“The Voice 4” Winner to Be Decided by Public Votes

Unlike its previous three seasons, talent competition The Voice 4 <超級巨聲4>, also known as Star’s Legend <星夢傳奇> features TVB artists as contestants. This year’s winner will be decided by public votes, in which the winner will walk away with a 338,000 HKD diamond-studded gold microphone trophy.

Hosted by Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) and Amigo Chui (崔建邦), the 10-episode reality singing competition will start off with seven TVB artists, with the best four competing for the title.

The format of the show will be as follows:

Episode 1: Seven artists will start, with the bottom two with the lowest marks to be eliminated.

Episodes 2 to 5: Two new artists will join the competition in each episode and likewise, the last two will be disqualified.

Episodes 6 to 7: Two artists will be kicked out but one of them will be saved based on the votes by Hong Kong residents.

Episodes 8 to 10: The best four will remain and will go through various singing tests. Hong Kong residents will vote and the artist with the highest vote will be the winner.

Judges for the show is comprised of many experienced singers as well as well-known music producers. The star-studded line-up of judges include Jenny Tseng (甄妮), Eric Moo (巫啟賢), Alan Tam (譚詠麟), Hacken Lee (李克勤), Sally Yeh (葉蒨文), Elisa Chan (陳潔靈), Chiu Tsang Hei (趙增熹), Eric Kwok (郭偉亮), Dominic Chow (周啟生), Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) and Anthony Lun (倫永亮). Each episode, there will be two groups of judges; one group consists of four celebrity judges and the other group consists of 50-people chosen from the public. Each group will account for 50 percent of the marks.

The theme for the first episode is “Dreams”; the seven contestants were Stanley Cheung (張景淳), Ronald Law (羅鈞滿), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), Carat Cheung (張名雅), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯).

Taking the first lead was Stanley, who actually debuted as a member of the short lived boy band “Cheers”. Stanley has never given up hopes of realizing his dreams on stage. Ronald, who presented his song “Peace on Earth” <天下太平>, wanted to participate in The Voice Season 1 but unfortunately at that time, he was already a student in acting class and was not qualified to be a contestant.

Miss Hong Kong 2012 Carat Cheung chose Joey Yung’s (容祖兒) “Beautiful Encounter” <華麗邂逅> as her competing song. A hot favorite, Fred who won second place in TVB New Talent Singing Awards in 2001, showed natural talent in singing. The judges were full of praises for him, and he is regarded to have high chances in becoming the winner.

Source: ihktv.com 

This article is written by Jennifer for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I find the judges on the HK version better than the ones on American Idol or The Voice in the U.S.

    My fave right now is Fred Cheng. He has such a good voice and you can really tell he loves music. I hope this show will bring him more opportunities and name recognition.

    1. Agreed!  I’m happy for Fred too – he’s finally getting some well-deserved recognition now for his singing talent!  Though I have a feeling he won’t win the overall contest due to the format that TVB decided to go with, at least he’s getting the ‘name recognition’ that he was hoping for prior to participating in the contest (of course, getting to be guest performer at Eric Moo’s concert is an added bonus!). Great job so far, Fred!

      1. “Though I have a feeling he won’t win the overall contest due to the format that TVB decided to go with”

        If he keep performing well and consistent, I think he has a chance. Looking at the points he got in episode one, where 50% comes from audience, 50% comes from judges, he has already wowed the audience. He got very high points from the audience.

      2. but fred only safe as long as the 50% judges mark stays. if audience got 100% at the finale, what’s stopping people with fanbases and tvb support such as oscar from winning although he has bad vocals and fred is the deserving winner with magical vocals?

  2. Aiye….leave it up to TVB to turn this into another popularity contest rather than an actual credible singing competition.  Sure, I understand that they are merely imitating the format of other singing contests around the globe and so they aren’t the only ones doing it, but still, doesn’t mean it’s ‘appropriate’….besides, the difference here is that all the contestants are actual celebrities, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that the audience vote will be biased to some extent.  I actually preferred the format of the previous 3 seasons of The Voice where a professional judging panel determines the winners rather than audiences who will likely just vote for their favorites regardless of how they perform. 
    Such a disappointment….you know, sometimes I would rather TVB just stick to the traditional format for programs such as these (variety programs, singing competitions, etc.) rather than trying to incorporate ‘gimmicks’ such as audience voting and such just to gain more viewers…..

    1. have a feeling tvb is paving for oscar to win with the audience voting system since oscar is most established and promoted among them! his singing in the first episode sucks though and he should’ve been eliminated but instead was safe l

  3. I don’t understand their contest scheme. So you introduce two new contestants from ep 2 onwards? How does that make it fair for the contestants that were there since ep 1 or was eliminated?

    1. yep. I kinda agree with you. I don’t think it’s fair but, tvb might want to make the show fresher with two new constestants on the next episodes.

  4. This show is a joke, it’s more like a TVB artists promotion show rather than a singing contest. If they are really that great at singing, they would not be an actor.

    1. ” If they are really that great at singing, they would not be an actor.”

      Have you watch the show?

    2. fred cheng was great at singing don’t mistook contestants such as oscar leung to the likes of fred who evidently has music chops. blame tvb for only casting him in schoolboy roles for many years!

  5. Carat Cheung (張名雅) is a joke right…
    haft of them is just average…

    1. Carat Cheung was very nervous and it showed in her performance. But, her singing was actually not bad. Her voice was strong and she was on key. Even the high note she can reach without difficulty.

    2. carat cheung sounds better than oscar in the episode.

    3. Well, i find Mandy wong to be a big joke. She honestly is terrible

      1. give mandy a break, oscar was worse and it’s bewildering how he is safe! although mandy did badly still give her props for being brave to challenge herself on this show! as mandy has said she only lack proper preparation and is singing the song for the first time! can’t blame mandy because she’s so busy filming hiw can she have time to prepare for this competition. still support mandy.

      2. oh come on – we are commenting on how well they sing. Obviously she did not practice, she say so herself. Mandy is terrible, it shows! no reason to give her a break

  6. I watched episode 1 yesterday. Stanley Cheung’s voice was beautiful, so, was Benjamin’s, although they both need polish in the skill side.

    I’ve heard Stanley sings many times during the WHB promo, but, didn’t find his voice very exceptional. Rock song really is not for him. The song he sang at the competition bring out the good quality of his voice.

    The same goes to Benjamin Yuen. I was not really that impressed with his rendition of the Sam Hui’s song during the Mr.HK competition and doesn’t have high expectation of him. But, when he sang the first line “when I fall in love”, I was impressed. That slightly husky old style voice. Very suitable for the song. But, the judge were right about his weak point. His voice suited the song, but, his skill not yet reach the level.

    The judges they invited this time were all good and professional here. The criticism were constructive and accurate. No one tried to be Simon Cowell and I’m happy about this.

    1. Eric Mo did a really good job as a judge. I was bothered by his crazy tan but got over it when he made some smart remarks to the contestants.

      Fred was definitely really good but other than him .. everyone else was just mediocre.

    2. actually some of the harsher criticism were cut by tvb. there’s news about this on another forum. maybe tvb don’t want to jeopardize some of their target promotion who got criticized. glad that fred took the lead and not tvb’s already promoted son.

    3. @Kidd:  Actually, the version that aired on TV was the ‘watered down’ version.  The judges (especially Eric Moo) made a lot of harsh comments (and majority of them were spot on too), but unfortunately, TVB cut out most of the harsh comments (particularly the ones made toward Mandy and Oscar). So that’s pretty much why overall, it looked like the comments were mostly positive and there was no “Simon Cowell-esque” criticism….
      Personally, I feel that TVB is stupid to cut out all the harsh comments in order to make the overall program more ‘positive’ because honestly, no matter what their intention was in doing so, they are only shooting themselves in the foot.   To me, it’s a sign of disrespect towards the judges because TVB is indirectly telling them “I don’t agree with your comments so I am going to cut them out.” (at least that’s the way I interpret it).  Also, as an audience member / viewer, I would be pissed at TVB for once again trying to insult my intelligence with their lame attempt at trying to make their artists look good (by conveniently ‘censoring’ the comments a certain way).  Though of course I’m not surprised at TVB’s actions (since they pull this crap all the time), doesn’t make it any less disappointing….

  7. i can see the passion in fred. hope he will get great recognition after this ends.

    1. he already got recognition netizens already open a fan page for him in facebook to support him

      1. i’m sure he can land recording contract and sell platinum albums after this new rising of fans for him

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