Nick Cheung & Esther Kwan Film Ad Together

Best actor, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and wife, Esther Kwan Wing Hor, filmed an ad for a mainland decorative items brand for a seven figure fee. The company planned the ad concept for half a year, using the backdrop of the wealthy Xiguan merchant image. Thus it was important to choose ad models who could convey the Xiguan merchant image. After four months of consultation, the company found Nick and Esther to be the most suitable couple. Aside from their talented performing skills, they also have a healthy image and fit the ad image.

On the day of the ad shoot, Nick exclaimed upon seeing the luxurious set, “Wow! The set looks beautiful!” After filming several intimate poses in which the couple looked into each others’ eyes, Nick and Esther could not refrain from laughing, causing multiple re-takes. The couple rarely gazed at each other so intimately in the presence of other people. However, Nick and Esther successfully completed the filming.

Source: Takungpao

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