Natalie Tong Shopping Bed Sheets for Amigo Choi?

Amigo Choi’s (崔建邦) career nosedived after he was arrested for beating his ex-girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong (鄺敏慧), in 2009. His image tarnished, the TVB MC retreated to behind-the-scenes curtains and worked as a production assistant for a meager salary of $13,000 HKD per month. After a year of staying in the shadows, Amigo finally returned to the MC platform earlier last year.

Amigo made a victorious return, but with his reputation damaged, it was reported that the 34-year-old only has the means to earn $20,000 HKD per month. Rumored on-again, off-again girlfriend Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), on the other hand, has been earning at least $140,000 HKD a month.

Although Amigo had reportedly cheated on long-time girlfriend Natalie, she remained supportive and encouraging to Amigo through the years. Though the former couple denied getting back together, mutual friend Kenneth Ma (馬國明) told the press that he will not “pursue [his] friend’s other half,” accidentally leaking Amigo and Natalie’s relationship to the press when he was attempting to clarify his own rumors.

A source close to Natalie said, “Natalie really cannot leave Amigo’s grasp. Although Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂) actively pursued her when they were shooting A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> [in 2009], and she even had [lesbian] rumors with former RTHK DJ Vera Lee (李慧娜) afterwards, she could never let Amigo go. She is always there to help him. We can do nothing else but wish them happiness.”

In mid-June, Natalie was seen driving around a Tsim Sha Tsui parking lot, waiting for Amigo to finish his MC work at a nearby shopping mall. Natalie immediately took Amigo back to his Tseung Kwan O home as soon as the event finished.

Aside from being the chauffeur, Natalie earned twice more than Amigo and has also become the “breadwinner” in the relationship. A few days ago, Natalie was seen shopping with a pregnant friend, who lives in Wong Tai Sin. When her friend was looking at baby cribs, Natalie rushed to the bedding section of the store and grabbed a few queen-sized bed sheet sets, perhaps for Amigo’s home. The friends left the store an hour later.

Source: 3 Weekly #715 via

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  1. Sorry to hear that Natalie Tong still hangs around with Amigo Chui. I think Natalie deserves someone better than Amigo who cheated Natalie more than once. Just wish them the best and hope Amigo will treasure this highly devoted girlfriend.

    1. Agreed…she’s becoming successful in her career and seems to have a good personality.. but then again when is love a logical thing?

      1. Love is truly irrational… There are guys that are devoted to girls that cheat too. However, I think many condemn girls more in the sense that they may get pregnant…

    2. I agree, she deserves so much more. He has a tendency to resort to violence when things go wrong, a lack of loyalty to his other half, a combination of a disastrous relationship.

      1. Agreed. Honestly speaking, it’s dumb to commit to something or someone that won’t give you back anything in return, besides pain.

      2. And if she’s still with him cause he makes her happy or whatever, that’s just even more silly. Happiness comes from yourself; you don’t need others to give it to you.

  2. “Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), on the other hand, has been earning at least $140,000 HKD a month, more than twice the salary of Amigo.”

    140,000 is twice of 20,000????

    Jaynestars reporters can write but cannot calculate simple arithmetic.

    1. It is probably just a typo so no need to say that…

    2. Didn’t you read that it says “more than twice”? Someone needs to get his/her eyes checked.

      1. Thats why he’s a math teacher. Not an English teacher. Lol

      2. I think the math teacher fail his standard one English test

      3. Actually, the article says ‘Natalie earned twice more than Amigo’. It should say ‘Natalie earned two times more than Amigo.’ Badly written, but I’m afraid Math Teacher is correct this time, both in terms of his mathematical abilities and English comprehension abilities.
        @Nicole/HeTieShou/Looooo/939393: eat any humble pie lately??

      4. @Mt:
        nope, the article stated “more than twice”, as copy and pasted by Math Teacher. That sentence has already been edited out though.

      5. You banana’s are so lame, you mean 7 times more still qualifies as ‘more than twice’????

        Just looking for excuses, a bunch of idiots whose ‘Mandarin is no good, Canto is not that good, and English is not as good as the natives’ and yet wanting make unnecessary noise here.

        The fact that Jaynestars corrected the article means they realised the mistake and seeks to amend it.

        It is also not a typo, Natalie didn’t earn 14,000, she earns 140,000 over his 20,000.

        Get it, dumbos

      6. You are so mean and rude Math Teacher!! You also tend to forget that this is a translated article and people do make mistakes and things are lost in translation too. Now you just come here to insult us all calling us names, but you need to evaluate yourself before you dare to call anyone dumb!!

      7. By the way, my Chinese may not be the best but I guarantee my English is better than yours… I admit that math is not my area and I always hated it. But English is one of my strengths as well as languages. You need to learn how to not be so picky and to respect others.

      8. @HeTieShou
        Before you open your mouth to run down on me, look at your other banana friends here and see the cynicism they shoot out.

        And you are so boastful, so you claim your English is very good, eh? But what makes you think your command of it is better than mine? Just based on your own self-proclamation? Gimme a break.

        And yes, yes, yes, “you need to evaluate yourself before you ridicule others”

        “You need to learn how to not have such herd mentality and to respect others too”

        Get it?????

    3. Math Teacher,
      While your math maybe good, I don’t think it’s sweet that as a teacher you call people lame dumb Bananas. If by banana and you mean it in what I understand it to mean, and if you are Chinese yourself, then we are as Chinese as you are, by our birth right, our parents, our grandparents, whether born and raised in a Western country or not.

      Heck, I’m not even born in a Western country but I’m not going to let you tear HeTieShou apart just because you are good at Math, Mandrin or Canto.

  3. I can’t believe that Natalie has been earning that much? Isn’t she mostly playing supporting roles?? I heard that other supporting actors only made $10000 HK dollars a month which is really little.

    1. Natalie has alot of endorsement deals as well, and is one of the more popular ones among the group of supporting actresses, so it’s no surprise that she earns this much.

      1. Oh yea, forgot about the endorsement deals and all. I just think about the series that they act in and they do not get paid much since TVB is cheap.

    2. You are comparing Natalie to those almost kelafare actors, usually the one with like 10-20 lines in the entire series. And natalie is usually 2nd lead.

    3. HKD140k is not much for a moderately successful actress. Maybe some part is thanks to endorsement and if true, she is not there yet in terms of endorsement. Don’t you know? When you’re really famous, you get paid obscene amount of money. I know the job is pretty much 24 hours a day but for that sort of money, it justifies the hours. More so with all the perks and free goodies. Most overpaid profession to me is the acting/singing career. And probably most ego too, especially when you start believing in your own importance like acting changes the world sort of nonsense.

      1. I agree with you Funn! I once read an article about the most overpaid professions and underpaid professions. Of course the most overpaid are singers, actors and athletes. The most underpaid were teachers which is sad since teachers do one of the most important jobs.

    4. I think she love being sadistically abuse since amigo has been a two timer and abuser

    5. $140,000HKD seems very little for a monthly salary?

      Are the living standards are a lot cheaper in HK?

  4. If Amigo’s reputation is true, then if anything happens, sorry to say I will not pity Natalie since she has enough of notice of that. However seeing her devotion to him, maybe the press went OTT with him?

  5. although they kind of suit (height + looks only), she would be way better with stephen wong. that’s a better match.

    1. Stephen Wong is a better looking guy than Amigo Chui, but I guess Natalie Tong loves Amigo so much that she can forgive him again and again.

  6. Stephen Wong is so much more better looking but he isn’t a well received actor. However, amigo chu is not only short, untalented but not even good looking. He’s nothing but bad news. I really hope she can see that she’s worth more. . and look for better guys.

  7. Funny how some people here can forgive a cheating Shirley but not a cheating Amigo. Both worked equally hard to re established their careers. But perhaps pretty girls have it easier when it comes to gaining sympathy.

    1. I would not say so and it really varies. I personally think that traditionally guys have it easier when it comes to cheating. In the olden days, guys can have many wives but the girls can only have one husband. I guess part of the reason is that women can get pregnant while guys don’t. I also don’t think consider Shirley pretty and when she first came out as a cheater, she was blasted a lot too. However, I think many feel more sympathy for her now since she took responsibility for her child and is now a single mom.

    2. I agree with HTS. The public can forgive shirley due to her current circumstance as a single mother. The public is also able to forgive Him Law after his beating scandal with Theresa Fu. Why? Maybe it’s because they are considered as a “first-time offender”. The public has no such sympathy for Amigo as he not only beats, but cheats, not once, but several times.

  8. Once a beater….always a beater is how I see it.

    Love “covers” the eyes sometimes….unfortunate for the one receiving the blows.

  9. Oh poor Natalie,
    I wish she would step out of her comfort zone, it’s tough but…worth a shot.

  10. After reading this news, it totally shows how asian paparazzi can also be authors/scriptwriters:
    “Natalie rushed to the bedding section of the store and grabbed a few queen-sized bed sheet sets, perhaps for Amigo’s home.”
    Therefore, they decided to put a heading,
    “Natalie Tong Shopping Bed Sheets for Amigo Choi?”
    That is just lame and it seems like they’re only trying to hand in their homework with no effort, just making stuff up, no offence. There was no evidence or whatsoever signs that show that they are back together. They’re just sticking stuff from before and just jamming it in something they found now. There’s no link at all.
    Support and being together are totally two different things. Her encouragement towards Amigo (i admit) is
    possibly blinded by love, but that doesn’t mean that they can write it as if they’re back together. Or at least they shouldn’t use this point to show the readers that they are together, because it’s really weak.
    Makes no sense, just one of their “creations.”

    1. It is true that the headline is fake and made-up. However, there are many other proofs in Hong Kong that Natalie has got back to live with Amigo, even some of her colleagues admitted their relationship. I think the tabloids just wanted to make it big.

  11. oh no…I like Natalie…why with this guy…no money…not handsome…not very talneted…most important…not loyal to her once before…why not someone else????

  12. Wow I had no idea Natalie earns this much. Wonder how much top line actors earn? I converted 140k hk dollars to US – $18k per month. That’s a lot of money in my eyes maybe hk standard of living is high that’s why. I believe tha avg annual household income in the states is 30-40k, correct me if I’m wrong? In that case, being an actor and singer pays off really well if ur famous and able to withstand those ridiculous hours!

    1. That is the main reason why everyone wants to be an artiste/singer …………excellent money and fame. Besides having the talents, the person needs some luck and connections to achieve his/her success and popularity.

  13. Well Amigo better buck up. Natalie is a nice pretty girl.

  14. Natalie, please get rid of Amigo 🙁 Stephen Wong is a much much better choice.

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