Is Lucas Wong Ousted from NCT?

Fallen star Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) from Korean boy group NCT is left on shaky grounds after several ex-girlfriends accused him of cheating and leeching off their money. When Lucas’ image plummeted, the star came out to apologize and was quickly put on a hiatus. However, after months of silence, Lucas appears to be getting ready to exit the entertainment industry.

Although entertainment agency SM Entertainment has not given any official communication that Lucas has left NCT, the agency has been quietly disassociating itself from Lucas. Netizens noticed that Lucas has been removed from the group’s official merchandise.

According to netizens, SM Entertainment released their annual Season’s Greeting calendar with appearances from the company’s stars. However, Lucas’s photos and name are notably missing while all of Lucas’ groupmates got a special feature.


Many netizens interpret SM Entertainment’s omission as affirmation that Lucas is silently being removed from the group. Given that Lucas’ career hasn’t recovered from the scandal, many netizens speculate that Lucas would likely retire from the music industry.

Source: HK01

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  1. Well, he clearly has a lot of grow up to do before even being called a man, he needs to go back to Moral school first…

  2. What is wrong with these young celebrity men? Such heavy makeup, even if they are just going to get groceries. He looks ridiculous with the earrings and heavy makeup. You would it is all about him and his ex boyfriends, instead of his ex girlfriends, LOL.

    1. This piece of news is outdated…. I find it sad that this site is posting outdated news. He is not getting ousted from NCT. In fact, many sponsors are letting him come back as many have proven the accusations against him are mostly false. His song that he did with another band mate is waiting for release too. Ever since the piece of news about Yammie, the morality of this site had gone downhill sadly…

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