New Stills Released for “Memory of Encaustic Tile”

With filming wrapped up for mainland Chinese novel-based drama Memory of Encaustic Tile <昔有琉璃瓦> and the release of some new posters recently, viewers can look forward to a heart-warming youth drama about culture and historical events soon. The cast includes rising stars Chen Yuqi (also known as Yukee Chen 陈钰琪), Lin Yi (林一), Yan Zidong (晏紫东), Zhang Tianai (张天爱), and Sun Kai (孙凯). The promising cast is prompting many to hope for a 2021 release.

Memory of Encaustic Tile revolves around three children of famous cultural conservators: Shao Xue (played by Yuqi), Zheng Sunian (played by Lin Yi), and Zhang Qi (played by Zidong). The trio grew up in the same Beijing hutong – narrow streets formed by traditional courtyards – and experienced many profound events, including the SARS epidemic, the death of their loved ones, and the old city’s demolition. Living through history together, they were each other’s best friends until adulthood led them to part ways as they embark on their own paths. Shao Xue leaves town for better opportunities, Sunian inherits the legacy left by his mother and becomes a cultural relic restorer, and Zhang Qi studies abroad to enhance his mathematical talent. Years later, the childhood friends step into each other’s world again, and together they decide to rekindle the fire from their youth once more.

Through the newly released posters, the audience can get a glimpse of the world in Memory of Encaustic Tile. Yuqi looks lively and confident while playing with her braids under the shade of red leaves and walls, while Lin Yi showcases his matureness through his simple outfit. The five cast members looked casual, relaxed, and youthful in the group photo of them dressed in hoodies and jeans.

Under the direction of director Tian Yu (田宇), who also worked on well-received youth romance I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You <我才不要和你做朋友呢>, Memory of Encaustic Tile will likely bring viewers another quality nostalgic story. Since it focuses on cultural relic restoration and conservation, it will encourage the younger generation to be more attentive towards profound cultural symbols and the exquisiteness of traditional craftsmanship.

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