Nancy Wu Transforms into Edward Scissorhands for “House Full of Friends”

The cast of TVB’s newly-conceived drama series, House Full of Friends <一屋老友記> filmed scenes for the upcoming TVB Sales Presentation. Due to the upcoming Halloween holiday, the bonus scenes featured the cast in festive costumes.

While most of the cast dressed up as members of the Addams Family, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) was transformed into a creepy looking Edward Scissorhands, a horror fantasy film character who is known for having scissors for hands. Together with the lifelike scars on her face and dishevelled hair, Nancy’s makeup took more than two hours to complete.

On whether she was frightened by her own appearance after the transformation, Nancy said excitedly, “The look is absolutely perfect! I asked my makeup artist if she could make me look even more gruesome. I really wanted to go down to the cafeteria to scare people.” Nancy then highlighted that the look she had on was only meant for the bonus scenes, and that the drama series would still feature contemporary and more conventional looks.

She added that she was looking forward to working together with Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), who would also be starring in House Full of Friends. Nancy further revealed some highlights of the drama, “In the drama series, my character is part of a construction team and I will have to work with cement as well as flaunt my muscles.”

While filming Heroes of a Walled City <城寨英雄>, Nancy injured the tendons in her thumb. “I burst into tears at the time because of the immense pain. I went for a hospital examination and fortunately the bone was not injury. I strained the tendons and can only film non-action scenes for now.”

Bobby said, “Nancy and I banter a lot in the series. Nancy has been in TVB for over ten years; she’s grown up. Her acting is very stable now and is a hot contender for Best Actress.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I cant wait to see this Nancy and Bobby collaberating for the 1st time I LOVE BOBBY he’s a great actor ^^

  2. Um, I think there is an error in translation.  This series is NOT ‘newly-conceived’ – it’s a remake of TVB’s 1980 series “Don’t Look Now”, which starred Stanley Fung, George Lam, Wong Wan Si, Lau Hark Hsuan, Susanna Au Yeung, Kam Kwok Leung, etc.  Not sure why there is no mention of this being a “remake” now, when just a few weeks ago it was announced as a remake and the Chinese name of the series was the same.
    Anyway, I’m curious to see how much of the original script / series TVB ends up changing, as I’m pretty sure they are going to take some liberties with the script and do a more “updated” version of the series (based on the stuff that has come out so far).  I’m not happy about TVB remaking their classic series again (especially nowadays when there is little talent left in terms of actors/actresses as well as behind-the-scenes people), but at least the cast is decent this time…still not sure if I’m going to watch the series though…

    1. @llwy12 You should watch HKTV. Everyone behind the scene is ex-TVB people and the production of HKTV dramas is top quality. The lighting, camera angles, movements and so on is amazing. Story wise, very realistic. Which some people might find boring but it’s very acceptable and relatable. HKTV also prove that don’t have to sign a 10 year contract to be popular. They’re fair and if they find the role fits you, it’s yours. Unlike TVB, it is because unless the management/on top people like you, you won’t get your chances as an actor/actress. One of the actor that deserve to be a main lead from TVB is Hugo Wong. Sadly he’s still being a support role after being in TVB for over 10 years. Not to mention the production of current TVB dramas. It’s because they want to save cost which prompt them to film 80% of all their dramas in their own studios. Like nearly every drama has a similar house/shop and what not.

      1. @renn Yup….agreed.  You don’t need to tell me…I’ve been “following” HKTV since 2012 (back when they were still under Ricky Wong’s telecommunications company CTI), so pretty familiar with how they operate already….


  3. Love to see more of Nancy. Hope she can get a really lead role, and win Best Actress. TVB should manage their artists well. Should not just focusing on Miss HK to groom. When will TVB change their old mindsets?? The quality of Ms HK is not on par as last time, Cheng Man Yuk, Michelle Reis time.

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