“Keep Running” Drops Lucas Wong and Cai Xukun

Long-running Chinese variety show, Keep Running <奔跑吧>, has been broadcasting since 2014 and just aired its ninth season in July. The show has accumulated many loyal viewers despite the constant change in cast. The lineup for the second season of the Yellow River series has just been released, with regulars Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) and Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤)  nowhere to be seen. 

The crew announced that a new segment of Keep Running will be recording in Jinan, Shandong on September 25. It will feature original members Angelababy, Li Chen (李晨), and Zheng Kai (鄭愷). (G)I-dle member Song Yuqi (宋雨琦) who joined the cast in 2019, and Yi Sha (沙溢) who joined in the eighth season, will also be returning to the show. Lucas and Cai Xukun were noticeably absent from the cast list.

After Lucas’ cheating scandal came to the light in August, he issued an apology announcing that he would be going on hiatus to reflect on his past behavior. Allegedly, he withdrew from Keep Running for personal reasons.

As for Cai Xukun, many speculated that he was removed from the cast for being too “effeminate” in his image, which Chinese state media had pointed out earlier. However, the singer noted that there was a scheduling conflict resulting in his inability to participate in the latest recording of Keep Running

Replacing Lucas and Cai Xukun are actress Bai Lu (白鹿) and actor Lin Yi (林一). Bai Lu served as a guest in the first season of the Yellow River series, while Lin Yi will be making his debut entrance on the show. Best known for his performance in the campus romance drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder <致我們暖暖的小時光>, Lin Yi will undoubtedly bring a new freshness to the variety show.

Source: Ettoday 

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Good that Lucas was removed after his scandal, as Keep Running is one of my favorite Chinese variety show, after his scandal i had viewed him in a negative manner. As for Kun, he was alright but too bad his album caused a bit discomfort. But is there a need to cast 3 females in Keep Running? I was hoping they will cast Jackson Wang instead

  2. the Chinese version of Running Man always felt something is off it was never interesting compared to the Korean version its a good thing they removed Lucas, he surely abuse a lot of girls out there…

  3. One of the main missing ingredient for the Chinese “Running Man” is a good MC who can pull the show together. They help guide those silence moments and get everyone involve and built a good relationship between all the cast members. All the cast members right now don’t really have a distinct personally that help make the show fun & exciting. They are are still trying to preserve their own image. Bailu is actually a good addition, if she would let loose and be that fun/spontaneous person (like as seen in some of her silly old videos). Variety shows need someone who isn’t afraid to make fun of their self & stop worry about their image (that it’ll ruin their actor’s image).

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