“Nevertheless” Makes a Hot and Sizzling Premiere

Korean series Nevertheless made hearts race nonstop when it premiered on Netflix on June 19. Led by rising stars, Song Kang and Han So Hee spared no effort as they played with each other’s heart strings.

Nevertheless is adapted from a popular webtoon with the same name by author Jung Seo. It tells a college campus love story between Park Jae Uhn (Song Kang) and Yoo Na Bi (So Hee) who share different perspectives on dating and relationships, but still find themselves mutually entranced because of their intoxicating charms. Not long after she breaks up with her terrible boyfriend, Na Bi meets Jae Uhn and is mesmerized by his good looks. Known to be a huge flirt, Jae Uhn has no interest in dating or dealing with emotions as he only seeks physical intimacy. Bewitched by his beauty, Na Bi could not stop her heart from palpitating every time he closes in, until she realizes that she is not the only person in his eyes.

While the majority agrees that they make a stunning couple, different reviews are displayed between domestic and international viewers. Many Korean audiences are dissatisfied with Song Kang’s verbal delivery and overall acting skills, whereas international viewers believe he portrayed his character well and praised the realistic storyline.

As tension arises in every scene, the latest teaser eagerly highlights how this is no slow burn romance with So Hee sitting on Song Kang’s lap. Immediately hooking viewers in for the next week, they could not be more excited to see more of their chemistry.

With a total of 10 episodes, Nevertheless airs once a week every Saturday.

“Nevertheless” Trailer

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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