Lucas Wong’s Return to Bubble Suggests Possible Solo Comeback

Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) was exposed for cheating on multiple women, taking advantage of them financially, as well as visiting massage parlors while still a teenager. His image plummeted drastically and he was frozen by SM Entertainment for two years before it was officially announced in May that he has left NCT and its Chinese subgroup WayV (威神V). However, Lucas remains active on social platforms, which indicate that his entertainment career may not be entirely over yet.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old returned to Bubble, a paid subscription mobile app that allows fans to communicate with idols. Ironically, Lucas was also accused of exploiting Bubble in the past to chat with attractive fans and find girlfriends.

Lucas’ return to Bubble spurred speculations that he may be gearing up for a solo comeback. The news immediately started trending on Weibo with many Chinese netizens expressing  they would not be supporting a disgraced, immoral artiste. However Korean fans were more forgiving, expressing their support for his return. His international following remains strong, with 12 million followers on Instagram.

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