Natalie Tong wants Kenneth Ma to Win Best Actor Instead of Vincent Wong

Natalie hopes to challenge herself with skin-baring roles.

Teaming up again after 2018’s My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人>, Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) are currently starring in The Man Who Kills Troubles <解決師>. With Natalie and Vincent clinching Best Actress and Best Actor in 2017, many are hopeful for the two leads to deliver again in their latest roles.

Natalie Hopes Kenneth Ma Snags Best Actor This Year

When asked if they are confident of winning awards again, Natalie looks favorably on Kara Hui’s (惠英紅) performance in The Defected <鐵探>, and hopes that her two own dramas she starred in, Big White Duel <白色強人> and The Man Who Kills Troubles, can outshine competing works in the Best Drama category instead.

Vincent was asked if he is confident of winning Best Actor to make up for his loss last year (he was nominated for Fist Fight <兄弟>), especially since he partnered with Natalie again this time. However, Natalie jumped in before he could answer, commenting “Do you want to win (the award)? I don’t allow it! This year it’ll be Kenneth Ma (馬國明). I will also bring good luck to him!”

So is Kenneth his biggest threat to winning the award? Vincent laughed that “Every one is a competitor,” and added that he is happiest that there are many good dramas this year, as “People in this era don’t earn a living through television anymore. Being noticed by viewers in this time and age is already an achievement.”

Vincent Enjoys Tackling Challenging Action Scenes

Falling in love with action scenes after the action-oriented Fist Fight, Vincent revealed that he personally handled at least 70 percent of the action scenes in The Man Who Kills Troubles, which gave him great satisfaction. “After picking up wrestling, I got more confident about my fighting skills, and told the martial arts instructor to use me even if my face won’t be seen.” Recalling a scene in which he got hurt, he said, “I was not focused enough and got hit on my nose, though the injury was not obvious. I suddenly felt some fluids gushing up my nasal tract and vomited some blood on the floor. At that moment, I was most afraid that if my nose got crooked it would be apparent in the next scene.”

Natalie Keen to Have Skin-baring Role

Happy to be called out as her onscreen character “Miss Chan” on the streets, Natalie thinks she is not fierce enough despite trying her best to present a teacher’s fearsome aura. Natalie said, “Because I am a Taurus, my temper threshold is higher. A lot of times others have ‘exploded’ before me, so I never get to show my temper.” Natalie joke that she has set a new goal of getting others to fear her. However, she is not worried that this will turn away potential suitors, and hopes to have breakout performances such as skin-baring roles, which she feels should not hinder her acting delivery. The single actress also hopes for her partner to be fully supportive and to have mutual respect, so she can do her best in her onscreen performances with his approval.

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