Natalie Tong’s “Bullet Brain” Character is Crazy

TVB’s latest drama, the quirky detective serial Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>, is called out for being a giant snoozefest and historically inaccurate; but despite the lackluster reviews, the drama’s bold and unique characters have created enough discussion among netizens and critics.

Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) Mui Mui, in particular, has generated discussion online even before the premiere of Bullet Brain earlier this week. Portraying the childhood love interest of Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) Ko Tai Hei, fans pondered how the writers would shorten the noticeable age gap between the youthful 31-year-old Natalie and the 48-year-old Wayne. The solution? Plastic surgery.

Mui Mui is greedy and materialistic. She shudders at the thought of Tai Hei falling in love with her and harshly leaves him behind as she marries a wealthy heir in the city. However, Mui Mui’s rich husband is abusive and she locks her inside an empty well for three years. Mui  Mui develops a mental disorder in result of the confinement. When she returns to human contact, she meets her childhood friend Tai Hei, who has now become the charismatic Detective Columbo. The 40-year-old Mui Mui vows to win Columbo’s heart back and undergoes plastic surgery to make herself look younger.

Natalie will have several bold scenes in Bullet Brain, and one of them will include her having to show her topless back to the audience.

“The director probably knew that I was conservative and originally arranged for a body double for me, but I felt that the scene was necessary to the plot. Those who know me will know that I will not film it to create buzz,” said Natalie.

Natalie did not request for the studio to be emptied during the topless scene, and was well-prepared in preventing accidental exposure. “I had a lot of safety tape in front of me. I thought I would get really embarrassed when I see Wayne, but I really got into it during the scene.”

Did Natalie report the scene to her rumored boyfriend, Amigo Chui (崔建邦)? Natalie laughed, “He’s just rumored, so of course I don’t [need to]! Just to myself!”

In regards to Mui Mui’s “crazy” behavior, Natalie said, “I never formally studied acting. I really want to thank Power Chan (陳國邦) for advising me, and Otto Chan (陳志健) for arranging me to meet up with a charity organization. It allowed me a chance to interact with patients who really are mentally ill. It helped a lot with my acting.”


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  1. How is showing your bare back necessary to the plot? I guess it can show how desperate the character it is.

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