Ng Man Tat to Film New TVB Drama with Andy Lau and Tony Leung?

Facing an onslaught of competition in the Hong Kong television market, TVB is willing to reach out to all ends to maintain their position as the number one provider of Hong Kong entertainment. Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has already confirmed to the press last September that Andy Lau (劉德華) will be returning to TVB to shoot a television drama serial in the coming months. In addition, Eric exclaimed that Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) was also invited to return to the station, in which he will reportedly star in a drama that will be tailor-made for the international star. It has been nearly thirty years since Fat Gor starred in his last TVB drama.

Although Fat Gor has yet to confirm his return, the 57-year-old The Bund <上海灘> star stated that he is interested in returning to the small screen and urged Eric to send him a script once it was completed.

Award-winning actor Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) also expressed an interest in returning to TVB after meeting up with Eric last week. While Tony never formally starred in a TVB television drama before, the Cold War <寒戰> star did graduate from the same TVB acting class with classmate Andy Lau in 1980. Tony believes that he owed TVB a favor, and entrusted Eric to arrange a good script and role for his return.

Eric Convinces Ng Man Tat to Return

After Andy, Fat Gor, and Tony, yet another TVB actor-turned-international star is rumored to return to film a TVB drama this year. In December 2012, Chow Yun Fat’s TVB acting class classmate, Ng Man Tat (吳孟達), was invited to present the My Favorite Male Character award at the TVB Anniversary Awards. At the show, Tat Gor exclaimed that he had always wanted to return to TVB, but admitted that contract negotiations never worked out due to TVB’s low pay.

In the days following the Anniversary awards, Tat Gor was rumored to be willing to lower his price to return to TVB due to his many business failures and monetary debts. After meeting up with longtime friend Eric for a casual dinner, Tat Gor finally agreed to return to TVB to help the station fight in the television battle. Eric plans to cast Tat Gor in a comedy-drama serial, which will star Andy and Tony.

An insider revealed, “Eric and Tat Gor have always been friends. The two of them often meet up. Eric once talked with Tat Gor [about returning to TVB], and assured him that he will be working with a great cast, including Andy and Tony. Eric will meet up with Tat Gor at a later time to formally discuss about the contract details.”

However, contrary to previous published reports, Tat Gor is not short on money. In fact, Sudden Weekly magazine recently discovered that Tat Gor has been earning a hefty profit from his ten restaurants and shops in Hong Kong. If the Hong Kong Film Award-winning actor does return to TVB, it will most definitely not be because of money.

Once addicted to mahjong gambling, Tat Gor had to file for bankruptcy after repaying his debts. Tat Gor quickly pulled himself back together in the months after his bankruptcy, and the 61-year-old actor currently owns over 10 restaurants and shops in Hong Kong, including six extremely popular Hong Kong-styled cafes stationed in Beijing and Shanghai.

Tat Gor Doesn’t Know Kevin Cheng

Tat Gor, who graduated from TVB’s acting class in 1973, has worked with many famous and popular TVB siu sangs in the past. When asked to give his opinion on TVB’s current leading actors, Tat Gor expressed that he is most impressed with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Moses Chan (陳豪).

“I don’t watch Hong Kong television as often anymore. I always change channels when I watch TV, so I never really notice [many of the actors]. However, I do believe that Moses and Wayne are pretty good. I’ve seen their dramas, and they’re not bad [actors]. I also know about Raymond Lam (林峯). He has a good image. I’ve eaten with him at [Hengdian World Studios] before, and we share the same ancestral home – Xiamen. There is also Kenneth Ma (馬國明). I’ve also watched his dramas before. He is quite normal. I presented the [My Favorite Male Character] award to him last year, and he looks very polite.”

As for TVB’s top-earning Best Actor Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Tat Gor said, “I don’t know him. I don’t recall watching his dramas before…. Oh, is he the one who filmed that drama with Nicky Wu (吳奇隆)? Nope. I still don’t know him.”

Upon realizing that Kevin is currently earning 400,000 RMB per episode in mainland China, Tat Gor, who only earns 200,000 RMB per episode in China, exclaimed, “Wow! That’s amazing! But sometimes these things are exaggerated for the press.”

Kevin Cheng was earlier criticized by Tat Gor’s friend, director-actor Lee Lik Chi (李力持). Maybe Tat Gor is just helping out his good friend?

Source: Sudden Weekly #914 via

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  1. At first I thought they were referring to Tony Leung chiu wai but then again, I doubt that he is ever coming back… It would be great if everyone came back for a series since TVB really needs their help… I miss seeing Richard Ng in a series so it would be great to see him again!!

    1. why do tvb really needs their help? its a question if the government will give the free tv license to hktv & co.but agree with all the big names it surely will boost the ratings. i also miss richard ng i hope stephen chow also come back to form a golden couple with him again.

      1. Of course TVB needs their help as we can see TVB is sinking ship with everyone leaving and all… TVB just wants to act all strong and mighty but in reality, we all know they are just like a weak empire that will collapse…

      2. i dont think tvb is a shinking ship as you said.they only have to give more chances to young talents.and i think they are already doing this recently.i think young talent is the foundation of the empire and not the big stars.unless the big stars will sign a long term contract.

      3. Shu,

        In many ways TVB is a sinking ship. Not only are their long term workers leaving left and right. The problem in the future for them are the new broadcasting stations. If HKTV does get its license, they will have the biggest competition of their history thus far. I mean many of the poached actors/actresses that went over to HKTV were household names and the less popular ones have a lot of talent. Talent that was never reached when they were in TVB. While TVB right now is trying to gear towards the right direction in promoting the younger stars, a lot of them are huge disappointments. I mean Leila Tong alone from HKTV can act better by a huge margin with Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam and the rest combined. It’ll be a matter of time before we see what the fate of TVB is going to be. Although I must say, TVB has the upper hand in terms of the HK audience since they were the very first ones, other than that, I don’t see how TVB can be saved.

      4. Correction, I meant potential not talent…though they are very talented. Lol.

      5. raina, i still cannt see why tvb is a sinking ship now.tvb have enough connections and power to survive.more competition is just good for the quality of the series.
        leila tong has begun acting when she was a child, therefore i think its not fair to compare leila with christine or eliza.

      6. Shu,
        Are you a big fan of TVB that you can’t see them sinking?? Many see that they are sinking and will sink even more when the new companies get their licenses. They will be in deeper water than they already are. Everyone is leaving and I am not only referring to actors and actress. Don’t you see many script writers and other behind the scenes people leaving too???

  2. Also, talks about Andy and Fat Gor coming back has been in the talks for many years so I really wonder if any of it will ever come true??? I guess this is all just speculations still??? Hope to see everyone again!!it will bring back so many great memories!!

    1. HeTieShou,
      Andy Lau is the only artist that has been “confirmed” to star in Eric Tsang’s project. Since Eric is still asking many stars to join the cast, it appears that the script is still only in early developmental stage.

      1. Jayne,
        Oh so Andy is “confirmed”!! I am so happy to hear that. I hope others will join too. Andy is FINALLY fulfilling his wish!! I hope the plot and script will be good. I think this will more likely be a modern series though right?? I wish that it were ancient instead…

      2. HeTieShou,
        According to Eric Tsang in earlier reported news, Andy Lau and his company will be responsible in designing the script to suit his needs. Most likely this will be a modern series and a comedy as revealed by Eric.

        Modern series have done much better in ratings in HK than ancient dramas. The intention is to first win the local audience over with this drama.

      3. Jayne,
        Thanks and yea, I had a feeling that it would be a modern series since those are easier to make than ancient series are.I am shocked that modern series get higher ratings than ancient series. It would be nice if it is a comedy since I have not seen Andy in a comedy for many years. I thought that Eric was writing the script for everyone, but I guess not. I am just glad that Andy will come back and hope that others will too. Maybe Idy can make another series and it would be great to see her and Andy in the same series again. It has been 30 years since ROCH.. WOW, how time flies.

      4. HTS, prolly bc ancient series are much more time consuming (also cost more) something Andy can’t afford for TVB.

  3. I’m glad that Andy Lau is back.Why not Tony Leung Chiu Wai? I miss seeing him on the TV show.

      1. @Heather,
        I don’t know if you have heard or not, but in the past, TVB worked Tony to the bones… they had him work up to 20 hours with no breaks at all. He was often late for filming due to not getting enough sleep so he often quarreled with his female co stars such as Idy Chan and Sheren Tang. The crew often had to wait for him as he was often late.

        Tony is now so established, so why would he come back to TVB?? I have a feeling may not have ended with them on good terms too while Andy may have which is why Andy is coming back…

  4. I don’t think I would like to see a series that mainly cast returning actors. If they cast Andy and Tony and all those other people rumored to return in one series, expectations will be too high and the show will likely not live up to it. Would much rather see them work with other TVB actors than basically watch an extended movie. There’s no fresh pairings if they did that.

    1. That’s how I feel too, no matter what it is, it will either be too short of a series, too much stupid “filler”, or have a story that just isn’t as good as we expect.
      As ,much as I would love to see Ng Man Tat in a series, I kind of think the article is a bit misleading and I don’t see him filming a series unless he has good co stars and high pay along with a great script. Loyalty only goes so far and it sounds like he doesn’t need the money at all. Why put himself back into the meatgrinder for misplaced loyalty.

      Not to mention, the best time for TVB to air these series is once HKTV get the license and start airing their shows. WHo knows when or if that will ever happen thanks to all the corruption and fake court issues being thrown at them from TVB and ATV.
      I still won’t believe that Andy Lau is coming back till I see it. He won’t want to ruin his rep with a cruddy script, and it most likely will be if it’s coming from the TVB “scriptwriters”. – Could take ages to sort out a decent one.

    2. I feel the same way. It’s also a bit odd that Eric would want to cast these big names in a comedy-drama even if they did return. A bit of a waste if you ask me given the tropes TVB comedies employ. If they were to put these big names back on TV, nothing short of full-blown drama would do it. Like can you imagine Andy Lau in Daddy Good Deeds or Inbound Troubles?

      1. SDS,
        Eric’s forte is in comedies. His “I Love HK” films have been successes at the box office.

        Perhaps the idea is to get a large ensemble cast similar to his “I Love HK” films, to lessen the burden of each of the big stars, while promoting younger TVB artists, such as Bosco Wong who will star as the main leads. This would help reduce costs.

    3. @Ric,
      I agree with you to some extent, however, IF people would have a more open mind and watch a series for more than just the cast, then expectations should not be too bad…But IF people just blindly go for the cast alone, then YES, expectations would be too high that the show will not live up to it.

      I am happy to see anyone back since it will bring back such a great memories… The series from the 80s are surely gems and treasure now because we will most likely not see many of those big names in a TV series again. I have a feeling this will be a modern one.. I wish that it will be an ancient one instead… My wishful thinking…

  5. Until something concrete, this is still like dropping names. Don’t blame him for not knowing Kevin Cheng. At least he knew the series with Nicky Wu.

  6. Awww Yeah.. Can’t wait to see them. Good job Eric.

    TVB should find ways to earn more money so employees will get a better pay.

    How about that CTI…

  7. eric begging for help in kindness.. he should be kind with his words

    1. Eric did not beg lol, he have alots of connection. Most of these people are his buddy

    2. Eric is NOT begging at all. He is just asking and since they are his friends they should fulfill his request.

  8. Oh Tony Leung does starred in TVB drama before thou…like “Cadet Police”” and Yang Family saga “.

    1. That is Leung Chiu Wai. The article is referring to Leung Ka Fai.

    1. True, but they can still be the lead as we can see with Damian and Adam. What is wrong with playing someone’s father??? There is nothing wrong with at at all..

  9. lol, exaggerated for the media.

    Anyway, pretty much all these big stars are waiting for is a script. Well…Eric better get those scripts going. Obviously, they’re not returning for the money, but rather a good comeback to the small screen.

  10. All of TVB’s actions recently is telling me one thing: that they have been lazy and cheap! If they had good scripts and good pay all along, I wonder if they’d have to scramble now to drum up better actors and plotlines.

    1. Lazy and cheap is one thing, but you have to understand that after soo many series and so many years of making series, they are running out of ideas too… They also face competition from China, Korea and other countries too. It is not like back in the days, where they dominated everything and competition was low…

  11. If TVB did not go and piss off Felix Wong, then they could have a series with Andy, Felix and Michael which be worth seeing just to see their chemistry. Kent Tong might come back too.

      1. Its about how the series “Gun Metal Grey” were treated back when it aired. Felix and the cast of “Gun Metal Grey” had not received notice to attend the TVB anniversary of that year and it was getting late so he approached TVB to see if they needed to prepare for any skits.

        He got told they could turn up if they wanted to, hinting that the presence of the GMG cast was not that it really mattered. “No Regrets” got all the attention during the show and GMG was nto even mentioned.

        This just added to the fuel that started from the lack of promotion of GMG despite being an anniversary. many felt that TVB only treated GMG as a background prop to the popular NR. Michael and Jess were also not invited.

        Felix is not a troublemaker but I guess Felix thought that he was not appreciated or shown the right respect by TVB staff. He has since commented that the matter is settled but you can see that he has really sided against TVB after that incident. I do hope Felix and TVB can patch things up later cos I enjoy seeing him on TV.

  12. I don’t see how getting these stars will help TVB in the long run. Sure it will help boost ratings for the series they star in, but after that it will be back to normal.

    Moreover if the script sucks noone can save it!

    Been so much talk already, but I don’t see any action.

    TVB should ask Hollywood for help since they all love E.T 😀

    Artists: De Niro, Pacino, Cruise, Reeves, Dicaprio and Gosling

    For director I want Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese

  13. whoaaa those are some big stars! whether or not they’ll actually help TVB is another issue, but just to see them all in TVB dramas is a great deal already! 🙂 that’s pretty awesome.

  14. No big stars can help if the script sucks. Infact it makes it worst… a total Waste of resources…
    TVB need to get good script writers- I believe they are the most impt.
    With good scripts, you dont even need big names.

  15. I love how everyone saying tvb is a sinking ship lol. Those people lol make me laugh so hard. I am not a fan of tvb btw .TVb probably richer then hktv Ricky wrong but I agree to many people that tvb is a stingy company!!! Even if Ricky get to air there drama they still have li Ka sing son new tv company.

  16. I reckon Ricky should have brought over tvb and destroy those screw up people 620 that destroying hk entertainment industry.

  17. Until the series come out, I think it’s all just rumor to boost sales at TVB. Would love to see these three in a drama. I haven’t seen a TVB drama for over two years. They need better writers with new ideas.

    1. Let’s put it this way — all the good writers with good ideas are all writing movie screenplays since they actually make money this way.

  18. I really want to see dicky chueng return to tvb
    His original version of journey to the west is the best!

    Also I really want to see Louis koo return aswell
    A step into the past remains at the top of my list

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