The Season of Fate (TVB 2010)

The Season of Fate <五味人生>

TVB Series, 2010

Number of Episodes : 25

Producer- Cheung Kin Man


Roger Kwok as Ma Wing ching

Esther Kwan as Lin Sheung Chun

Michelle Yim as Wang Yeuk Lam

Derek Kok as Leung Kau Mui

Lawrence Ng as Yam Fei Yeung

Regen Cheung as Tai Kat

Oscar Leung as Yam Shing Tin

Vivien Yeo as Wong Kam Fung

Plot (Warning!!Spoilers!!)

Sheung Chun (Esther Kwan) is the second mistress in the Kwan’s family. She was left to run the Kwan Family’s failing restaurant after her husband died with the help of Kau Mui (Derek Kok). The first mistress Yeuk Lam (Michelle Yim) had lost her memory when she injured her head and has the mind of an infant. She thinks that Sheung Chun is her mother.

Wing ching (Roger Kwok) and Tai Kat (Regan Cheung) were fraudsters who often tried to scam people’s money. They arrived at Sheung Chun’s restaurant and refused to pay after a meal. Wing ching and Sheung chun are often arguing and in conflict with each other.

Yam Fei Yeung (Lawrance Ng) was a wealthy business man and also knew Yeuk Lam. He previously had feelings for Yeuk Lam before he was married. He tries to help cure Yeuk lam to help recover her memory. Also he becomes Kau Mui’s mentor and teaches him cooking. It turned out that Wing ching’s father, Fei Yeung and Yeuk Lam were all students who were taught cookery by Yeuk Lam’s father.

Wing Ching began to work for Fei Yeung and also trying to help improve Sheung chun’s business. He also becomes good friends with fei Yeung’s son, Shing Tin (Oscar Leung). Wing Ching then realises that he knew Sheung chun and Kau miu at a very young age. Kau mui and Wing Ching were going to be eunuchs when they were younger but due to a mix up, Kau Mui got castrated instead of Wing Ching. Wing  Ching feels guilty and tries to make it up to Kau Miu.

Wing ching also discovered that Shing Tin is his brother and that Fei Yeung caused his father’s death. Yeuk Lam has recovered her memories but continued to act young because she believes that Sheung Chun killed her husband and had a secret affair with a man. Sheung chun and wing Ching has started to develop their relationship but she did not want to tell anyone. However, Yeuk Lam thought that Sheung chun and Kau miu are having an affair and they were banished from the village. They settled in a nearby village and started a new restaurant.

Meanwhile, Yeuk Lam is running the business with the help of Fei Yeung. His feelings for her are starting to develop again and his wife is starting to suspect. Yeuk Lam also becomes Wing ching’s godmother.

Wing ching confronts Fei Yeung about whether Shing Tin is his brother. He admitted it but felt it was best if the truth was not revealed.

However, Wing ching no longer trusts Fei Yeung and believed that he is related to his father’s death. He told Shing Tin everything but he refused to believe causing hostility between the two brothers. Fei Yeung was then blackmailed to shop some illegal items.

Sheung chun and Kau Miu were allowed to return when Yeuk Lam realised that Sheung Chun had genuinely wanted to help the family run the business and it was impossible to have an affair with Kau Miu because he was an eunuch. Sheung Chun and Wing Ching’s relationship developed and Kau Miu’s feelings were hurt since he felt betrayed by the two.

Yeuk Lam learnt about the real Fei Yeung and no longer trusts him. She pretends to be young again to try and gather evidence. She learnt that Fei Yeung has been involved with some illegal dealings and also caused wing Ching’s father’s death by poisoning the dish that he had cooked resulting in Wing Ching’s father to be beheaded. She tried to get him to admit his wrong doing to the police but he refused and locked her up. However, she was rescued by Shing tin. They tried to persuade Fei Yeung to admit everything. He pointed a gun at Yeuk Lam but his secretary shot him and he became paralysed and forgot everything.

Meanwhile, Wing Ching had planned a trap to prevent the illegal goods being exported. However, he was caught so Kau Miu and Sheung Chun went to rescue him. He got shot on the arm but did not die and the others got arrested.

The series ended when Sheung Chun was told to leave the Kwan Family and she went on a train to look for Wing Ching.


Esther Kwan as Sheung Chun

This is Esther’s comeback series since leaving TVB. I have always felt that Esther was one of the best TVB actresses with very versatile acting skills. Her portrayal of Sheung Chun was not a disappointment and her crying skills were exceptional. There was a scene where she was shouting at the family for not trusting her but trusting Wing Ching and how he had sacrificed for the family for nothing I was very close to applauding after watching this scene.

Roger Kwok as Ma Wing Ching

His character is cunning and clever. He is very good at talking. Well there is not much criticisms of Roger’s acting skills. His character suited him and he was very natural. However, I think he had way  too much make up on in this series. Also because of his baby face, Esther looked a lot older than him and they didn’t really match very well.

Derek Kok as Leung Kau Mui

This character was very similar to his character in Wars of in Laws II. However, since this is his second time portraying the camp role, it was much better and much more natural. He does speak in a very womanly manner. Nevertheless, his campness got very annoying afterwards but it did emphasise his versatile  acting skills.

Michelle Yim as Yeuk Lam

She is in her 50s but she did have that element of cuteness. I think its because of her eyes. In some scenes I did think that she was very cute but it would have been better if she was not so thin. Then it would be much more convincing. I think she did a great job and suited the role.

Lawrance Ng as Fei Yeung

TVB should stop giving him the villain type roles. Its getting boring. However, he is very good at portraying the nice on the outside but evil in the inside role. He did an exceptionally good job but I think he could have been much more evil.


Best Performance: Esther Kwan: she delivered such a strong performance and maintained her comedy skills

Worst Performance: no body in particular

Breakthrough performance: Oscar Leung, He did so well in this series and his character is very different from his previous roles.

Most Improved: Vivien Yeo and Oscar Leung.

Best Couple: Vivien Yeo and Oscar Leung

Overall rating

I was very excited about the series since Esther has always been one of my favourate actresses. However, I found that this series was not entirely amazing and was pretty average. The category was suppose to be comedy but some scenes were very sad. I felt that the series was a waste of talent in some ways. However, the storylines are quite good compared to other series this year and is enjoyable.

Series Rating:

Review written by Colly

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  1. This is another twist on women finding strength in themselves after their husband died or marriage didn’t work out. While at the same time left with a failing business that they have to turn around. Maybe it is the lack of originality that did not leave a deep impression with viewers?

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