thought the casting was brilliant when it comes to the 2 leads. Ruby Lin may have been a bad actress or stopped improving, she was to me the ideal Zhiwei. There was grace in the way she portrayed the character. And she was pretty with her puffy cheeks. Looks wise she was a match. But yes, acting was raw. Vicki Zhao was the reason that made HZGG super huge. And I forgot how beautiful she was or how I love her accent. However in HZGG I her teeth would have done well with those whiteners. But you know I can rewatch HZGG without cringing. It was to me a series that stood the test of time.

      33. But will BBJX have that same effect, that will need another 10 years or so.

      34. @Funn I will predict the popularity of BBJX to be less popular than HZGG due to it’s genre which is not a fault of its own, but different series appeal to everyone. While HZGG is a cheerful, happy series which calls to the masses, BBJX is quite heavy and tragic in the end.

      35. @Funn: I don’t feel so :P. I feel Little Swallow (thank Kidd for the name) is annoying and even that Vicky Zhao made it less annoying than Li Sheng (ok, will refer her by this name) but still annoying to me. I dun like HZGG at all and I think BBJX is also so-so. So my taste is different to you.

        @ Nicole: I dun noe how much Li Sheng is paid but I know her career jumped after new HZGG. She is filming a movie? Isn’t that?

      36. I suppose Asians like tragic ending? I don’t see why one has to choose over the other though. Cry cry cry with BBJX and then laugh laugh laugh with HZGG. We will all go crazy. Right now I am mentally exhausted from watching too many series simultaneously. After YZWC, I will start on Kang Xi Wang Chao (luckily got Eng subs) and somewhere along the way Han Wu Da Di.If I talk gibberish that is the reason why.

      37. Fox, do I look like I will watch the HXM version? HXM is also on same character but more “cheerful” looking I suppose or matinee idol ish version and it called Da Han Tian Zhi. The one I plan to watch broke ratings records, I read 2nd to the highest rated back then, YZWC. I wonder does the record for YZWC still stand.

      38. @Funn: I dun noe that you look like you wat HXM’s version or not since your taste is quite huge and different to me. You know, you can feel BBJX and love it so much while I can’t. But I will take note that you dun like HXM’s version. This time, I quite agree with you. I like HXM’s acting in this Han Wu version but the series itself is bad.

      39. @Fox there are MOVIES and movies. Even YM before her popularity in Gong acted in movies, but does it means she’s popular then? Btw, look here:
        This is HunanTV’s prime time.
        Can you tell me ALL these main leads who act in primetime Hunan series from 2009 are as popular as kevin?
        《八百里洞庭我的家》【湖南卫视】周一围 陈洁
        《八千湘女上天山》【湖南卫视】刘娴 徐海鹏 习雪

        All these people are as popular as kevin? Let’s exclude those who have obviously gained popularity before like Ming Dao, QE, Wu Zun, I don’t think MOST will gain Stardom just because they starred in one hunanTV show.

      40. @Nicole: If wanna to count that, then you have to reduce all fans KC has BEFORE BBJX to be fair :P. In the list, I can see there are many famous name than KC in China in the list: Pan Zi Lin, Chen Jie, Liu Xian, Zhi Suai, Sun Xiao Xiao, Jiang Kai Tong, Li Xiao Ren, Yu Shao Qun, Shao Bing, Zhang Li, etc.

      41. @Fox Of course, there are some people more popular than kevin like Zhang Han, but his popularity is definitely one that is higher than many. We aren’t the one who insist that Kevin is more popular than everyone, but you are the one who insist everyone who leads in Hunantv prime time is higher popularity than Kevin.
        I don’t know any of the people you named, and I watch many China series. Just googled the first one.. Pan Zhi Lin is more popular than Kevin?
        She has 76k followers compared to Kevin’s 1mil+ followers. I know Weibo followers may not be the best indication of popularity but 76000 vs 1000000? That’s quite a big gap.
        Baidu Index:
        Google Trends:

        And she’s more famous than kevin? Stop flogging a dead horse.

      42. @Nicole: Hehe, maybe I’m so overwhelmed with Pan Zhi Lin in Falling in love by ppl around me so I put her higher than she really is. Ok, my bad. Pan Zhi Lin isn’t famous than Kevin (but she hasn’t have main lead :P, I’m bad at that, too).

        But you haven’t heard of Li Xiao Ren, Shao Bing, Zhang Li, Zhi Suai, etc? Wow. They are famous for a long while. Especially Shao Bing. His villain roles captured a lot of girls’ hearts, maybe not your heart, har?

        I agree that there are many ppl who is less popular than KC, but that dun mean they are not successful, right? I dun see that the jump of KC’s fame is too high.

        A note that I’m comparing this jump, not the whole career. Like Zhang Han, today he can be famous, tomorrow he can disappear like Yu Hao Ming.

      43. P/S: BTW the baidu trend is interesting. Thank you for that, hehe.

      44. @Fox Well you said kevin is just “supporting” in BBJX, so he doesn’t have mainlead on Hunan TV at all. So his supporting role gain more success than many main leads? That’s saying something isnt it.

        Oh you mean Li Xiao RAN? Not Li Xiao Ren? I won’t know who you are talking about if the pin yin is wrong, as I just skim through the list of names quickly. I think it’s best if you type the chinese names.

        Well, since SHao Bing is so famous..
        KC vs SB
        Er.. no i don’t think his “jump” is as big as kevin’s.

      45. @Nicole: Yeah, I dun say KC is lead in BBJX. I bonus PZL dun have leading role yet for the sake that she might have later and might soar as her role in Falling in love is quite liked now.

        The number of search in baidu will be different due to time. KC is most searched during the airing time of BBJX and the TVB award time, do you see that? Maybe if you find Rose Chan during the scandal moment, she will have very high searched :):

        You see, Rose has higher search than KC.

      46. For Shao Bing, he might not have high search but he has offers from grand producers and directors for series and movies.

      47. It’s true that things like scandals gives you more hits, but they are more interested in the tabloid photos, but does kevin have many scandals this year? I don’t think so. So his results are NOT skewed the way Rose Chan’s or Viann Zhang’s are.

        Of course he is most searched during that BBJX period – which relates to his JUMP in popularity due to BBJX. Like you said, you are talking about his “jump in popularity” after BBJX was aired, and you insisted that everyone who lead in hunantv prime time is as successful as kevin (even though he is “supporting” like you said), and that’s not true.
        About Shao Bing, maybe he has many offers for movies and series, but what makes you think Kevin doesn’t? And his asking price is 250k? What is Shao Bing’s asking price? How do you know that he is as successful or even more so than Kevin?

      48. After the jump, do you see that KC’s searched amount decreased to normal amount before BBJX and after that rose again during TVB award time? If you search for Shao Bing during the time when he received awards in 16th Golden Rooster Awards the result will be different :).

        Do you see KC win any award like Best actor of Golden Rooster Awards? Yeah, but Shao Bing isn’t a young artist :).

        I consider the jump of KC is quite normal because all the young artists who debuted with HunanTV will have a big jump to the stardom. Wei Chen, Zheng Shuan, Zhang Han, Li Sheng, Yang Yang, Bai Bing, Jiang Meng Jie, etc all have a big jump and run from nobody to be stars due to the HunanTV series. Jing Tian, Viann Zhang, Gan Ting Ting, Sugar, etc. now become the other generation. KC increased his price from 160 to 250, means 90k, then you must see that Jing Tian increased her fee from 10k (when she was an onlinegame model) to 120k in My Belle Boss. That’s the jump I mentioned.

      49. What make you think KC has many offers from grand movie producers and directors? Would you please list some? KC seems to be stuck with series now. I agree that he has many invitations for series but for movie, I haven’t seen so I won’t comment like that.

        BTW, isn’t future the best answerer? KC can have a breakthrough in his career in 2012 or not, time will answer. Maybe next year he’ll be invited in grand movie. Or maybe next year, KC’s wave will reduce. We can wait to see.

        Again, the core of my opinion (as we expanded the topic too much) is: KC has a jump with BBJX but his jump isn’t a rare case.

        Myolie, with an upcoming series aired on HunanTV, has the reasons to look forward and expect.

      50. “Myolie, with an upcoming series aired on HunanTV, has the reasons to look forward and expect.

        Yes this is right. I hope Myolie can also follow Kevin’s footsteps and make a big jump in popularity from her upcoming hunantv series although her asking price now is already good at 180,000 yuan.

      51. @Nicole
        HZGG has gained popularity in many non chinese speaking countries like korea, philipines, vietnam, I don’t think BBJX and Gong can do that.

        I could agree more! 🙂
        since i live in non chinese speaking country (even here all about chinese culture were banned before, but not anymore now), HZGG was veryyyy popular, i mean seriously popular! HZGG 1-3 was aired on national tv, and it was very successful, it boosted Vicky Zhao,Ruby Lin, and Alec Su popularity, almost all national tabloids discussed about HZGG, meanwhile Gong can only be seen on DVD (not original usually) or on the internet 😉

      52. HZGG vs Winter Sonata. Which one more impact? My answer is Winter Sonata.

      53. The main flaw of this argument (hence why it keeps going around in circles) is the different markets. It is hard to measure Kevins leap in fame because he had considerable fame to most of us here from TVB. Even in just this yr, he was successful in both TVB AND mainland from GJ and BBJX so his fsme expanded both ways. For eg people in HK may not know BBJX but from GJ they liked him. Vice versa.

        Whereby other mainland actors, you can only judge ffom mainland production right? So unless you follow them, its harderr to tell their level of fame.

        To answer I find HZGG > winter sonata. But Meteor Garden (original Tw) is best for me.

      54. Not which is better but which has more impact. WInter Sonata is the winner, next is JEwel In the palace.

      55. Winter sonata vs Autumn heart, I think Autumn heart has more impact.

        Hana Yori Dango is the one who also have impact in whole Asia. From the manga to the anime to the Taiwan series Meteor Garden to the Japanese Live action Hana Yori Dango to the Korean series Boys over flower to the Chinese series Meteor Rain and the Thailand series I dun rmb name, which one can pass it in term of adaption? Hana Kimi follows with manga, anime, Taiwan series, Japanese live action and the planning Korean series. Skip Beat might be the follower but its Taiwanese series is hated.

    2. I dont buy this claim too. Ron was also a main lead in Hunantv series and although he got Best Actor award from cable TV do you see he’s successful like Kevin?

      I also never heard of some of the name above

      1. Lol, Ron’s role Feng Siu Lin isn’t a main lead role :P. And if I rmb rite, Great Maid isn’t be aired in HunanTV.

        If you don’t follow China series, you won’t know them for sure. Like many ppl who dun watch TVB series won’t know who is Linda.

      2. @Kidd: Yes. I rmb wrongly that it isn’t aired in HunanTV. But if you check HunanTV, you will know that this channel treats series first aired with them differently to second aired.

      3. While I think there always will be exceptions, it js fair to say that Hunan is influential and perhaps, are a safe channel for audience due to past calibre of shows aired on the channel.

  4. Well, if that’s true about the production company boss pursuing her, that’s pretty creepy and it’s good they rejected that role for her, although it’s more likely that TVB just wants more money.

  5. Was Feng Shao Feng in Gong? Wish they would reunite in a mainland series! They’re too cute!
    Yeah her rate is lower than Kevin & Charmaine, but the main thing is experience and more audience love!

    1. I don’t really like Myolie’s acting in CORH but she’s more suitable to the roles in TRB and GJ.

      1. I’m torn because I feel she did alright with the palace scheming but she was awesome in her romance with Joel. I loved theit story in Curse.

      2. of the 3 series of 2011, my fav was TRB. in CORH, i like her storyline with Joel.

    2. TVB must be pushing Myolie to China now because of the gold digging that she can do and because it will make her more popular in mainland

      1. my speculation is that if her main exposure is from dol since its joint collab,her role was likeable there so mainlanders are open to seeing her? also she appeared in mainlanf production already. so compared to other fa dans now like tavia, fala or linda, they are still relatively unknown to mainlanders so less incentive to promote them and correspondingly maybe they dont get invited as much.

    3. I also like Myolie and Feng Shao feng pairing. They are a beautiful and matching couple and both are fine at acting. I especially love their parts the most in Beauty Schemes

      1. Myolie also looks pure and beautiful in this series. It’s one of her best characters

      2. definitely agree , it was so refreshing their part that after it finished, i lost interest in the series altogether. I think her appearance was very pretty and her chemistry with Feng impeccable. I loveee that laundry kiss! That series made me gushy over FSF!

  6. I’m happy for Myolie. She has worked really hard and endure a lot of harsh criticism to be a highly valued actress now 🙂

    1. I agree. She gets criticised for almost everything she does, after TGWL. Probably because she was competing with Charmaine for TV queen.

  7. I always thought Mainland TV station would be less than Hong Kong ones would.

    In TVB series, they often mentioned illegal immigrants from Mainland…now we coul expect to see illegal immigrants from Hong Kong

    1. The wealth disparity gap in China is much wider than that of HK.
      An illegal immigrant in HK will still earn more than an illegal immigrant in China. Heck, a normal salaried worker in HK will earn much more than a normal salaried worker in China.

      1. Support to Nicole’s comment: HK’s currency mostly comes from tourism and services. China has to develop industry and commercial fields while HK dun need (as it isn’t a country). The salary between China and HK therefore is different.

  8. anybody knows how much mainland actors get paid for filming mainland series per episode? do they get higher payment than tvb actors play in mainland series?

    1. Some higher, some lower. Highest HK artist play a role in China series is Nic Tse with around 280k/eps in beginning of 2011 (then might be higher now).

      1. Because he’s Nic Tse, who has fame long ago before joining in Mainland series. I actually think in general, mainland actors and actresses still get paid more filming mainland series than their HK counterparts due to an already established fan base in the mainland.

  9. Long ago I think Li Yapeng was one of those high paying actor in the mainland. Anyhow I think because Sheren’s age she doesn’t get the main rolls, perhaps they need to produce more mature rolls, since most story/plots revolve from early age to mid age, then old age. Still don’t understand what is the big hype with Charmaine, she is just a mediocre actress, I will admit she did get prettier, but still nothing compare to those in mainland.

    1. Char. is a product of marketing and i couldn’t agree more with you. She is the most overrated actress in terms of income/talent!

      1. Charmaine is a mixed bag of luckiness and willingness to persevere in TVB until she become the #1 fadan and its time to fly away!

  10. Good to this girl. If she had not won awards, she might have commited suicide or give up her

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