Nancy Wu Accused of Promiscuous Past; Involved With 7 Men in 9 Years?

With Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) acting skills gaining increased recognition, her love life became recent gossip fodder as well. The April 24th edition of Oriental Sunday claimed that 31-year-old Nancy Wu possessed a promiscuous past, in which she had involved herself with 7 men at TVB over the last 9 years! Several of the men in Nancy’s “stamp collection” were even married!

When Nancy’s romance with “Diamond Bachelor” Kenneth Ma (马国明) was exposed, tabloids claimed that Nancy possessed a “princess attitude,” driving Kenneth away after dating for a year. Although Kenneth said that Nancy was a “good girl,” the paparazzi apparently did not think so! Oriental Sunday claimed that Nancy was involved with Deep Ng (吴浩康), Joe Ma (马德钟), Ron Ng (吴卓羲), TVB producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德), Derek Kwok (郭政鸿), Kenneth Ma,  and Matthew Ko (高钧贤)!

Aside from filming TVB dramas, Oriental Sunday alluded that Nancy’s favorite past time was “stamp collecting” old men, young men, married and single men! It was reported that her private love life was chaotic and crossed moral boundaries!

Dramatic Relationship With Deep Ng (2003 to 2006)

Nancy Wu’s first boyfriend in the industry was singer, Deep Ng. The pair started dating in 2003; Nancy was still living with her family at that time, thus was often photographed visiting Deep’s house at night. In 2004, Deep was arrested for possessing 1.2 grams of cocaine and his career became frozen. Nancy stood firmly by Deep at that time.

In 2006, Deep allegedly cheated with Jacquelin Chong (庄思敏), leading to his breakup with Nancy. Rumors claimed that Nancy scolded Jacquelin at TVB City, “You are wearing my old shoe!” Jacquelin revealed that she received a letter threatening rape, seemingly accusing Nancy of sending it!

When Deep’s mother died, Nancy and Jacquelin both cried at the funeral home, making others laugh at the ironic situation. When asked about Nancy’s alleged promiscuous love life, Deep replied that he did not feel that Nancy was such a woman. Deep said that Nancy was pretty, thus she had many pursuers.

Cheating With Joe Ma

Before graduating from TVB acting training class in 2003, Nancy filmed Triumph in the Skies <冲上云霄>. In the drama, she portrayed Joe Ma’s younger sister. Allegedly, Nancy often frequented Joe’s apartment at night. During that time, Joe’s wife was studying in France. Nancy denied the rumors and claimed that they were only “brother and sister.”

Attaching Herself to Poon Ka Tak

Nancy often chatted with producer Poon Ka Tak on the filming set. Allegedly, she gave Mr. Poon a body massage on the set. The story was a hotly discussed topic at the time.

Fighting For Ron Ng With Leila Tong

During the filming of Twin of Brothers <大唐双龙传> in 2004, it was reported that Nancy and Leila Tong (唐宁) were both fighting over Ron Ng. The women both waited for Ron to get off work. An insider stated, “Nancy loved to ask Ron to take her home after work. She asked him out for drinks. Several days later, they were spotted taking a taxi together at night. The next morning, Nancy did not change her clothes at work. She did not go home the night before.”

Rumored With Married Man, Derek Kwok

Allegedly, both Nancy Wu and Joyce Tang (滕丽名) were interested in Derek Kwok during the filming of War of In-Laws 2 <野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶> in 2007. Derek was already a married man, with a wife in mainland China at that time. Nancy often referred to Derek as “my boyfriend” and the pair were rumored together in the early filming of the drama. It was not until later when Derek and Joyce were romantically linked that Nancy and Derek’s rumors died down.

Loving Kenneth Ma

Participating in Strictly Come Dancing 2 <舞动奇迹2> in 2008, Nancy and Kenneth Ma started dating. Nancy even moved near Kenneth’s neighborhood in Tai Koo Shing. Allegedly, Nancy was a high maintenance girlfriend with a hot temper, often complaining that Kenneth neglected her due to work and his family.

Kenneth denied the negative rumors about Nancy, professing that she was a good girlfriend. He cited personality differences for their breakup last year.

Matthew Ko

Nancy and Matthew Ko were romantically linked together after collaborating on several dance partnerships together for various programs. Asked about her dating rumors with Matthew Ko, Nancy said, “That’s impossible. We belong to the same manager. The chances are zero. If it did happen, I will treat that person to a meal!”

Nancy Wu Shrugs Off Rumors 

Regarding rumors that she was a “vixen” involved with 7 men over the last 9 years, Nancy Wu laughed. Nancy did not defend herself in an elaborate manner, choosing only to say, “People have called me [a vixen] since day one in the entertainment industry!” As for the 7 rumored men, Nancy said, “Thank you! Thanks everyone for your concern about me!” Pressed further about her rumors with Joe Ma and Ron Ng, Nancy said, “That was ‘N’ years ago!”

Nancy remained calm towards allegations about her promiscuous love life.  Without a trace of anger in her voice, Nancy said, “It appears as if my past onscreen characters have colored their perspective. Each time, my news is written from such an angle. I have become accustomed to this a long time ago! All of my friends are used to this. My family is used to it. They were not shocked and did not feel the need to console me.” Nancy also denied that she had asked male colleagues to go drinking with her, claiming she did not possess such drinking habits.


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Jayne: Nancy’s reaction was quite calm. Perhaps she should have elaborated on her explanation a bit, since being called a promiscuous woman may be quite damaging to her reputation, especially in Hong Kong. 

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  1. Nancy used to look so pretty a couple of years ago, but dunno why now she looks so “auntie” in my eyes, maybe too much make up. Is Deep still active in the circle? I do not think he’s worth investing for any producer though.

    BTW, can the reporters leave Deep’s mother alone? Mentioning her funeral in such a way sounds cheap and disrespectful.

    1. B/c they have been pairing her w/ older men. I think nancy is a very versatile actress. I look forward to her performance in GCO.

      As for Deep, he seems like a loser. Even jacqueline is more successful than him now.

    2. Yeah, though Nancy Wu is only 30 (born in September 1981) years old, she has been pairing up with older male partners (such as Wayne Lai in FH3) in drama series. Therefore, it gives audience the impression that she is not young. In fact, Nancy is 2 years younger than Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, and Kate Tsui.

      This applies to Joyce Tang Lai-Ming, too. She is only 36 years old, and has been asked to act C9 roles for the last few years. Her age is, in fact, only four months older than Charmaine Sheh’s.

      1. I’m talking about her appearance, not because of the pairing that I have that feeling.

    3. It is a pity Deep nevers recover from his drug incident because he is a great singer. But he was lucky that he is signed to EEG because they stood by him and slowly rebuild his career. If the drug incident didn’t happened, Deep would probably be in the level as Hins. As of late, Deep actually formed a band and they just release a few songs and the feedbacks have been relatively good.

      1. I don’t think so. Even before the drug incident, Deep’s albums sold not very good.

    4. Deep Ng is still singing. He recently created a band with some EEG employees (those who work in the back and not onscreen). They released one song so far. This is the first Band in EEG company.

    5. Maybe her looking so auntie has something to do with Deep Ng’s drugs or some other bad habit of hers???!!!

    6. omg i so agree with this. To me, she have always look “auntie”, i don’t know what but to me, it always have been so.
      Now, i shocked to find out she only few years older than me.
      We guys like story like this, 7 different alleged cases, hahaha, even if 2 or 3 of them are true, that mean some of those guys was getting something, good deal i’ll say.

  2. Jayne, Nancy will do fine, and I dont think her image is that pure to be largely affected either. Look at Charmaine, despite her man collection status given by the tabloids, she’s still doing fine.

    1. If charm was a stamp collector, she’s definitely not active enough. I’ve been waiting for love life to heat up for a long time already.

      1. Yah, I hope she can settle down soon since her friends are getting married one by one.

      2. Charm knows that there’s little chance of her being taken care of by a guy, so she’s working so hard now to earn lots money for herself. She left TVB and is working like crazy in China where the pay is much higher.

      3. Charmaine is already quite rich and does not need to work too hard. It is the guys that need to work very hard to keep up with her. Which guy is working very hard right now to earn big bucks?

  3. Why is it always Joe ma has to be involved when it come to Scandal??

    1. Yes, that guy certainly gets around. His wife must not care anymore.

      1. Yah, she must have been used to it, or treat it as fun tea story.

  4. i really do hope she finds true love. i really like nancy, her acting has improved a lot over the years.

  5. she kinda remind me of Charmaine with man collection status.Nancy is talented and so damm pretty

  6. Poor Nancy! I hope she will find the right man soon.

    Nancy’s acting is getting and better, but not her love life.

  7. Nancy looked better when she was chubbier. She’s too skinny now (case of Sharon).

  8. All female artistes are super skinny. They want to look good on screen.

  9. hahaha Jayne, you have chosen a sexy photo of Nancy! She is good in Gloves come off ar

    1. But without Charmaine’s talent though, right? 😛

      1. I don’t see it yet. I didn’t think she did a great job in CotRH (which is the last series I watched with her in it). Then again, there weren’t many great jobs done in that series, save for Joel.

      2. r u kidding me? w/o charmaine’s talent?
        i think nancy’s acting is so much better than charmaine’s comparing both when they first started up till now ….. (nancy’s 8yrs? of acting…)

        can still remember TOB nany was pretty convincing as the seductive girl, vs charmaine.. even in DIF 4 she could not improve… and had the chicken voice..

      3. To each their own I guess… I have not been impressed just yet.

      4. so agree with Hello! Nancy is so much more talented and better actress than Charmaine.

      5. I can’t say Nancy Wu is more talented than Charmaine. Both of them have acting talents. However, Charmaine does look prettier than Nancy at Nancy’s age. Even now, Charmaine is still very pretty at age 35 or so.

      6. @hello:

        Huh? Are u trying to compare their acting then or now? DIF4 was only charmaine’s 3rd series. U were expecting what?

      7. @josie

        TOB was also just nancy’s 3rd series or very beginning early career series…..

        it obviously does not make sense to compare charmaines acting NOW vs nancy back thens acting or even NOW…..

    2. Interesting…

      Didn’t know that Charmaine is a stamp collector. How did a stamp collector end up unattached now?

      I am neutral about Nancy as I am partial to her cat eyes. The lower part of her face is pretty if you cover the top part. But with her, she is typecast as in more “bad” roles than female lead/ heroine.

      Her cool reply is great. “People have called me a vixen since day one in the entertainment industry!” Thumbs up for her cool attitude.

      Actually I think usually when someone acquires the name of a vixen, there is some reason for it. E.g. maybe the person gets along well with men, or behaves in a certain way.

      Charmaine and Nancy are not alike in roles or image. Charmaine and Nancy are both cool. But Charmaine is more righteous cool and Nancy is rebellious cool. Charmaine is a lead actress and Nancy is not.

      It’s not easy to be linked with seven men. I think the woman needs to have some certain quality as well. Based on the track record of Nancy, I think she is more successful (in men) than Koni Lui or Kate Tsui who are blatantly sexy with not much results.

  10. Cant denied she has good acting skill but her appeareance does not give leading actress feel. Maybe cause by her’s eye look .

    1. I feel sorry for Nancy Wu for not having 1st lead roles after working for TVB for over 8 years. Her acting is very good compared to any new fadans. If it was due to her eye brows, she should do something about it. She does not even need plastic surgery vs. other fadans. It is only a very simple job to get her eye brows fixed.

  11. now..this is classy….. just keep quiet and a straight face… and laugh off all the rumours …. just like Elizabeth Taylor..

  12. Why can’t Nancy and Jacqueline cried at the funeral of Deep’s mother? It’s more like a strike to anyone who laughed at them this time.

    In 2007 Derek divorced and hasn’t gotten married again.

    BTW, they are all single women and men, why they can’t be a couple (I don’t mention of Joe Ma as it is the first time I’ve heard about this). And having many pursuers like this, it only can prove a fact that Nancy is loved.

    1. P/S: Thank to Ma Ming, Nancy is now linked with princess illness. Before his “protection”, she wasn’t called so. Now, she is mentioned with “princess illness”. And where is Ma Ming?

    2. didn’t Derek re-married some Mainland woman and have a daughter together????? Very recent. That’s why he broke up with Joyce. Coz he already had a family and Joyce unknowingly became his mistress.

      1. No to both. Derek got married with a China model, divorced, then got married with another China woman and has 2 daughters, not one. But he didn’t broke up with Joyce because nothing to ensure that they dated (both dun admit) and even if they dated, it’s during his divorced time and before he got married again. Two different timing.

  13. Think she is pretty and talented actress, a bit dissappointed she was always pair with old men. She should swap place with tavia, kind of tired seeibg ty again and again as lead.

    1. I like Tavia, but since she’s always the lead actress now like you mentioned, she’s way too worked out. She’s tired and sick and really needs a break.

  14. To be honest her personal life is none of our business, it provides a good read. We should not be passing judgement on her, we are not saints ourselves. Most important I love her as an actress, but don’t really care what she does no her own time. If she did wrong she has God to answer to and not us. 7 boyfriends in 9 years is not a lot that is almost a decade. I am sure we know some real life girls that have 7 boyfriends in 1 year. LOL

    1. Plus, a lot of what you read on the entertainment news is fake and made up by the reporters. They just want to catch people’s attention.

  15. I respect Nancy as an actress. She seems kind of tomboyish, kind of like Tavia. Maybe she’s just good friends with all these guys. Kenneth and Deep are the only ones she admitted to actually dating, right? Anyways, it doesn’t matter, it won’t changes how I feel about her as an actress.

    1. She didn’t admit that she dated Ma Ming but he announced such thing and she dun deny.

  16. reporters have nothing to report about and try to latch onto silly details, as always. anyway i dont really care about this, all i know is that nancy is a good actress and tvb should promote her more. oh and i think shes pretty 😉 people need to focus more on positives and less on negatives. sheesh

  17. LOL seems that Kenneth wasn’t able to stop her rumours. Now it grow from princess attitude to 7 men.

      1. Haha… well, he can’t step in EVERY time she has a bad rumor. Otherwise people are going to say they’re dating again.

      2. So he shouldn’t “reveal” it when there is nothing noise about them, then try to “protect” her but after it gets bigger, nowhere to find and don’t even try to protect the “ex”.

      3. All she has now: promiscuous, princess illness, all thank to him. She should thank him a lot for this “reputation”.

  18. I believe Women are just like men, enjoying life is much better if it is with someone you know and can Love, many people should allow women to enjoy life as they wish and not judge by different standards. It matters if she is good to her Family, and her Friends and all things I know of her she is a very good person to Family and Friends Please enjoy life and live how you wish for in the end it is your Life.

  19. I’m not sure what you think of this gal but what I’m absolutely think of her is PERFECTly fantastic!!!!

    She’s does have the good wife kind of personality but she to us guys is the most perfect candidate for 1 2 3 night stand……wow!!! I can’t imagine how many tons of liquid she can blow out from us guys on bed….She’s crazy!! but I like it……!!!

  20. I’m not sure what you think of this gal but what I’m absolutely think of her is PERFECTly fantastic!!!!

    I very strongly believe she doesn’t have the fate and the kind of personality which every good wife shall have but she to us guys is the most perfect natural candidate for 1 2 3 night stand……wow!!!

    I can’t imagine how many tons of liquid she can blow out from us guys on the bed…. She’s crazy but I like it……!!!

  21. Well just because Nancy doesn’t get to be the lead in series doesn’t mean she will be forever typecasted. Look at Gallen Lo. He played second quite a while before became big brother. And Wayne Lai and heck even Joe Ma. I never thought Joe Ma would ever play the lead. I notice that being pretty doesn’t necessary get you the role. You just have to bid your time.

    1. darren:
      All the artistes you mentioned were male. Male can afford to wait, such as Wayne Lai, Chan Chin Pang, or Raymond Wong, but female artistes cannot afford to wait for that long. It is almost impossible for female artistes to get her very 1st lead role after age 35. They can no longer act fadan’s roles.

      1. People would complain that they look too old to act some young characters.

      2. I agree with you. It’s the sad truth about the entertainment business. I think actresses are considered past their prime after 30. Their career or chances of being a lead is pretty much dead after 35. I think Charmaine is one of the few to be a lead after 35 but even for her, I think it’ll end very very soon.

  22. Maybe that’s why TVB started pairing Nancy with older men now in recent dramas (Forensic Heroes, Daddy Good Deeds…)

  23. The tone of this article is so negative. She might not have leading fadan looks but she can act & she tries very hard- you can really see her effort thru her roles.
    Just hope they’ll give her a chance.

    1. It’s not just looks but she may also not have the connection and favoritism from anyone. Sad.

  24. Really? 7 men in 9 years and they label her as promiscuous? Please people, come to the US.

    1. I don’t consider dating 7 men in 9 years promiscuous at all. I’d also like to know how many women these men have been involved with in the last 9 years? I’d bet money that it’s more than 7 for each of them. A lot more.

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