Fans Split Over Lucas Wong’s Comeback Moves

Going on an indefinite hiatus after his dating controversy and accusations of being a “soft rice king” by his ex-girlfriend, Korean boy group NCT’s Lucas Wong (黃旭熙) looks to be preparing for a return to the limelight!

Cheating Scandal
Accused of cheating, his image plummeted and further tarnished when multiple other women stepped up with their claims, publicly exposed scathing details about the Hong Kong member of NCT, such as of him speaking badly about his teammates behind them. Promising to reflect on his actions, he took a hiatus announced in a handwritten letter Instagram post captioned in Mandarin and Korean, in which he apologized for letting fans down, and causing inconvenience to everyone.

Although many NCT fans hoped that he would exit the boyband, Lee Sum-Soo, the CEO of his management company SM Entertainment recently shared a photo of himself with the 24-year-old. Lying low from the public eye, Lucas also returned in February 2022 to social media for the first time in months with scenic picture updates. He later posted a video of practicing dance moves in his studio, which had netizens speculating on an impending comeback.

While some responded positively, other NCTzens voiced their opposition, “Uploading photos like this is too rude to fans”, “Even civil servants’ iron rice bowls are not as secure as his”, “Hope the photo has been taken after he decided to leave SM”.

Source: Hk.On.CC

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  1. Thought SK is less forgiving on idols but this doesn’t seem the case here. Curious on how and what did he do to convince their CEO to give him another chance.

    1. They are not forgiving at all but he was proven innocent by fans. SK is tough on artists like China is. You can look it up if you are curious. If he was guilty for sure then he would not have gotten to come back at all.

      1. @HeTieShou I see. The last I read from entertainment websites were the translated version of SM’s and his apology of his wrong behavior. There were some netizens’ commenting his innocence, stating why and how his fans think otherwise.

      2. @BearBear
        The thing with the company SM entertainment, they don’t care for their artists at all. When scandals or anything happens, they force all of their artists to post a false apology regardless if they are guilty or not. They just let the artists fend for themselves which is why fans often have to step up the plate to defend their artists and prove their innocence. Now that Lucas is going to come back, SM still refuses to even make a statement. I heard that saesangs (which is the Korean version for crazy fans) wanted to get revenge on Lucas because he yelled t them for their bad behavior. This info is all on the net so you can look it up if you are curious. SK is very tough on their artists like China and their cancel culture is very strong. If Lucas is guilty for sure then he would never be able to come back even if he bribed them.

  2. Why do these young male singers think they need to look so feminine? In addition, I have yet to see “Ah Mo”‘s real photo, one without any makeup.

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