Nicholas Tse Leaves $400 Million in Assets for Son Lucas

It was reported earlier that Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has been a negligent father in favor of spending more time with girlfriend Faye Wong (王菲). However, Nicholas showed that he did not forget about his two sons, Lucas and Quintus, as he plans for their financial future, including leaving $400 million HKD worth of real estate properties to Lucas.

Nicholas’ net worth is roughly $1 billion HKD. His income mainly comes from his entertainment company, Post Production Office Limited, which brought in over $100 million HKD in revenue this year. Recently, he also became the majority shareholder in the publicly-listed See Corporation, holding 23.42 percent of the company’s share capital. Investing his earnings into real estate, Nicholas’ properties are mostly valued well over $100 million each, ranging from retail spaces, large apartment complexes, and eateries.

Nicholas’ recent culinary travelogue show, Chef Nic <12道鋒味>, was highly popular and a sequel is already scheduled for him to film. Nicholas was compensated $2 million HKD per episode. For the 12 episode series, he pocketed at least $24 million HKD.

Lucas Becomes Mini-Millionaire

Only seven years old, Nicholas’ son Lucas is already a little millionaire. It is speculated that Nicholas will leave all of his properties in the Central district to Lucas. Not wanting Lucas and Quintus to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, Nicholas invested $300 million HKD in Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) to help with their education.

An insider revealed, “Nicholas hopes that Lucas and Quintus will have their own businesses one day. He understands that everyone has different potential and interests. That’s why Nicholas wants to list his company on the stock market and create a good base for the future. When Lucas and Quintus grow up, they can help him run the company.”


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  1. I think saving money and planning for his son’s education for the future is a good thing but money isn’t always everything. It would be better if he can spend some quality time with them to help build their relationship. Otherwise I can just see their sons won’t be as close with him when they’re older. Time is everything, you can’t buy time with money.

    1. i agree with you. Money isn’t everything. All the money in the world wouldn’t be able to make up for lucas’ lost and fatherless childhood

    2. Agreed. To be honest the sons might have gained millions of wealth from their dad, but in my opinion they have lost a sense of childhood that money cannot compensate.

  2. Nic is a very successful business man, but family man? Nahhh…

  3. Bah. all I see is a father feeling guilty for ditching his kids and considering ditching them for good to go along with Faye Wong. This is not responsibility, this is basically just throwing money at his kids and telling them to go get’em. Looks like we have 2 more spoiled brats coming… seriously, why can’t celebrities look back at all the **** they’ve been through and put their kids into that kind of situation so they can be real men rather than boyz?

  4. You can’t have the looks, fame, money and be a good family man. No one is that perfect.

    1. Yes, no one is perfect and it is hard to have it all,especially if you are divorced and your ex gets custody of your kids.

  5. That’s nice, but yea, it’d be best if he spent time with them too along with that money.

  6. yes they will be happy with all those $$$ but they need his time and love too. I guess nothing can be prefect.

    1. True,but no one is perfect and behind all that money is the thought he still thinks of his sons and is planning for their future.

  7. He always give me rebellious and arrogant feel, maybe I never like ppl like that so I dont like him much and hardly follow his news.

    At least I know he plans well for his children and he’s successful, I’m sure his parents would feel proud.

    1. At least he provides well.

      The only thing I am concerned is the risk of kidnapping. I would prefer to be as discreet as possible if I am to bequest a fortune on my children.

    2. Bloom,
      I must say that I used to have that feeling towards Nic too but through the years, it really feels like he has matured a lot and has become a better person. It is better to become a better person rather be a good person who becomes bad.

      Since he is divorced,it is harder to see and spend time with his sons,especially since he and Cecilia did not seem to divorce on good terms. Now that he is back with Faye,it seems to be even harder. To be fair,even when any man has a family and is the main breadwinner,he hardly has time with family or for himself. But of course,it depends on the situation because everyone is different.

  8. How the hell they know what Nicholas will give give to his son???

    1. My thoughts too.

      You may have those assets, but what happens at the end of the day is anyone’s guess. He may choose to spend it all.

      Also as a businessman, your current assets is no indication of your future net worth. Since businessmen are always drawing on their pool, to aim higher – it may be way less (losses), or higher (gains)when he finally calls it quits.

  9. His father trained him well to earn his buckets of gold, he should have done the same to his sons…at least don’t let them know they’ll inherit such a huge fortune from him just yet.

  10. parents should not leave such huge fortunes for their children…they will not know the value of money.
    I still feel Nicholas tse is using money to make up for the guilt of not being present in his sons’ lives.

  11. Hope his kids will not end up as spoiled trust fund kids who think they are entitled.

  12. For a moment I was wondering what about Quintus?

    Nahhh the kids won’t be spoilt by the money. They will be spoilt by the competing parents and torn apart by the competing parents and the scandals. They’re already doomed in my book so if they ended up decent, it is a success story.

  13. Even if he sets up for his sons’ futures and gives them enough money, it won’t make up for the lack of time he spends with them.

    I didn’t spend that much time with my father even though he lived with my family. Even though he he supported my family and set up for my future, I don’t have any real loving, affectionate feelings towards the man himself.

    Nic should really think about what he’s doing to these poor kids…

  14. Well, Nic was brought up similarly by his parents.. he feel he is successful being independent.. the same mentality he is putting on his kids.. parent love is useless as he didn’t know what it is… like what once Dayo wong said in his stand up comedy (not referring nic).. I like to thank myself for settling my fathers debt, I like to thank myself for giving million of fans an idol to look up too. I like to thank myself for making my mom proud.. I like to thank myself for able making millions..

  15. Money is everything in reality. 19 year old Half Chinese Half Korean billionaire heir Wang Zhen Na @ Catherine Wang ( Korean: Wang Jin Na ) and her brother Jackson Wang @ Wang Jun Xian ( Korean : Wang Jun Hyun ) was listed to inherit 80% of their father’s empire although their parents had divorced. Its safe to say that their stepmom and half siblings arent too happy. Lol.
    Its basicly the same. You give em money, they wony blame you for not taking care of them. Cuz lets face it, when they grow up, the least thing they care is about their childhood. All they need is money. Money solves it all. They’ll be the typical ” Fu Yi Doi ” .

    1. I’ve read that news too. And i agree with @U. In this realistic world, money is #1. You have money, they respect you. You dont have money, they dont give a damn about you. And with what @U has just said. Catherine and Jackson’s korean mother raised them well enough ( Both are Harvard students ) and from what the public can see. They seem to be alot more smart than the typical Fu Yi Doi. They got good genes too. They have the looks + money + future + mother love. They just didnt spend their childhood 24/7 with their father. But money is enough to let them grow well. Lol

      1. From their infos they studied aboard in the US(most), London(3years) , France(2years). They speak fluent English, French, Korean, Mandarin, German, Italian, Japanese and Danish. They can also speak chinese dialects ( Cantonese, Hakka, Shanghainese, Hunanese) and the seoul dialect. That is what i call fantastic. Truly well educated Fu Yi Doi ‘

      2. Who is this Catherine and Jackson Wang? I didn’t see anything about them in the news. Is there a link?

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