Ngo Ka Nin Announces Marriage to Girlfriend of 15 Years

Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) has finally tied the knot with his girlfriend of 15 years, Betty. Although Ka Nin announced intentions to wed Betty three years ago, their plans got pushed back to this year.

Ka Nin shared, “My wife grew up overseas. She doesn’t like it when I talk about our relationship [in public], so I rarely bring it up. No one from the entertainment circle was invited. We just had a simple dinner with family. We are not a wealthy family, so we did not feel the need to have anything grand.”

When asked whether the couple has plans for children, Pierre said, “My family has not rushed me, so there’s no need for me bear this unnecessary burden. My mother even told me not to have any children because they’re so troublesome! But I don’t really have a preference.”

Although the 39-year-old actor possesses a blissful love life, his career remains lackluster despite winning several promising awards. “After I got [the awards], I definitely had hopes. But slowly, I realized that if the audience doesn’t like watching you, begging on your knees won’t do anything. So I just keep going. I will keep working until there’s no work for me!”

Despite his lack of a breakthrough in his acting career, Pierre has ventured into business and opened a new advertising company with his wife. “I wanted to try it out. My wife is the one managing it. She went from being a reporter overseas to being a commercial producer!”

In addition to his new business, Ka Nin is also using his martial arts background to break into the Mainland Chinese market. He is cast for a part in the film version of the popular Taiwanese drama, The Lost Tomb <盜墓筆記>.

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  1. This is my favorite wedding style so far! When I get married, I’m going to do it just like this. Ngo Pierre definitely deserves better roles, I like him a lot compared to other TVB male actors. He’s quite handsome, his acting is not bad, and I think he has a natural appeal on-screen.

  2. Wow, I had no idea he was 39! He’s a fairly versatile actor in my opinion, but does such a good job in supporting roles that I’m not sure if I could see him as a lead actor.

  3. Wow.. 15 years is a long time finally they tied the knot. If he’s 39 years old I wonder how old his wife? He look pretty good for his age I also love his acting too he’s so good at acting as a bad guy. Hm…so many weddings going on since last years. Anyway congrats to them and really happy for him too. Next might be Jason Chan we’ll see.

  4. Glad to see him finally tie the knot and in such a low profile matter. Who says that we had to spend our life savings for a grand wedding? His wife sort of looks like Mandy Cho to me.

  5. Wow. Congrats to him!! He should get meatier role. But tvb is never fair.

  6. He did great in Rosy Business 1 and 2. I didn’t think much of him until then. I thought that would be his breakout but guess Wayne took that limelight, lol. He deserves a leading chance!

  7. Oh I think I know exactly where he took his black & white wedding picture with the horse carriage. Btw, congrats to him, his wife is pretty

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