Nancy Wu On Being Deleted from “Mission Run” Poster

Despite her significant role in Shaw Brothers’ Mission Run <廉政狙擊>, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) was noticeably deleted from the poster. The 41-year-old actress sidestepped questions about the issue due to potential political sensitivity.

In an old social media post, Nancy wrote “Standing united…tonight I feel it! I’m not good with words, I only hope that Hong Kong and (tomorrow) can become better!” Some Chinese netizens interpreted Nancy’s comment as pro-Hong Kong’s independence, which resulted in Shaw Brothers’ decision to downplay Nancy’s involvement in the drama during promotions.

Although many fans have their theories, Nancy firmly said, “I’m at an event today so I won’t comment on this! Things related to the drama will be taken care of by the production team.”

When pressed further, Nancy laughed and reassured  that she did partake in the filming. “I’m in it–I did film the drama! However, I won’t be answering anything else today. Don’t worry so much though– I’ll wait for further information and instruction from the company. I still have two dramas that haven’t aired yet. I’m sure they’ll start airing sometime in 2023. Aside from Mission Run, I still have Narcotics Heroes <破毒強人>. I’m super excited for these dramas since I really like both my characters.”

Smiling at the event, Nancy did not show any signs of distress and continuously reassured netizens that she still has a contract with Shaw Brothers, and  she will clear up the misunderstanding soon.


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