Natalie Tong and Tony Hung are Back Together!

Dating for two years, 36-year-old Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and 34-year-old Tony Hung (洪永城) announced their breakup last May. The couple had an amicable breakup and did not reveal the reasons for their split. However, Natalie and Tony remained friends and continued to spend time together. The press often asked if Natalie and Tony would have a chance to reconcile, and Natalie had responded with an open statement, “Many things can happen in this world.”

It appears that Natalie and Tony are back together after taking eight months to cool off their relationship. Last night, Natalie and Tony were spotted walking on the streets in North Point. Hoping to keep their outing low-profile, Tony wore a hoodie and Natalie pulled her cap low over her face. The couple eventually parted ways to drive separate cars to a restaurant in Taikoo Place.

Tony arrived first and waited inside the restaurant for Natalie. As Natalie was about to enter the restaurant, she looked around and noticed that the paparazzi was following her. Abandoning dinner plans, Natalie walked right by the restaurant door and went back to her car.

Left alone inside the restaurant, Tony was seen shortly leaving with a takeout box in his hand. With his date interrupted by the paparazzi, Tony looked disappointed and drove back home.

Shy Couple?

During their split, Natalie and Tony tried dating other people. Last October, Tony was seen dining out with a long-haired woman at a Japanese restaurant. In November, Natalie was seen eating out with a man in a suit, and followed up with a late-night movie.

However, it seems that Natalie and Tony may want to give their relationship another chance. Getting back together after a long separation, Natalie and Tony are not yet ready to face public pressure about their reconciliation and chose to run from the paparazzi on their date last night.

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  1. wow, can’t believe they’re back together. but i do like this couple <3 hope the report is actually true.

  2. LOL. Natalie needs to take a page or two from Kenneth Ma’s dating book. She just stood up Tony because there’s papz around. If they ever get marry and there are papz line outside, is she gonna be a runaway bride? Lol. Be natural, shesh.

    I get a feeling he’s more into her than she’s in to him though.

    1. @jjwong I think so too. She’s never really say great things about him like some newly dated couple would. She’s always giving that ” I couldn’t care less’ vibe even when she first started dating him. She does not exactly has good taste in men, look at that cheating short host that she goes back and forth with? Sigh…some women do not know when to say NO and enough is enough. But then again some women, when they are in their late 30’s, perhaps they don’t want to be label as soon ‘leftover’? You know how HK people love to put a label to women. Sigh….

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