Nancy Wu Embraces Healthier Lifestyle

Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) wife, Karen Cheung (張筱蘭), recently published a new book about healthy living. The book also focuses on the benefits of vegetarianism and eating more fruits and vegetables. Many of Joe’s friends in the entertainment industry attended the book launch to show their support, including Joel Chan, Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), and  Nancy Wu (胡定欣).

Although Nancy is not a vegetarian, she expressed that during the two-hour event, she learned a lot about the benefits of vegetarianism. Nancy shared, “I am almost 40 years old. When I was younger, I did not know much about healthy living. I ate whatever I wanted to eat. However, I focus a lot more on health now. I also want to use my status as a celebrity and entertainer to share about the importance of health to the younger generation.”

When asked whether she has any bad eating habits, Nancy admitted to enjoy snacking often. “Fried foods will affect my skin, so I don’t eat them. I especially avoid them when I am working. However, I really enjoy eating snacks. Every time I go to the supermarket, I have to make an effort to avoid the snack aisle. I also enjoy social drinking with friends, but will always remind myself not to go overboard. Usually, I will only drink a bit when I am eating out with friends and socializing.”

Expanding in different areas of interest, Nancy recently also visited one of Moses Chan’s (陳豪) coffee shops to learn how to brew coffee. “After visiting China to film Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II>, I had to quarantine for two weeks. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I went online to learn how to brew coffee. While filming Big White Duel 2, I had to chance to chat with Moses about coffee. When I came back, I wanted to learn more about coffee from him.”

On whether she will make time for dating, Nancy said, “I have to worry about my health first before anything else.” When further probed about whether she will consider freezing her eggs, Nancy responded, “This is something complete different. I don’t have any plans for that yet.”


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  1. Such invasive questions. Actresses are continually asked about dating. Now, without a husband, they ask her about freezing her eggs? Goodness.

    The short hair isn’t flattering on Nancy. I can’t be unreasonable and expect her to look like a 25 year old anymore, but styling can be improved to match her more.

    Is Joe’s wife a professor or researcher about nutrition or exercise physiology? Pardon my ignorance, but what qualifies her to write a book on the subject?

    1. @potatochip is the photo old? I recently saw her in an interview and she looked a lotttt better than in the past few years with a shoulder length bob cut.

      1. @bubbles23 it was last year’s photo. Her hair is definitely more suited for her now. This hair was when she was filming the children hospital series.

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