Lucas Wong to Hold Fancon Tour in Asia

In 2021, former NCT member Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) was exposed for having several romantic relationships with fans, cheating, and leeching off them. After a public apology and a period of self-reflection, he decided to leave NCT. He was frozen by SM Entertainment for over two and a half years but is now making a comeback.

In April, Lucas will kickstart his first fancon tour in Hong Kong. He will go to Jakarta in May, followed by Taipei and Manila in June. The fan concert will allow him to interact more closely with fans again after a long absence.

Lucas acknowledged he made many mistakes in the past and let everyone down. After setting up new official social media accounts and uploading personal vlogs, Lucas also spoke about the scandal for the first time, seemingly wanting to test the waters for his return. “My past actions happened because I was not normal. When I went to certain places, there were a lot of people who welcomed me. At that time, when I was home and no one contacted me or called me, I was very lonely.”

After the scandal, Lucas stayed at home for half a year and did not want to do anything. He did not have any appetite and even started to lose hair. Feeling guilty towards his fellow teammates, Lucas started to have suicidal thoughts. Not wanting to continue down this path, Lucas hopes to start afresh. His fans are his motivation, but he is also worried he may not have any left.

In clips from his new documentary, Lucas was seen revealing his muscles while showering after a dance practice session. Many Chinese and Korean fans left messages criticizing him for affecting his teammates and for even daring to think about returning. They felt Lucas should retire from the industry if he feels any regret. However, Lucas’ clip garnered 1.3 million views in a day—apparently many are still interested in his next steps.

In February, Lucas returned to Hong Kong, where he lived for 16 years before going to South Korea to kickstart his idol career. Lucas praised Hong Kong for being a beautiful city with delicious cuisines. His family gave him a surprise party to celebrate his 25th birthday. Lucas was grateful to his family’s support during the scandal, which also made him more mature. While in Hong Kong, Lucas visited a local temple and hoped to have a new start.

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  1. Such a talented good looking kid with an attractive pairs of big puppy eyes but morally wrong actions. He was really good in Keep Running, I enjoyed watching him before. He got a great future mapped out for him until his bad deeds exposed, let’s see if he will be forgiven.

  2. Actually, he was framed by saesangs which are bad fans. Don’t believe everything you hear. The Kpop industry is not very forgiving at all. If he was truly guilty for sure then he definitely would not have been able to come back regardless of how long it has been. You can look into more if you are curious.

  3. I think it’s quite difficult to recover after such scandals. seems like it is a reoccuring theme among these young rising male idols. there’s another dude called Nathan in HK also embroiled in a scandal but in his case, he dumped his gf right after gaining small fame, leeched off of her even post breakup and gf self-exited.