Anthony Wong’s Return Gave TVB Scriptwriters a Headache

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After Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Steven Ma (馬浚偉), award-winning actor, Anthony Wong (黃秋生) has been the next in line to be invited by TVB to rescue their ratings. Anthony accepted because of Eric Tsang‘s (曾志偉) persuasion and his gratitude towards TVB producer, Amy Wong (王心慰). Since Anthony is known to be a demanding actor, Amy has been pressuring scriptwriters to develop a quality script.

Anthony never forgot the opportunities that Amy Wong gave him during his early acting career at ATV. An insider explained, “When Anthony was at ATV, no producers wanted to use him. Even minor roles eluded him. In 1984, Amy cast him in her first drama, Wang Zhaojun <王昭君>. Following that, Anthony appeared in every Amy Wong production. That’s why Anthony has always been very grateful to Amy. When she approached him, there was no way for him to reject her.”

Gratitude aside, Anthony is known for his demanding expectations. As a Best Actor has more than two decades of acting experience, Anthony asked to see the complete script before his willingness to start filming. As a result, Amy has to make sure the script is flawless, resulting in multiple rejections of the script editions thus far.

TVB scriptwriters are working under immense pressure. The insider revealed, “It was previously reported that Anthony would get his classmates from his acting class to pen the script. However, that did not materialize. Supposedly, Amy did not like the idea as it would seem demeaning to TVB scriptwriters. Eventually, it was agreed that the script be handled by TVB scriptwriters. Despite the hard work put in by the scriptwriters, Amy has not been happy with the storyline and asked for multiple revisions.”

Just a Rumor?

TVB actor, Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), said he has not heard of such news. But he confirmed that the script of the Republican era drama has not been distributed to the actors yet. He said, “I only know Amy is producing the show and Anthony will be in it. I think it was said that filming will begin in May, but I have not received anything else. I am sure it will be on time. Many times, we would only receive the finalized script two weeks before filming.”

In a telephone interview, Anthony denied that he has demanded to peruse the script before filming begins. When told that Amy has been giving the scriptwriters a hard time, Anthony said, “I never heard of that. Anyway, the script is being taken care of by TVB. It’s best to start filming when the script is finalized. I’m not being demanding. There’s no reason to go to a cafe and ask for a five-star restaurant standard. This is not the first time I am filming a television series. Anyway, I don’t care about the script. And I don’t have the time!”

Anthony also added that because of his involvement in a theatrical play, he will not be able to film for the TVB drama until June or July.

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19 comments to Anthony Wong’s Return Gave TVB Scriptwriters a Headache

  1. 5fadans says:

    Don’t like this guy. I barely watch HK movies, so I don’t comment on his actings.

    But as a TV host, he is terrible. He talks more than the guests. His show, Candle light dinner, is quite boring. That’s why the rating like 12, 13.

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    • windy replied:

      Not to mention conceited attitude and thinks he’s a know it all? haha LOL ppl must have forgotten he once did an X ray kind of film right? TVB must be really desperate to want these old, ugly veterans back.
      Me too, the only HK movies i’ve watched is the Leslie Cheung & Anita and Leon Lai’s City of Glass. I don’t care for their movies at all, only watch series but even that is so bad these days i have not watched anything in completion for a while now.

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    • ErikChengandYoyoFan replied:

      Haha to add, he thinks he’s over-the-top

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    • lol replied:

      agree he talks the most only watched ada ep and he was talking over ada when she was saying something

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  2. Trini says:

    This man is capable of giving anyone a headache.

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  3. truman6 says:

    well, I like…actors like him can become rude or “different” cos that they dare to act anything from ugliness to most beautiful, while many would want to care about their own image, actors like Anthony & francis never..

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    • Poppy replied:

      I like him too. He’s funny. Can’t wait to watch his new series. I remember him from Stephen Chow and Alex Man tv series. That’s a classic series.

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    • elle replied:

      I like him too. He is just being himself. Yes he may be rude and harsh but he is really good in acting, very versatile. And it seems he is the type who is as harsh to himself as for another.

      Moreover, he had more salt than I had rice so I think he has enough life experience to judge how to behave.

      As last, not every one can do the roles he does. Just think about characters he played. Who could have been a capable subsitute for him in for example The Untold Story

      Same goes for Sean Lau for Mad Detective. That is a great movie and great acting.

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  4. kmai says:

    Im not sure if this is really true but in response to the ‘TVB Scriptwriters’ being asked to produce more high quality scripts. How the hell is that a headache? Its a combine of poor storylines, bad production that makes tvb a joke and when a competitor produces better work they have the HK/China govt to safeguard their asses because they can kiss ass.

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  5. Kidd says:

    “. Supposedly, Amy did not like the idea as it would seem demeaning to TVB scriptwriters.”

    Good for Amy to care for the feelings for the TVB scriptwriters. She sounds like a good and considerate boss.

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  6. jokes says:

    it will be funny if Anthony drama only gets 25 to 27 average ratings Anthony movies aren’t box office success like nick Louis Sean Aaron Andy etc

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  7. aptos says:

    Demanding actors raises the quality of the show or movie. If he was not demanding, the realism and authenticity would not be apparent and what the audience is left with is either unrealistic or low quality results from lesser actors/actresses.

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  8. miriamfanz says:

    Shouldn’t the scriptwriters always be trying to make a high-quality script anyways? I don’t see why an actor should be labelled a troublesome or a “headache” when all they’re demanding for is that the scriptwriters do their jobs probably. It’s that type of culture that is leading to such poor-quality scripts nowadays.

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  9. llwy12 says:

    Well, one thing to keep in mind is that TVB is really lacking in the scriptwriter department right now — since most of the experienced, good scriptwriters left, the ones remaining are relatively new and have to get used to the ‘TVB way’ of doing things….at the same time, they are being pressured to churn out a script within a designated timeframe without a whole lot of guidance or support. Throw a big name actor with high demands into the mix and the pressure is even greater….based on all that, I can sort of see why they view it as a ‘headache’, though at the same time, I agree with miriamfanz that the scriptwriters should always be trying to make a high quality script anyway — after all, that’s their job….

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  10. mun hon says:

    Anthony is just an over-the-top personality, full of himself.

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  11. Panzer says:

    If only TVB had that much respect for all their other regular actors, then we wouldn’t be in this whole mess in the first place.

    I would bet a million bucks that they currently have a few best actors hiding in plain sight on their payroll, but no decent scripts to let themselves prove it to the rest of the world.

    Anthony is overrated, and not of “best actor” caliber imo. Some current TVB actors can act circles around him while he still does the same “character” in all his movies. He has no range whatsoever.

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  12. EkinFan says:

    Anthony wong is the man! he worked his ass off to get to where his is today.

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  13. munchkin says:

    he’s a very blunt and straightforward person. not everyone likes him but at least he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. some stars wear a mask all the time … u may think they are that type of person with a goodie image, but in reality they are the opposite. i support him and can’t wait to watch the series. it will be different to what we are used to seeing in the now tvb series today.

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  14. Kora Tai says:

    He may be a commendable actor but seriously, there are many good ones too and unlike idols, he doesn’t commend such that we will go watch a movie just for him. So, please be down to earth and more respectable.

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