NCT’s Lucas Wong Accused of Asking for Fan Selfies

K-pop boyband NCT’s Hong Kong born member, Lucas Wong (黃旭熙), was accused of abusing his celebrity status, and having romantic relationships with multiple fans at once while also taking advantage of them financially. After all his work activities were halted to reflect on his actions, the 22-year-old issued a public apology but the gossip mill is still churning.⠀

A netizen exposed that last year May, Lucas appeared on paid chatting app Bubble and sent a message to his fans. His message asked for everyone to give him strength and show him their love. The fan also said that Lucas requested everyone to send him selfies. If they were pretty, then they would receive a private message from Lucas.

The netizen accused Lucas of selectively targeting and sleeping with pretty fans just like Kris Wu (吴亦凡), and questioned why his company SM Entertainment is sheltering Lucas rather than dismissing him from the group.

Since his August 25th post on Instagram, Lucas has not made any more social media posts.

Source: HK01

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  1. So he lied and cheated and ghosted multiple women. Not like he tried to rape underage girls. Reputation is ruined and hard to bounce back from that as an “idol,” so I agree he shouldn’t remain in an idol group. But at least he’s not in jail.

    1. @Hohliu, although what Lucas did was no way as severe as what Kris Wu did, his actions are still disrespectful, uncaring and selfish. I guess it got to his head that he is an idil. That word should be banned. The way these senseless fans worship these people is beyond the pale.My butcher provides my meat. I respect and appreciate him, ahiuld I worship him? HELL NO!! Same for these celebrities, as they provide me with a source of entertainment. They did not create me.
      I am fully aware that there will be half truths and lies in every celebrity scandal, why is it that some people are innocent, while others are guilty as sin? I hear things like there were scandals and this said, and that said about her and she did this, and did that. These things are taken as truths and were never proven, or no individuals came forward to admit to them. Yet, when women come forward with proof about the men, and in some cases, the BOYs, cause Lucas is a boy, (who wants to be a man), it is deemed as lies, fabricated by spiteful women who want to hurt or destroy their careers, ir who want fufteen minutes of fame. I wonder what these people will do if certain big shots who they worship get esposed.
      At first, I thought that Lucas should not lose his career indefinitely, but the more there is to this, he is disgusting.
      @Hohliu, you are right, he is a jerk.

      1. Oh yeah I agree. Lots of folks refuse to believe the receipts and thinks media companies are trying to cover their arses by throwing Lucas under the bus. Without considering that it is in the media company’s best interest to protect their artists so that these cash cows can continue to make them money. If there was any possibility that none of this was real, they would issue legal notices without hesitation. They didn’t in this case and that is enough to prove Lucas is guilty. We can’t be sure he is guilty of it all, but certainly guilty enough that SM won’t pursue legal action.

      2. @Renren @Coralie Actually NCTS has been a successful new Group and the company was beginning to earn money of their success… The Company would not let go of this cash cow if the accusations are untrue… I doubt the company would throw him under the bus with just rumours as they have invested alot creating this Pair of idols. There must be some truth in the reports…

  2. If all these accusations are true then this guy is so messed up. He is young and doing all this. If he didn’t get caught – how bad can he get? So horrible and sad!!!

    1. @Dramas4me,
      I advise you go not blindly believe everything you read, especially on this site as many articles on here are so one sided. You should research more about to see other sides of this and many other issues instead of just reading articles on here. You can go on YouTube and other sources and see other takes on this issue as well as more fair comments from fans and many non fans too. This issue is not that simple. There were also allegations that he had a boyfriend too which came out of no where. There were posts from the so called first accuser who later claimed she was only kidding cause she hated him and wanted to ruin his reputation. But she has deleted them. I must say that I feel bad for him if this is not true as these days, people can go online and say anything and many will believe them with proof or not. These allegations came out right when he was going to release a duo with Hendery his bandmate which is fishy to me. Doesn’t that seem suspicious to you?

      1. No. I don’t blindly believe everything. If there is no smoke then there won’t be any fire. He must have done something. If he is truly innocent then he would have said something already. Just like Coralie said – why his company is not doing anything to protect him & them also?

  3. SM entertainment is not sheltering him! They treat their artists very very badly. It is not just him but all artists.

    1. @HeTieShou Well, he may not be worth sheltering… You actually think this is just a conspiracy to take Lucas down? And SM just abandon him due to rumours?? Timing of his rumours may be a target released but it does not mean there is no truth.

  4. @HeiTieShou what you said is not fair about us not undersranding or listening to or fillowing the lives of KPop artists. That is making assumptions and a judgement call. Yes, like I said, there are truths, lies and half trues in these celebrity scandals. However, are you trying to ration that all these women, ( and I’m sure there are more), are out to destroy his career ? Sometimes the only reason these women don’t come forward is they are embarassed. All it takes is one woman to come forward and that gives the others the strength they need to also come forward. Yes, there will be some crazy, hazy ones who need fifteen minutes of fame, or who dislike an artist, and will take such an opportunity to hate on him, or get their fifteen. Such women should be brought to justice. However, it is an insult to pile all these women in the siteful, vindictive boat when they actually are victims. There is some truth to what Lucas did, or else his company would’ve been throwing lawsuits left, right and centre, as this is how they earn their keeps, off these young, cash cow artists. Not only that, these are some really serious allegations against Lucas that will not only affect him, but the reputation and working credibility of the company. Yes, we know they don’t care about these young artists, but they care about the revenue they pull in. That is why they make them apogise, guilty or not. In the meantime, you sit on your high horse and make judgement calls about what you assume we know , or don’t know about the genre of Kpop. In the meantime, when it is the women accused, you don’t bargain for their innocence like you do for the males. Right away they are assumed guilty, by you. I had no intention of saying anything but this has gotten really out of order.

  5. * here eating popcorn reading all the comments lol
    I find it funny some people have to introduce who Blackpink is as if they aren’t the most popular girl group possibly ever.
    Anyways what Lucas is doing is extremely predatory. Don’t sh*t where you eat, basically.
    If it’s false, why doesn’t SM just clarify and move on? They had to cancel the release of a song, which I’m sure affects more than just Lucas.
    Much better to drop him and save the rest of the group.
    Also, I know nothing and just read random people comment on things LOOOL.

    1. @bubbles23 To be honest, I am laughing reading it too… We know everyone have different opinions. We don’t have to agree with each other, just respect it and have discussions. Nothing personal… This is just a Blog.

      1. Yes exactly, we’re from different countries are in different age groups watch different things, no need to attack or question people’s knowledge.
        I have been on this community for a long while and really hope we just have good and fun discussions about celeb gossip lol.

      2. @bubbles23 @hohliu @HeTieShou

        Many users have indeed been around since the very beginning of JayneStars, and have contributed to the diverse conversations by lending different insights and perspectives. I would like the community to continue reflecting this diversity, and be tolerant of others with different opinions even when they challenge our own.

        Some recent sensitive topics in entertainment news have produced lengthy discussions. As we can’t see each others’ reactions, the wording and attitudes may sometimes be misinterpreted. To avoid further clashes, some negative comments will be deleted.

        Thanks everyone’s efforts in continuing to make this a positive community!

  6. If Lucas does not get his act together, adter the earful that I got about him today, he will be a future Kris Wu.

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