Nancy Wu Talks About Friendship With Myolie Wu and Future Goals

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Nancy Wu Talks About Friendship With Myolie Wu and Future Goals

Throughout her 18-year TVB career, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) has had a wide range of acting opportunities. With multiple awards under her belt, Nancy remains humble and passionate about her acting as she looks to the future. As her contract with TVB is drawing near, there are rumors that Nancy is interested in outside opportunities. In a recent interview, the 37-year-old talks abut what are her priorities and what she wants to accomplish next.

Future Career Plans

Winng the TV Queen award was the result of tears, sweat and hard work. Nancy had always felt she was lucky to have had the opportunities to play different roles and thus her sacrifices were not in vain.

Describing her career path as if she is still a student who still hasn’t graduated from college, she said, “I think time passed by really fast. Entering the industry was like being in kindergarten and not knowing anything. Afterwards, it was like going through primary school, middle school, high school and college. What is the next step? I think about this every day. I like to have work-life balance.”

In recent years, Nancy has slowed down her work but she stressed that she is not deliberately slowing down. When there is work, Nancy will pursue it. Like other artistes who are at similar stage in their careers, Nancy believes that she tried many roles already.

“What will be my next steps? That’s something I think about every day.” She would like to find more balance in her life and pause to think about her direction. Dispelling rumors of contract issues, Nancy still has a contract with TVB and will be filming later this year.

Personal Life: Friendship with Myolie and Romance

Compared to best friend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) who has an accomplished career and a happy family, Nancy is not envious and is very happy for her. Having collaborated in Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> and Strictly Come Dance<舞動奇蹟>, Nancy knows Myolie works even harder than herself. It was difficult for Nancy to imagine Myolie would put down work to dedicate taking care of her children. Nonetheless, Nancy is glad to see Myolie happy in her new stage of life.

When asked if Nancy wants to have children, she candidly responds, “I don’t know. I like kids but will have to see. I talked with my best friends about cryopreservation and how modern technology can help a lot of women. However, I need to consider kids as another life and I can’t be selfish. I need to assess how much I want kids. Without an answer, I can’t act so impulsively.”

While Nancy’s friends are worried about her romantic life, she does not appear to be in a hurry and finds it very strange when friends want her to have more dates instead of working. Nancy is very against match-making and will walk away, “I’m so busy with work that I barely have time to sleep. I don’t want too much pressure. Romance can’t be forced. Let’s leave it to fate.”

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