Ng Man Tat Suffered Minor Heart Failure

News of Ng Man Tat’s (吳孟達) death spread quickly around the Internet last week when a Facebook page about the actor’s supposed death attracted over one million likes. The report was later confirmed to be just a hoax, and Ng Man Tat’s representative stated that the actor is alive and well.

The 62-year-old has been busy with his hectic acting schedules in Hong Kong and Mainland China and is concerned about his health. Last month, while promoting his latest television drama, Ng caught a serious cold and was admitted to the hospital. Ng’s condition worsened and he was soon admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. It was later reported that Ng had suffered a minor heart failure due to a bacterial infection.

Earlier this week, a much skinnier Ng was seen leaving the hospital to return home. Reports say that he quickly resumed work, returning to Hong Kong only a few days later for a checkup. Although Ng was urged to take a rest, he was caught spending more time playing mahjong with close friends since being released from the hospital. He revealed that he once played 24 rounds of mahjong for ten hours straight. He said with a laugh, “Mahjong can heal everything.”

Ng Man Tat reportedly lost over 25 pounds during his week-long stay in the hospital.


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  1. Didnt know he was still filming series. God, I wish these HK actors would do series in HK and not mainland China! Hope he recovers nicely!

  2. Oh man, I seriously felt ill for a moment there. He is just one of those few actors you never want to die.
    It’s good that he lost a bit of weight, but I hope he uses his renewed lease on life to take better care of himself and enjoy himself more.
    I really miss seeing him in HK movies. I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen him in something in the last ten years. 🙁
    I wish he and Stephen Chow would make-up and create another masterpiece. By themselves they are like 50% ,but together they make 150%. Plus SC’s movies just arent the same without him.

    1. SC movies aren’t the same anymore.

      The last good movie from SC was Shaolin Soccer. Everything else was forgettable.

    2. Tat Gor did an interview with Ming Pao 2 weeks ago in which he talked about his reasons for staying in the Mainland instead of HK…he also talked about his recent bout with a nasty cold that landed him in the ICU (the MP reporter called him as soon as he got out of the hospital and added their phone conversation to the interview that was published)…glad to hear that he is recovering well at the moment.

      Oh, and. Tat Gor WILL be returning to HK’s movie screens this year — he filmed 2 HK movies when he returned to HK for a few months last year (one is Pang Ho Cheung’s new movie, I think it’s called “Aberdeen” and the second is “Overheard 3”)…of course, his screen time won’t be a lot, but since it’s been more than 15 (?) years since he made a HK movie, it’s definitely better than nothing!

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