Nicholas Tse: “Cecilia Cheung Is Still My Good Friend!”

Wearing a black leather jacket and riding a motorcycle at a promotional event in Shanghai the day before yesterday, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) was asked about his two sons, Lucas and Quintus, by the media. Breaking his normal silence, Nicholas replied frankly and even indicated that he was still good friends with Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) after their divorce!

Asked if Lucas or Quintus were to fall sick and how the situation would be handled, Nicholas smiled and said that he will allow Cecilia to take care of the situation. “We are still good friends. She is also in Shanghai filming right now. Perhaps I will return to Hong Kong to visit my sons.” Apparently, Nicholas and Cecilia remained in touch and had a very good relationship despite their divorce.

Staying in Hong Kong for Only One Day

Shortly before 1 PM yesterday, Nicholas was spotted at the Hong Kong airport dressed in an orange T-shirt and wearing sunglasses. He indicated that he had flown from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Asked whether he was there to celebrate his mother, Deborah Li’s  (狄波拉)birthday, Nicholas did not answer and  hurriedly left. At that moment, an elderly woman requested in Mandarin to take a photo with Nicholas, while mistaking him for Raymond Lam  (林峯).

Nicholas’ return to Hong Kong was quite hurried, as tomorrow, he will need to fly to Hefei, China to attend the 2011 Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, where he will be issuing the Best Actor award. After completing his work, Nicholas will then return to Hong Kong again to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

In November, Nicholas will fly to Shanghai to film Derek Yee’s (爾冬陞) new movie. Nicholas has already completed the filming of mainland series, The Next Miracle  <下一個奇迹> in which a photo featuring Nicholas rescuing his beautiful costar has been exposed.

New Boss Denies Pursuing Cecilia Cheung

Since filing for divorce, Cecilia Cheung has been embroiled in numerous gossips. Recently, Cecilia was rumored to be romantically pursued by her management company, AEG Group’s boss, Yu Yuxing (余毓興).  Yesterday, Yu Yuxing clarified, “The rumors are entirely false and absurd! I am simply friends with Cecilia Cheung!” Mr. Yu hoped that the rumors did not affect their family and their own reputations. Mr. Yu’s lawyer has already issued letters on libel grounds in order to clarify the matter.

As for Cecilia Cheung taking vacation for no apparent reason, Mr. Yu supported her, “You can ask the production crew. Everyone is very satisfied with her. We do not know what led to the circulation of the rumors!” Mr. Yu lashed out that the rumors were fabricated from nothing.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Nice to know that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse are still on good terms, for the benefit of their children.

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  1. Well. In order to be looked good, people often call “they are still good friends” however, how many really are?

    1. I agree. Many celebs will say they are still good friends with their exes, but in reality they’re not. I actually don’t think they even talk to each other. They probably have to go through with the middleman to exchange communications.

      1. I agree and it is hard to believe that they are still good friends with each other after a long struggle and not amicable divorce. Also, I heard that Cecilia’s mom was saying bad things about Nic’s mom.IF that were true, then how can they still be good friends??? Of course they will say that they are even if it isn’t true.

    2. Maybe it is not only to look good, but to also avoid further rumors of not getting along with each other. Nicholas and Cecilia might not be friends but as long as they aren’t acting like stranger then it should be good enough because they do have 2 sons afterall. It looks like they are still in-contact with each other considering that Nicholas is aware of Cecilia being in Shanghai.

  2. I can’t help to think with Nic’s hectic schedule, how many times does he see his children in a month?

    If they are in good terms, that will be good for their sons.

    1. Both Nic and Ceci have very busy schedule.

      Glad that Nic and Ceci are in good term. However I am still skeptical. I hope that Ceci won’t make any bad comments about Nic after this.

      1. Well. I have the feeling that they hate each other so much so they do not even want to look at each other face or even spread a word out to each other.

        Well. Money and fame are important but kids are more important. However,…, oh…the kids have good food to eat and housemaid taken care.

  3. so what if they’re not really good friend??!! They can be indifference or ignore each other as much as they want and for as long as it helps get them out arguing in front of the children. They can each takes turn to spend time with the boys and be civilized to each other when they bump into one another. The worst thing that can happen is they badmouth each other to their kids and/or argue in their children presence. If they rise above all that it will healthier for the boys. Being friends is not necessary.

    1. Badmouth infront of their kids.. If Ceci’s mom did badmouth Nic in public then it would be worst in a close door..

      I hate a most.. she blamed Lucas’s dog allergy cause by Nic’s gene..

      From now on.. If Lucas does anything she does not like, “you are just like your dad”. If he does good, you have Ceci’s gene.. I am sick of blamed game..

      It is not a good way to raise children.. Everyone made mistake.. teach them to accept their mistake, learn from it and try not a same mistake again.

      I felt so sorry for their kids..

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