Netizens Bring Back Wu Jing’s “Beef” with Donnie Yen

Wu Jing’s (吴京) self-directed and self-acted Wolf Warriors 2 <战狼2> is now China’s biggest movie, outranking even some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. As of August 21, the film has grossed over 5.1 billion RMB (US$768 million) worldwide, putting Wu Jing as the highest-grossing director and actor that China has ever seen.

But all of this success does come to a cost. The overnight sensation of Wolf Warriors 2 is putting Wu Jing back on the cover of gossip, with netizens pitting him against other martial arts superstars like Donnie Yen (甄子丹). In fact, netizens uncovered a “past” Wu Jing had with Donnie Yen, which involved the actors not getting along during the film SPL <殺破狼>.

According to the report, Wu Jing suffered scene cuts and dialogue cuts while doing the film. Wu Jing also sustained serious injuries during a fight scene with Donnie Yen, who allegedly insisted on doing real fights and broke four of his ribs. The rumor then went on to say that Donnie wasn’t that impressed with Wu Jing himself, saying “wushu champions [like him] are all over the streets nowadays.” In addition, Wu Jing allegedly had said in an interview that he actually wanted to thank Donnie for having looked down on him.

SPL producer Paco Wong (黃柏高) founded these claims ridiculous. He reasons that if Donnie and Wu Jing did not get along, Wu Jing would not have gotten the lead role in 2015’s SPL II. He also added that Donnie breaking Wu Jing’s ribs were “absolutely untrue.”

Netizens have not found proof that Wu Jing had conducted that interview about Donnie. Some netizens have also uncovered the clip of Donnie talking about wushu champions, but it was the host that had brought it up, not Donnie himself.

Source: Eastweek

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