Mat Yeung to Film New TVB Drama in September

Earlier this month, police arrested Mat Yeung (楊明) for driving while intoxicated after he crashed his car and refused a breathalyzer exam. As a result, rumors swirled that Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) would replace Mat in the new TVB drama, tentatively titled No Problems in the Guo Family <郭家無難事>, and play a couple with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯). However, it looks like Mat is emerging unscathed from his DUI incident. Producer Amy Wong (王心慰) cleared up the allegations and said she never planned on dropping Mat, and filming would commence at the end of September.

In an interview with Amy, she said she has always intended to cast Mat since the initial planning stages for this drama. She also clarified that she doesn’t know where the rumors of Edwin replacing Mat came from, as other reporters have not asked her about this matter. Amy also shared that she has not approached Roxanne about any roles.

Given Mat’s great performance at work, TVB does not want to give up on him. In an interview with Mat, he said, “The company is giving me time to rest because I injured my pelvic bone and tailbone, and my intervertebral disk is still protruding from the incident. I have not received any news from the company yet, but they have called to check up on me. I am happy to hear that Amy does not plan on replacing me with someone else, so I will start exercising again once I recover.”

As with Edwin, he was confused to hear rumors about replacing Mat in the upcoming drama. He said, “I haven’t heard about this arrangement, and Amy has not approached me. The seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted a lot of filming schedules. I don’t even know how my work schedule will play out.”


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  1. As I said before, TVB seems to think that having affairs is worse than DUIs. His wealthy and influential girlfriend must have helped him out. People like him will never learn from their mistakes.

  2. What if he is charged? Or is in jail? Will tvb release the series? Is he going to rehab? Will he? Why condone him when it is DUI?

  3. It’s so annoying that these men who do much worse things get a free pass whereas people like Ali and Sharon who post their own opinions or nothing harmful at all get frozen or booted out of series

    And I get it, it’s typical Chinese culture but it find it so ridiculous like Mat’s actions could have been harmed innocent people.

    1. @tt23 he’s damn lucky he didn’t harm anyone else. His interview was straight up damage control and tried so hard to say it was anything but a DUI. I hope the law gets him hard. Nobone’s gonna miss him on screen anyways.

    2. @tt23 yeah, it’s frustrating, but he does have a lot going for him…

      1. He’s a guy
      2. He has an influential girlfriend
      3. He’s China-friendly

      He would probably have to do a lot worse before being kicked out. Personally, I don’t like his acting and will skip this drama.

  4. “Given Mat’s great performance at work, TVB does not want to give up on him. ” ….lol, i wonder how anyone can write that with a straight face

  5. My comment got truncated cos jaynestars has very strict flagging criteria which wont allow any comment talking about waste matter that comes out of the other end of your body. I merely said that this “peese of sheet” should be frozen by TVB.

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