Lucas Wong Announces Departure From NCT

Outed for cheating on his ex-girlfriends in August 2021, Lucas Wong (黃旭熙), 24, has been absent from all NCT boyband activities. When netizens remained unsupportive of Lucas’ comeback, the chances of him resuming boyband participation seemed slim. Last week, Lucas finally announced that he would be leaving NCT and its subgroup WayV.

In a hand written note in Chinese, Lucas thanked his fellow members. “After a long deliberation, I’ve decided to leave NCT and WayV. I’m really sorry to my fellow members and will miss the friendship that we built over many years. We have known each other for almost eight years–I’m really thankful for the care they’ve given me. I won’t forget this relationship and I hope that in their memories, I’ll be Wong Yuk Hei and not Lucas. I really love my members and will always support them.

“I considered for a long time before making this decision. In the end, I feel that this is the best decision for everyone. In the future, I will muster up the courage to continue to meet everyone through solo activities. The best way to repay fans who have always supported me is by constantly improving. I’ll work hard to become a more mature Wong Yuk Hei and a better Lucas. Lastly, I want to truly thank all the fans who have always supported me and everyone else. Truly, thank you so much.”

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