Ng Man Tat Passes Away From Liver Cancer at 70

Hong Kong actor, Ng Man Tat (吳孟達), passed away from liver cancer on February 27, 2021. Despite receiving surgery two months ago, the 70-year-old’s health has been in a steady decline and he suffered multiple organ failure. Family and friends gathered by his bedside at the hospital, but he could no longer talk and respond verbally in his last days.

During his 48-year acting career, Ng Man Tat appeared in over 130 films and 19 dramas. Although he is best remembered for his dynamic comedies with Stephen Chow (周星馳), Ng Man Tat was also a strong dramatic actor and won Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for 1990’s A Moment of Romance <天若有情>. In recent years, he has turned his career to China and his last film was The Legend of Shaolin Temple 2021 <少林寺之得寶傳奇 >.

Despite suffering heart failure in 2014, Ng Man Tat continued to work because of the need to financially support his large family. It was said that he needed to pay over $100,000 Hong Kong dollars every month in family expenses. He is survived by two ex-wives, his current wife Malaysian actress Hou Shanyan (侯珊燕), and five children from his three marriages. Due to his declining health, Ng Man Tat took his friend Felix Lok‘s (駱應鈞) advice to set up a will to distribute his assets to his family.

Two months ago, Ng Man Tat received surgery for liver cancer and chemotherapy at Union Hospital. Since then, he remained hospitalized and his condition became critical yesterday. After transferring to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), doctors advised family and friends to see him for the last time. Ng Man Tat’s mother only learned of how critical his condition was yesterday.

Good friend, actor/producer Tin Kai Man (田啟文) revealed that Ng Man Tat passed away in his sleep this afternoon. Tin Kai Man plans to arrange a memorial service to remember the actor, while his family is in the process of making funeral arrangements.

Friends in the industry reacted to Ng Man Tat’s passing with grief. Stephen Chow said, “I just received the news. Although I have followed Ng Man Tat’s illness for awhile and knew this day would come, I am still very saddened and not ready to say goodbye. His illness spiraled rapidly, and he left quickly. He was my partner and friend for many years. Right now, I really can’t accept [his departure].”

In the same TVB artiste training class as Ng Man Tat, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) hopes the actor has found peace now. Simon Yam (任達華) expressed his grief, “His departure is a loss for the entertainment industry. I hope he has a good journey!”

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Ng Man Tat in Hospital ICU for Liver Cancer

Ng Man Tat Struggles to Support 3 Wives

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  1. I grew up watching his TV series and movies especially those with Stephen Chow. He’s no longer suffering. He’ll definitely be missed. May you rest peacefully.

  2. Rest In Peace 達叔. You will always be a legend in HK cinema. Thank you for bringing countless smiles and laughter to your audiences. You will be greatly missed.

  3. I am so sad to hear this and hope he rests in peace! He gave me and my family so many happy memories. I will never forget him and hope he is at peace now. He seemed to have a very hard life so hope he can relax now. He will be missed!

  4. I’m not one to feel sad when a celeb dies… I would feel sorry for the family but never actually sad. But I grew up watching Ng Man Tat and he just brought so much laughter that I actually truly feel sad knowing this.

    1. @abcd
      That truly shows what an incredible impact he had on everyone’s lives that he has touched. He was truly talented and very special and will be missed.

  5. Rest in Peace. We are grateful that when we feel down Man Tat has and will always be with us to offer comedy. His movies never dies…

  6. This is sad all the good veterans actors are gone this fast. I also grew up watching his movies and will always remember how funny he is with Stephen Chow. May he Rest In Peace.

    1. RIP 達叔
      i always remember how u been the best sidekick to all the best movie

      i think i been countless repeating all the SC n NMT movies

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