Ngo Ka Nin Leaves TVB After 22 Years

Several days ago, actor Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) officially left TVB after 22 years of working at the station. Since renewing his TVB contract in 2016, he gradually focused on shooting dramas in Mainland China. However, recently, he decided to venture out of his comfort zone and left the nest. The 43-year-old documented his last day by uploading a photo of himself cleaning out his locker onto social media.

He wrote, “200 memories, there is pain and joy, but it passed in the blink of an eye. When I look back, every moment was happy. Thank you; goodbye.”

In fact, Ka Nin previously revealed his intention to leave and take his career in a new direction. At the end of January this year, he shared that he completed all his work, and thanked TVB for teaching him everything. “I feel a mix of emotions,” the actor expressed. “I am truly grateful when I think about all these past years. Everything I achieved in my career is thanks to TVB. I am grateful for all the opportunities that allowed me to grow up.”

The star continued, “Growing up in this big family is not easy. Some people say it is a Shaolin Temple, and they are not wrong. I believe there is no other place in the world that can teach you skills that you can use throughout your life. Without TVB, I am just a nameless person.”

He ended the post by thanking his “brothers and sisters” who work behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Netizens Approve of His Decision to Leave

Whenever an artist announces their exit from TVB, netizens will generally give their blessings – as is the case for Ka Nin. In light of his departure from TVB, netizens reminisced his notable works and quotes.

In 1999, he filmed his first drama Gods of Honour <封神榜>. Then he later won the Most Improved Actor award with his character Chiang Bit Man in the hit series, Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>. Aside from frequently portraying characters that are black sheep and backstabbers, he also often plays a mentally disabled person.

In the 2012 drama, King Maker <造王者>, he was cast as Chiu Kwai Sing, who suffers a neurological disorder due to abuse, so he keeps saying “hui hui hui.” Not only did it become a trending catchphrase, but netizens also praised him for his realistic portrayal. Afterward, Ka Nin received similar roles in dramas like The Rippling Blossom <魚躍在花見> and No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>.

Following his departure, Ka Nin is turning his attention to stage plays. At the end of last year, he got close to film director Clifton Ko (高志森) to shift his career direction. His upcoming project is the musical stage play, The Wandering Songstress <天涯歌女>, which fans can catch in Hong Kong from April 9 to 11.

Source: Oriental Sunday

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed his acting and screen presence. TVB gives him no opportunities to rise whatsoever. Of all the dramas he’s been in he’s mostly just a supporting actor with Wayne Lai as lead (of the dramas I’ve seen of him anyway). Good he’s left TVB.

  2. I think he’s great actor. Not overly handsome but have screen presence. I always find it sad that he’s mostly playing a bad or useless rich guy in supporting roles. Good for him! 22 years in that comfort zone was too long and probably wasted but live and learn. Good luck on venturing out!!

    1. @wm2017 I agree he is! It’s sad that he didn’t get more opportunities or promotions from TVB. Only the supporting roles but those roles are memorable, he did a good job

  3. good choice to leave. it’s a waste of his talent and time staying w/ tvb anyway. he’s a versatile actor and does a good job in every role, tvb simply lost another piece of treasure.

  4. I always thought he’s a good actor too because he can act good and bad just like Eric Li. Will definitely missed him.

  5. I will miss Ka Nin. He is a good actor that unfortunately hasn’t been given many opportunities. I wish him well. His memorable roles are definitely 將必文 in Rosy Business and 排骨 in Rosy Business 2.

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