Lucas Wong Did Not Share Wealth With Parents

After NCT member Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) was exposed for leeching off his ex-girlfriends and cheating, his work activities have been temporarily halted and his career may not be able to recover as negative rumors continue surfacing each day.  

Pre Debut Rumors

Prior to his official debut in South Korea four years ago, netizens began digging information about the potential rising star. At the time, many were surprised to see the contrast in his looks from his old photos, and even questioned the possibility of a nose job.

Lucas’ nose bridge is more defined in his current photo (right).

Due to his good looks, he already had 10,000 Instagram followers when he was a student in Hong Kong.  Part of the school track team, Lucas was very popular with the girls. There were photos of him kissing previous girlfriends and even videos of girls fighting over him, which was quite a hot topic before his debut. 

However, the photos did not interfere with his debut in South Korea. In addition to being a part of NCT, he was also given opportunities to participate in WayV and Super M. After Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), Lucas became another Hong Kong artiste to find international stardom via K-pop.

Despite his financial success, Lucas did not share his wealth with his parents. It is said that his parents are still living in public housing in Hong Kong, and they operate a small shop. Lucas makes around 10 million Chinese yuan in just one season of Keep Running <奔跑吧>, yet he only spent money on his luxury goods and not his parents. A netizen who claimed to have had contact with WayV for work purposes learned that Lucas refused to send money home, and even got into a quarrel with his manager. 

Amid the backlash, Lucas and Hendery‘s new single “Jalapeno” has been delayed. Many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction, and demanded that Lucas be removed from NCT to avoid affecting other members.

Source: HK01

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  1. is it written in the rules that one has to share wealth w/ anyone. perhaps he doesn’t have a good relationship w/ his parents or he shares the wealth in a different way people doesn’t see? not speaking in his defense but throwing this out here….

    1. True but I never heard his parents being poor so I wonder how true this is? I heard his parents were pretty well off and had a restaurant too.

  2. Regardless of my relationship with my parents…which was not great as I was abused very badly since a young kid. I still give them monthly allowance…as they did provide me with roof over my head and paid for my education. I guess this may be part of my cultural practise…

    1. Sorry to hear that and my parents weren’t the best to me too but they were still my parents. I took care of them till their last breath. They were good to me sometimes but not always and abused me too. But they were still my parents and had a hard life too.

    2. Sorry to hear about this though I am sure I wont be as forgiving. We had the odd beating when I was a kid when I was naughty but it was how they were taught to bring up kids too. They changed their approach to my younger siblings later as they learned.

  3. I never heard him talk much about his parents but I did not hear they were poor. I heard they had a restaurant in Hong Kong and were financially stable. I wonder why so many accusations are thrown out at him when he was about to release his single? Coincidence? Now there are reports of sexual harassment too. What is next? He murdered someone? This is starting to sound like a movie plot.

  4. Public housing in Hk is not exactly bad. Some of the newer buildings are quite nice. Hk citizens are entitled to public housing as long as they don’t have more than x amount of assets. So maybe his parents don’t want assets under their name so they can keep their eligibility to stay in their home? As long as Lucas is not letting them starve or sleep on the streets than I think it is OK. You don’t have to live with your parents or give them all your earnings like the old days. He is not shutting them out of his life then I think it is enough.

    I try to give my parents money and they don’t want it. They try to give me money and I don’t want it either. But we are there for each other in case someone needs help. We have a rule in our family that gifts are not be too expensive and to be based on needs more than luxury.

    Some people have this idea where people have to share their wealth around with family and friends which I think is crazy, If they willingly want to share then good for them. But I don’t think they should be forced to.

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