Natalie Tong Thankful for Tony Hung’s Encouragement

Above: Natalie Tong with good friend, Priscilla Wong, after winning TVB Best Actress.

Winning Best Actress at the 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards last night, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) expressed her gratitude towards people who have helped and encouraged her along the way, including ex-boyfriend Tony Hung (洪永城).

Although the couple split back in 2017, the two have voiced that they ended their relationship on good terms and will remain friends. While some fans believe that Natalie was better off without Tony, some were eager for the two to get back together.

Giving Tony a Second Chance?

In January, Tony and Natalie were seen on a late-night walk together, but the paparazzi interrupted their dinner plans. Although neither party officially admitted to speculations that they are back together, they also did not directly deny it. Fueling rumors further, Tony recently uploaded an Instagram photo of his vote for Natalie for TV Queen along with a heartfelt message voicing his support for the actress.

Speaking with the press after the conclusion of the TVB Anniversary Awards, Natalie thanked everyone for their unending support. Natalie stated that she was already lucky enough to be in the running alongside Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), whom she will always consider to be Best Actress in her heart.

Talking about Tony’s support and encouraging messages, Natalie smiled, “He used to be just all talk, but he took action this time! He’s scared that I would lack confidence, so I’m very thankful for his encouragement.” Asked if they are getting back together, Natalie said, “We’ll see!” Asked if she would celebrate with him, she said, “If he asks, I’ll go.”


Movie Opportunities

Natalie stepped out of her comfort zone and recently filmed movie, A Beautiful Moment <我的情敵女婿>. Accustomed to acting in dramas, Natalie once had some self-doubt as to why she was cast in the movie. She only gained confidence when the director told her that he thought she was a good actress.

Denying that she will be leaving TVB soon after winning Best Actress, Natalie revealed that she still has a significant amount of time left in her contract and has always enjoyed working at the station all these years.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I’ve read in previous post that many people have mistaken Natalie as the supporting actress only in My Unfair Lady. Although i was also surprised and felt that Natalie’s win is undeserving, but poor girl…have to clarify that she was actually the second female lead in My Unfair Lady. Maybe because she was so often casted in supporting roles, so many people have recognised her as supporting actress only

    But in fact, My Unfair Lady has two male and female leads; i.e. Jessica, Natalie, Frankie and Vincent. The supporting actresses in that series are actually Samantha Ko and Zoie Tam.

    By awarding Natalie as the Best Actress, i hope TVB would also take the next step to cast her in a a good drama and breakthrough role this year, which could help to change the audiences’ perspective of her.

  2. tvb should put natalie in more lead roles because she’s nearly always second lead and it is not fair for her to win because she was second lead in my unfair lady. it’s not that she can’t act, just that the award should only go to female leads.

    1. @emiliachan I didn’t watch the drama, but from what @diana80 explained above, second lead is still lead, so technically Natalie still qualifies for this award. Ada Choi won Best Actress in 1998 for Secret of the Heart, and she wasn’t the first leading actress (just judging from the cast list as I never watched the series but remember her win).

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