Natalie Tong and Amigo Chui Dating Again

By on June 25, 2011 in Hook-ups & Break-ups, NEWS

Amigo Chui (崔建邦) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) reconciled their on-again-off-again relationship. Despite Natalie’s denials that the pair reconciled, the paparazzi caught the pair having dinner at Tai Mei Tuk! Discovered by the press, Natalie’s face soured while Amigo smiled and waved embarrassedly at reporters.

Formerly a rising star in hosting television programs, Amigo’s image plummeted since he was accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong. Amigo terminated his management contract with TVB and worked as a production assistant for $9,000 (HKD) per month without complaints. He vowed to “do well on the job.” Amigo did not mind working an entry-level job and preferred to “eat old grass” in love as well. Although the press discovered Amigo and Natalie Tong were living together, the pair denied and insisted that they were only good friends. However, the press discovered them on a dinner date together last night.

Avoiding the Causeway and Central districts in which the press tended to cluster, Natalie and Amigo intentionally had dinner in Tai Mei Tuk instead. Obviously, the pair put much thought into the location selection! At 10 PM, when Natalie and Amigo left the restaurant, Natalie’s face soured upon the presence of the reporter. Amigo smiled helplessly and the mood was very awkward! Realizing there was no escape, Natalie and Amigo smiled stiffly and waved at the reporter. Natalie hastily drove her car away.
Excerpt: The Sun
Jayne: Natalie didn’t seem too happy in seeing the reporter, but Amigo appeared more at ease.

16 comments to Natalie Tong and Amigo Chui Dating Again

  1. Fox says:

    Again and again.

    If they are together, admit that and don’t say something like Nat Tong did comment on Amigo.

    If they are not, stop being caught :P.

    BTW, Amigo can drive again? After overdrunk incident? Time must fly very fast.

    Uhm, but it’s nice of him to work from the dip up again.

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    • Larry 3 replied:

      Amigo is on probation. If he drives, you can see him in court and maybe jail. Paparazzi is really eying theme every step of the way.

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  2. cinsin says:

    He probably looks pleased as he is getting publicity lol

    @Fox, I thought his license was still suspended? As we can see in the pic it’s Natalie driving so I assume that he probably still can’t drive.

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    • Fox replied:

      Oh yes. I saw wrong in the second pic. See it again, Nat is the one who drove.

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  3. Melody says:

    I think she should just smile at the camera better than showing a sour face and getting caught.

    Doesn’t help for your career esp when she’s in this line. Needs better PR skills.

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  4. Joan says:

    I don’t see what she sees in Amigo, she can do so much better.

    I guess love is blind.

    Nice to know that Amigo’s arrogant attitude and huge ego head is no longer there. Hope this time he really learned his lesson.

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    • ohno replied:

      who is living with him, you ppl or her. we cant determine her happiness or know anything about their relationship. you ppl diss the guy all day long, doubt Natalie cares for your comments about her lover or her. she was able to keep and do what she wants and for a while, tricked most of you anyway.

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  5. exoidus says:

    tvb is going to promote her even less now for dating him. she’s so much better than the overpromoted kate tsui who is so annoying in every aspect of her acting. wish she could go away hehe…

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    • Fox replied:

      Nope nope. 2011 is the year of revealed loves so TVB won’t promote her less.

      Kate’s promotion, isn’t just like other promoted girls like Charmaine, Linda, Tavia, Myolie, Sonija and Michelle (before she out of TVB)?

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      • ohno replied:

        hope you are not saying Kate is receiving less promotion. infact, Kate is the most overpromoted of the bunch.

        Great Way to Care, short drama Dropping by Cloud Nine, Relic of Emissary, Wax and Wane, Lives of Omission, Forensics Heroes III, a total 6 drama appearances. most of these dramas are 30 plus episodes carrying all yr long.

        and please, how on earth can Charmaine or Sonija more promoted this yr than Kate? they are barely in any. totally dumb what you said.

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  6. Funn Lim says:

    Some girls just like to get with bad guys or those bad for them. It is her choice ultimately but surely a girl as pretty as her can find a better guy with less scandals attached?

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    • Fox replied:

      Man isn’t bad, woman dun love.

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  7. rei says:

    There is nothing good about Amigo. What’s wrong with Nat? Losers like him is worthless, a waste of time…she needs to find a better man, the one that respect her!

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    • stmlw20 replied:

      Agree with ya..she can do better!!

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  8. ginger says:

    She’s a hypocrite. In the other newd, she said low chance of reconcilition

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  9. ohno says:

    can’t imagine her bf will ever leave her esp when she’s all he’s got now. maybe thats what Natalie wants, to be the only woman and the most important in his life. since you guys are not Natalie, how do you know that she’s not happier with him than without? all humans will feel the need to have long term companionship. if you choose to sacrifice your love one for career, then will have to accept feeling lonely later. for a man, career oriented, he can still get a beautiful wife and kid but for women, they marry late and have problems conceiving, no time to raise family. just more cons. not that they couldnt do it, just additional obstacles there.

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