Ex-girlfriends Accuse NCT’s Lucas Wong of Cheating

Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) from Korean boy group NCT is left scrambling after an ex-girlfriend under a pseudonym “A” claimed that the star was leeching off her money. While the accusation made a dent on Lucas’ image, the situation worsened when two more of his ex-girlfriends accused the star of cheating and provided evidence of his scumbag behavior.

Second Woman Felt Cheated by Lucas

A second woman claiming to be Lucas’ ex-girlfriend revealed that she had a similar experience as “A” as the star also asked her to give him expensive items. As proof, the woman shared a screenshot of their conversation and personal photos of the star. However, like Lucas’ other ex-girlfriend, the woman felt betrayed when Lucas eventually turned distant and cold.

When the relationship ended, the woman was heartbroken and grew depressed. As Lucas’ cheating allegations came to light, the woman learned that their relationship was built on lies and she was just another victim.

Third Woman Spoke Out

A third woman also went public and shared that she met the star when she came across Lucas’ iPhone account while on airdrop and thought it would be funny to message each other emojis. The woman never expected that she would be talking to a celebrity and even thought that her life was akin to a drama.

The woman thought that she and Lucas developed a close relationship and she revealed that Lucas would stay the night at her house as they smoked and drank. While Lucas would share details of his work, the woman was shocked that his off-screen personality was completely different from his idol image, as Lucas badmouthed his boy group members and called them lazy. The star also allegedly whined about appearing on Chinese reality program Keep Running <奔跑吧> and confessed to feeling stressed and tired while filming.

Having now realized that Lucas played with her emotions, the ex-girlfriend hoped that she could reveal Lucas’ true character and hope that her story will be a lesson to prevent other women from getting manipulated by the star.

Lucas’ Response

After Lucas’ ex-girlfriend went public with their allegations, the star’s record label announced that Lucas will be taking a hiatus to reflect on his actions, and effectively halting the release of his new single that was scheduled to be released on August 25.

Lucas has also posted an apology in Chinese and with Korean translation on his Instagram, “I sincerely apologize to the people who have been hurt because of my wrong behavior. Over the past few days, I’ve been reflecting on my actions and I am aware of my mistakes and irresponsible behavior. I promise it would not happen again, and I will halt my activities to self-reflect.”

Source: World Journal 

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Moral of the story is – never ghost and disappeared from women after getting what they want whether the relationship is serious or not. As women may think they got taken advantage and felt cheated and played. Unless the guys already made it clear in the beginning. Same thing women towards men, as it is never proper to ghost anybody

    1. I agree and never ghost anyone regardless of gender as they will bite you back, especially if you are a public figure. Your image and career will go down the drain.

    2. Agreed, ghosting is just terrible unless the ex is violent or something. Never proper to ghost. Like I mentioned before, it’s not good, just unfortunately common

  2. How would I say this: Cheating celebrities are either extra dumb or think they are extra smart and will never get caught. In Hollywood, cheating only really hurt Tiger Woods because his wife was so angry and clubbed his car. Kobe Bryant would not have been reprimanded if the opposing party didn’t end up suing for sexual assault. Cheating is a moral flaw but in the Western world is considered more common or you get a free pass. Now, in China, you can breathe and already insulted the entire government. These celebrities never learn……

  3. Such a immature act…he is now living with the consequence of his own action… nothing wrong with that… Since he cannot bear the responsibilities as a idol, he will have his chance removed…There are youngsters many in line and waiting.

    1. Honestly, does his actions merit him being banned, blacklisted, losing his career?, no, certainly not. He should be made to issue a public apology to these women, their families the sponsors, his company, his fans and his family. He should be monitored to see if he behaves in such a manner again, and then we can talk about his removal from the public’s eye. Tes,celebrities make mistakes too and they deserve a second chance. However, some cekebrities’ actions deserve zero tolerance and they shoukd be held accountable and removed from the public, for good.

      In a way, I blame him for falling in love with his fans. Has anyone noticed the pattern of these women going through deep depression when the relationship with a celebrity is over? Of course they will, cause a great percentage of these fans are not mentally strong or stable in the first place. Personally, Asian celebrities should stick to dating each other. Very few of the men have managed to pull it iff successfully. Mike He and Joe Cheng have always said they will date only lovers outside of the circle. They dated their significant others for years before marrying them.

      I am not excusing Lucas’s behavior at all. He got exposed and he ought to be ashamed of himself and his treatment of these women.. A time out from the public, sponsors and studios and the ridicule he gets should hopefully teach him a valuable lesson. However, it does not warrant a lifetime ban.

      1. @Renren To be honest, whether he warrants a lift time ban or not, that is a matter for the Entertainment industry to decide… He is so new and young, thus no one will risk supportive a newbie with any negative scandal…especially in this period. Even Show, such a well know talented celeb is cancelled in China…this kid does not stand a chance.
        China is a melting Pot of money if any celebs makes it big…but it also carries increasing more demands on the morals of their Celebs… I just read about Zhao Wei being cancelled by the industry…Still in shock over it…

      2. I agree and what he did is very wrong but should not be cancelled and blacklisted for life. He should just issue an apology and all that. Hopefully he learns from this and becomes a better person and not repeat these actions again.

      3. @Teddy,
        I don’t agree that just because you are a celebrity that you must date or marry one too. That is dependent on your fate. He is young and still learning so hopefully he learns from his mistakes.

      4. He has made a written apology to the public but not to the his ex girlfriends (or so they thought).
        Realize it is a trend these days where the male celebrity will post online apology to the public, to his agency, to his fans but never the women he was involved with.

    1. Thanks for the link and I wonder if it is because of ZZH? I have a feeling it msg be as he is signed under her agency.

      1. The speculations now behind ZW’s situation of being cancelled, her dramas and other programs participation being removed, hot search removed is not only due to her past involvement of wearing the Japanese military flag alike dress during photoshooting and nothing to do with being the boss of ZZH. Speculations are going crazy that she is involved in more things than we know.

        Not only ZW, ZS’s dramas and other programs are also removed, she is also finally banned from posting her online Weibo account. The investigation of her tax evasion has also come to an end with a huge fine on her since they found her guilty. Seems like her ex partner, the guy who made public with her tax evasion would also get into trouble because he was her manager during the time of some of her tax evasion. He has also been banned from his online account.

      2. @HeTieShou Have you seen the pattern of the damage that is done to the careers of these celebrities when said celebs date fans? In Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, these celebrities should avoid dating fans at all cost. These fans are usually obsessive, possessive, bat mess crazy, emotionally unstable and delusional where their idols are concerned. They don’t even love the celebs, anymore than the celebrities love them. It is beneficial to both parties, especially if the women are loaded and pretty. The fan sees it as having her dreams come true, until the relationship sours, then we hear about the depression she falls into and she airs the dirty linen. Not that some of these guys don’t deserve it. It is a very toxic situation when a fan-celebrity love relationship ends. The careers of these guys and girls are not over when celebrities date each other.
        Perfect example, when Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong broke up, it was alleged and printed in newspapers and entertainment gossip mags that Bosco cheated. Myolie never said she went into deep depression, even if she did, she never publicly said it, nor did she ever say a bad word about Bosco. She even defended what a good man he is and asked people to stop bashing him. If the breakup was because of something that Myolie did, Bosco never said a word and continued to praise Myolie like she was still his girlfriend. No drama there. That has happened to many celeb couples and they just moved on wishing each other well. Many celebrities who dated non celebrities have had to see the party talk about severe depression and a host of other negative news put out there by their non celeb former flame. Sad th3ig is, this kind of news is now causing the celebs their career.

      3. @Teddy,
        Who said dating fans not just regular citizens! Even if they date and marry fans so what? I can tell you I know it all too well… I have been a fan of HK and Chinese celebrities since the 80s so I know it all very well so don’t think I don’t! I bet you were not even born yet. Celebrities dating celebrities have a lot of problems too. However, everyone are just regular people at the end of the day so why can’t they be together if it is their fate? Heck even non celebrities have problems if they are not compatible so does it matter if they are a celebrity or not? It is true that it is an extra burden dating and marrying anyone with a status, but there are many happy couples too. Don’t just base it on their status as a celebrity or not. That should not determine your fate!

  4. Regardless of a person’s standing in life any form of manipulating a relationship for sex, money or favours is lowlife behaviour. There should not be any leniency for pardoning as this characteristic is of that person’s personality and bad character.

  5. @Hohliu not sure about his agency SM and the SK entertainment industry since SM only mentioned that he would be taking a hiatus to reflect himself, unlike the Chinese side which seems more consequences to face this year when celebrities are openly blacklist by the state.
    I am currently very curious what exactly did ZW did to be cancelled and whether we would get to know (plus the final verdict of KW’s case and who else were involved).
    And glad to see that at least we will not hear from ZS since she is banned from her online account and that she is probably busy trying to pay her tax evasion fine.

    1. I can tell it is a pattern for SM entertainment. I saw it with their other celebrities who are under their management. They make their artists issue apologies and all that stuff. I saw this same pattern already. Lucas is on hiatus now after the apology.

      1. Seems like SM is keeping their options open if he can still make a comeback, probably testing public reactions later. In comparison, SK entertainment industry appears to be more tolerable over messy relationships and their male artists being a cheater.
        Given how the Chinese side is officially purging bad influences, he is unlikely to make a comeback in there than in SK.

      2. @HeTieShou of course there are issues and quarrels when two celebrities date each other. I live intge real world and am aware of a lot of things. There are problems with non celebrity relationships as well. There are also nasty breakups, but the celebrities do not do videos and screenshots of what they say and do. They are not starstruck and idolizing each other. They are not obsessed with each other. They do not report to the world and the media that they are suffering from deep depression. They do not show screenshots and phone calls to the world. They do not tape the phone calls in the first place. These fans are living their fantasies and when the fantasy is over, their crazy, unstable minds take over and they want to pay these celebrities back for ghosting or using them. Not that I am saying what the celebs did was right, and that they should not be held accountable, cause they dhould be. It is just a big liability dating fans.

    2. @BearBear I did noticed SM not cancelling his contract…They will just freeze him… As for ZW, her situation is more political… She has close business relation with Alibaba- Jack Ma. And now Jack Ma has been invited by the Government to a for a long cup of tea and he has yet to return from his “visit”….. ZW and her hubby had already been banned from trading a couple of years back…thus her cancelling from Entertainment industry is just a matter of time. I doubt we will know all the exact reasons to her situation as some can be very “sensitive” But her previous Japanese Flag outfit incident may be used as a Open Reason to cancel her…The truth will only be known by the Higher Ups…

  6. What a lowlife scumbag . Selfish, unfilial bad egg. He does not deserve success, let his career end as karma for all the evil manipulative behaviours. Can such scumbag change…. NO, a leopard cannot change its spots.

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