Lucas Wong Was a Selfish Lover

NCT‘s Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) is seeing his career plummet after three ex-girlfriends accused him of cheating and dating them for their money. A woman known as “A” has been the most vocal in attacking Lucas’ character, and exposed him as being a selfish lover who insists on having unprotected sex. 

While dating Lucas for three months in July 2019, “A” said Lucas leeched off her financially and she would even pay for his cigarettes and hotel stays. He also demanded to have sex with her even when she was menstruating. Although he once promised to buy a property in South Korea so they could live together in five years, they ended up breaking up.

However, their relationship picked up again from November 2019 to March of 2020. At the time, his good friend Chen from the boy group EXO announced his marriage because of his girlfriend’s unexpected pregnancy. Lucas then said to A, “We have to get married if we have a kid–why don’t we do what they did?” 

Confiding in “A” that he used to visit massage parlors in China when he was a student because he made poor choices in friends, Lucas allegedly lost his virginity to a woman he met there.

He also showed off to “A” that he often got into fights at school, and was even asked to join the triads when he lived in Hong Kong. 

In addition, Lucas would talk poorly about the senior manager of the Chinese boy group he is a part of, WayV. He mentioned that their manager made a big mistake in Thailand, which made him lose credibility. As a result, the members would use this mistake as a leeway when dealing with the manager. Even though their manager knew that Lucas was involved with “A”, he did not not try to stop him.

When two other former fans admitted to dating Lucas with similar complaints against his character, “A” realized he was a serial cheater. “I didn’t even know that he was involved in so many relationships, and hurt so many women.”

Despite Lucas’ activities being temporarily suspended by SM Entertainment and the star’s public apology for his past behavior, “A” does not think this is enough. “It is unbelievable to think that he will just make a comeback after a few months of reflection.” 

Many netizens are very displeased with Lucas’ behavior, and requested that he be removed from NCT.   


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  1. Some fans will still think he’s innocent in spite of multiple reports… How sad, even after his own admission of guilt. If he didn’t do anything, the company will sue the @$$es of those who lied. They didn’t do that. This is prob 100% true

    1. When did he admit it? I actually read more about this and many of these accusations don’t sound that credible. If you are talking about that apology, then his company SM entertainment made him do it. It was a generic apology but sadly many are interpreting it the wrong way. You are not into Kpop much so may not understand how it is. My point is don’t believe everything you read in these articles.

      1. Pls give another example of SM forcing its idol to apologize for something they didn’t do. I’ll wait.

      2. @Hetieshou although I don’t believe that Lucas Wong should sufferfor life and lose his career permanently, I believe there is truth to what these women are saying. I know these management companies and managers can be brutally controlling, they would have sued these women after *forcing* Lucas to confess if there wasn’t any truth in these women’s stories.
        Yes, thesemanagers are controlling and bullies. He k one nasty old obsessive witch has even talked her young client back into her bed after breaking up the bi actot and the man he loves. She is a vampire and he is afraid of her. Right now he wants out of his contract, but not having power and money, he is doomed. So yes, even if Lucas was forced to make an apology, why are these managers and companies not going after these women for defaming their artist? Do you know by him losing his career, they lose a lot financially too. They could even lose face for not monitoring their young , upcoming artist properly. Why are they so quiet and not attempting to sue? Please tell me.

    2. Why don’t you look it up yourself? If you want an example then look up TaeYong who is also a member of the same group. He was accused of being a bullying and was forced to give an apology as well. It sounded similar to Lucas’. But later on TaeYong was proven innocent. However, SM is not good to their artists and force them to give apologies regardless if they are innocent or not.

      1. Dude it literally said he DID leave a negative fat comment on a big girl back in middle school, which counts as mean (though bullying is debatable), and there’s proof of it which started the whole accusation to begin with. He apologized for that, and the victim accepted his apology, but then they were not satisfied with the results and continued to smear the guy. That’s when actual investigation showed he was innocent of any further wrongdoing. He was NOT innocent. And SM is pursuing legal action

  2. I am waiting on read Zhao Wei’s news…but I did not realised Lucas news were so popular on this site…

    1. Yes his news is so popular all over the net now because he is part of Nct and Way V which are 2 popular Kpop groups.

  3. Had no idea who he is but his story are similar to Steven Cheung? I don’t know if it’s just me I thought he looked a bit like Him Law. First it was Kris Wu all over the articles now this guy Lucas?

  4. The basic question is: are those involved consenting adults (over 21?) ? This case sounds like the woman is vindictive because she willingly paid for his expenses and took his nonsense for some time. This could have happened to any “normal” dating couple. Perhaps to her she had snagged a cute young and single celeb and she was dreaming of being his 1 and only. Perhaps to him he was playing the role of a paid private “host” (toyboy) and those guys will say anything you want to hear. I just find these days, there are too many “me too” stories; and some are not young victims but of consenting adults relationships gone sour. The difference is…why do we hear so much more from women lovers but not so much of male lovers of celebs?

  5. If he cheated, shame on him
    If he didn’t cheat and this women willingly did all these things for him just to to “realize” he doesn’t love them, shame on no one and find a man who actually loves you and doesn’t pretend

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