Nancy Sit’s Bodyguard Abducted Her

In last weekend’s broadcasted episode of TVB variety show “Liza’s Online,” Nancy Sit appeared as a guest and told a shocking story during the “True or False” segment. The 69-year-old actress revealed she was once abducted while working abroad in Asia. Fortunately, she escaped unscathed.

Nancy made her debut as a child star in the late 1950s, and she was popular throughout Southeast Asia at a young age. A very rich man invited Nancy to go on a six-month tour to perform throughout Malaysia, so the starlet went there accompanied by her mother and Bruce Lee’s childhood best friend Unicorn Chan (小麒麟). However, while on this trip, Nancy and the entire crew were abducted and held hostage. “I booked a six-month tour, and [the kidnappers] demanded a large sum of money from my boss or else!” Nancy recalled.

She said the incident occurred in Taiping, Malaysia at 3 a.m. “There was a sudden rapid knocking on my hotel room door,” Nancy shared. “My crew and Unicorn told me to get up and leave while I was still sleeping. My mommy immediately left with me, but I didn’t know what was going on. I was still holding onto my pillow, and I had no idea I should be scared.”

Three cars were waiting for Nancy and her group, so Nancy followed Unicorn into one of the cars, and all three cars drove off together. On the way to Ipoh, the tires of the cars popped at the same time. “That’s when I became scared because Unicorn took out a knife and ran to my side,” Nancy said.

As a result, Nancy was so scared that she began to cry. Unicorn comforted Nancy and told her not to be afraid while Nancy’s bodyguard said he was going to go and call the police. Just then, the police suddenly arrived and rescued everyone. It turns out the boss knew the bodyguard and the kidnappers conspired to kidnap Nancy!

Unicorn also brought a knife with him because he saw Nancy’s bodyguard suspiciously looking at the car tires beforehand. Although decades have passed since the incident, Nancy still remembers the scene vividly.

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