NCT’s Lucas Wong Accused of Leeching off Ex-Girlfriend’s Money

Lucas Wong (黃旭熙), the Chinese-Thai member of South Korean boy group NCT, is caught in a dating scandal after an alleged ex-girlfriend under the pseudonym “A” went public about their relationship and claimed that the star only dated her for her money.

Sharing details of their relationship, “A” provided snippets of their conversation and released selfies that Lucas sent to her. “A” revealed that they started dating after Lucas took the initiative to ask for her phone number, but they mutually agreed to break up because of Lucas’ busy schedule.

After the breakup, “A” claimed that Lucas continued to contact her, “The next day, Lucas asked to meet as friends, but every time we met on his days off, he would come to my apartment to ask for money.  He was like that even when we were dating and often asked me to buy him cigarettes. Lucas said he can’t buy them because he is an idol and he didn’t want his manager to find out that he used his credit card.”

Throughout the relationship, “A” shared that she bought Lucas many gifts including luxury brand items, “At first, he thanked me and took them; however, later he told me that he earns a lot of money so I shouldn’t give him anything unless it’s a house or a car.”

“A” revealed that eventually she felt that the relationship was one-sided and Lucas would only contact her for her money, “Every time he wanted to go to a hotel, he would ask me to make a reservation.  At the hotel, he would just call room service and sleep all day. After we check out of the hotel, he would disappear without thanking me as if it was a given that I should pay for everything.”

 “A” also shared that she developed depression when they eventually broke up and recalled the unpleasant experience, “He scolded me and said, ‘I hate that you are too much like a fan’ and ‘You should never do thing that a fan would do.’”

As “A” felt that she was being taken advantage of by Lucas in the relationship, she messaged Lucas that she would be suing him in court but Lucas suddenly changed his phone number and disappeared.

After the allegations surfaced, Lucas’ record label, SM Entertainment, recognized the gravity of the situation and announced that Lucas’ work activities will be halted for the time being.

Lucas also took to social media to apologize for his past actions, “Here, I sincerely apologize to the people whom have been hurt because of my wrong behavior. I beg to give me a chance to apologize. I’m really sorry.”

This article was revised on August 25, 2021 at 12:46 p.m. to reflect Lucas’ response to the controversy.

Sources:; World Journal

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  1. He looks like a spoiled, immature, self entitled brat and if what this young woman is saying is true, he behaves like one too.

  2. Some will definitely say it’s not like he forced her to pay for him. It’s her own volition to do this, which is true, but doesn’t make him any less of a soft rice king. But it’s just a case of rumors right now…who knows if it’s true or not. On the other hand, Oscar Qian Feng’s case is way more credible and yet the police ain’t doing jack

  3. These are just rumors for now so who knows? Why is it ok for a guy to pay for the girl and not the other way around? But everyone should be fair in any relationship and not take advantage of the other person too much regardless of gender. With so many allegations arising, who knows what is true and what is not. Let’s see if time will reveal some truth or not.

    1. Everyone in a relationship should contribute – man or woman. But it’s obvious that’s not the case here; he’s using her for money and then ghosting her. The female equivalent would be called a gold-digger within a heartbeat.

      1. In more traditional societies men are expected to always pay for this and that so he will face even more backlash. I am a fan of NCT so what a pity and he may have to wave his career good bye now.

      2. @Coralie,
        I don’t agree that women get more backlash! I think they both do but maybe men do more in a traditional sense as they are expected to be the breadwinner and all that stuff. It is like men getting more criticized for being poor while women get more criticized for looks. You know the old saying, men like looks “se” while women like “cai” which is wealth.

      3. @HeTieShou it’s not honorable to be a soft rice king, neither is it honorable to be a gold-digger. how can you say that a man will get more backlash for being a soft rice king when we live in a patriarchy? It’s always the women who are labeled golddiggers and always the women who get labeled as such at the first sign of any money-related issues. and then when they are, the women are smeared endlessly by the public. the most a guy gets is just some jokes on him.

    2. The newest sources say that in addition to being a gold digger, he was also a cheater because two other women came forward to expose him for acting the same way with them and provided screencaps. A and one of the other women realized that the timelines matched from the screencaps of their text conversations so he was also two (or possibly multiple) timing.

      Agree with @Coralie that any female artist who did the same thing would already be labeled as a gold digger – probably even if there wasn’t any “proof.”

      1. If true then sadly it is game over for him too. It is sad that lately so many artists are getting cancelled and blacklisted so quickly. It seems to be a trend but if their image is gone then there is no more point in being an artist as image is important in this industry.

    1. I’m trying to think of any female golddiggers who’d been able to leave unscathed from an expose like this and managed to keep her career… well, if there are, let me know. Otherwise, yeah, his career should also be done.

      1. @Coralie Not that she’s a super big celeb but Kaman Kong got exposed a while back with WhatsApp chats and audio messages and everything haha She was asking for a bunch of gifts and stuff from this rich second generation guy while having a boyfriend at the same time. She gained a lot of haters but I wouldn’t say that she got canceled since it doesn’t look like TVB has frozen her and she still gets plenty of screen time.

    2. @scarlett wait wut really? who uploaded her texts? how come this wasn’t news? I thought there was a fight between her and Crystal, but nothing about Kaman herself…

      1. @Coralie & scarlett. Probably because this KK is really a nobody but just another TVB actress? haha LOL…She is annoying off screen and on screen playing a gold digger suits her to a T. Never find her attractive but she seems to be hanging on not sure of her scandals thou but she was depicted to be showy and revealing her great BF on interviews when asked. I still remember vividly how that other scandalized Matt Yeung call her idiotic when they met again after that drama they were on. haha She is super energetic and hyper too but I think her annoying level is the same as that Crystal actress actually both very similar in behavior as well.

    3. I read about that and he did not really admit it. He was apologizing in general but not admitting anything. I saw this same pattern with other artists from that company. If you are into Kpop and that company then you should know the pattern.

  4. Looks like management companies will demand their trainees to be honest about their history and their conduct moving forward or face future financial compensations.

    1. Maybe but if Show is considering a come back then Lucas has a chance.But then again with the tough rules now, he may have to wave his career good bye.

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