Review: Witness Insecurity (By Miriamfanz)

Witness Insecurity <護花危情>
Hong Kong TVB Drama 2012

Producer: Lau Ka Ho
Genre: Police Drama
Number of episodes: 20



Bosco Wong as “Hui Wai Sam”
Linda Chung as “Kiu Chi Lam (Hailey)”
Paul Chun as “Kiu Gong San”
Ram Chiang as “Kiu Gong Hor”
Rachel Kan as “Tina (Mrs. Kiu)”
Queenie Chu as “Kelly”
Cilla Kung as “Jojo”
Ronald Law as “Brother”

Bosco is a Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer assigned to protect Linda, the daughter of a rich businessman (Paul Chun). Linda has depression but she slowly opens up as she falls in love with Bosco. Paul Chun conducts business in questionable ways and has something to hide about his past. He will stop at nothing to protect this secret…


Hurrah, a new police show! Wrong. It is a family drama disguised as a police drama. I should have gotten the hint because the producer is Lau Ka Ho, aka Mr. Family Drama specialist. Now someone correct me if I’m wrong: Promotional clips showed two witnesses being killed shortly before a trial – one run over by a car and one thrown off a building. I never saw these scenes, or anything resembling it, in the entire series. False advertising? Yeah. Like I said, this is hardly a police drama. If you signed up for one, just watch the first and last five episodes and skip everything in between.

Well, at least those wishing to see romantic sparks between Bosco and Linda can rejoice? Err… First of all, they were never officially together. Second, I’m not sure if they were even that in love with each other. Linda has been isolated all her life until Bosco appears and he bears resemblance to her dead elder brother. She’s just channeling her emotions for her brother towards Bosco. As for Bosco, he didn’t have feelings for her at the beginning. I’m not sure how he realizes he loves her all of a sudden. If these two were truly in love with each other, Bosco’s struggle between love and righteousness (of bringing her father to justice) would have been much more intriguing. But here, there was never wasn’t difficulty in choosing.

So failed police show and failed romance story. What’s good? Ram Chiang was definitely a highlight. He was hilarious every time he appeared. The investigation into Paul Chun’s past was also very interesting. They should have made that part longer. Maybe more people involved, more action of him trying to kill Bosco, or even how he tries to fight off the charges instead of meekly giving in to his conscience (because the shady businessman is not supposed to be like that). Just please don’t give me more Linda crying/agonizing scenes.

Linda has been in 5 recent series, so some people complained about being tired of seeing her. Yes, especially when she is crying all the time. Seriously, she needs a different role, like evil or something, and not always playing the weak girl. Bosco makes me laugh whenever he stands politely holding his hands in front of him. It makes him look like a servant instead of a respectable police officer.

The ending… watch it yourself, I don’t want to spoil it. Don’t understand how they would let him walk away like that. And there was no reason for them to do that either.

Recommendation: Time filler

This review is written by Miriamfanz, a Contributing Writer at Visit Miriamfanz’ blog

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  1. Crazy ending and i dont know why there is such a nonsense ending like this. A moron ran a car to Paul Chun and Bosco saved him and refused the first-aid and eventually died. What the heck? That reminds me the role of Raymond Lam as a lawyer got in a car accident but tried to call Linda Chung to help her on a suit case and then die. I forget the title.

      1. BP ending is the worst ever. Raymond Wong walked for like 12 hours with a knife inside him and don’t go to hospital and don’t go find Niki either. WTF

      2. Yeah BP created the most illogical ending ever in TVB history! Almost ruined the whole show should’ve ending it at episode 20.

      3. Bottled Passion was exactly the same ending as Witness Insecurities! The good thing though was that Hailey got to see “Ah Sum” for the last time…It was a lot different of an approach. In Bottled Passion, the false hope of Raymond Wong wasn’t really logical!

      4. In BP, the ending made me laughed. Raymond Wong took a long crawling tour in the city streets after getting stabbed and decided to die in a boat for no valid reason.

      5. dear,god… pls help tvb to find inspirations ….. they nd new,blood. amen.

      6. Bottled Passion was an exact duplicate of the K-drama, Bad Guy. Even the terrible and illogical ending was copied.

        As for Witness Insecurity, I’m so disappointed. I thought strong viewership would mean a slightly better TVB drama would be on show… no. I’m disappointed and I didn’t even have that great of expectations in the first place.

        TVB, buck up! Please hire more writers and directors. Heck! Just hire new actors/tresses for now so that we’re not alternating between the same set of people.

    1. The Raymond Lam as a lawyer drama is called Heart of Greed. But IMO Witness Insecurity did a better job at the death scene then Bottled Passion! In BP Raymond gets stabbed and then ends up running, walking around until night time and then settles to die on a boat the heck? WI He ran to see Linda then died that’s a bit better.

      1. BP was a great series until the worst ending I’ve seen in TVB destroyed everything

    2. David, the title is Heart of Greed.

      Infact I really really dont like the ending.

  2. Heart of greed i guess. Yeahh, lousy ending. Really ruins the whole series.

  3. Bosco is awesome and great as the righteous cop in this.

  4. Heya, this is my personal review of Witness Insecurity:

    The plot was bad and boring from episode 15 onwards for the final week especially episode 15 and 16 where Bosco only get few minutes of appearances. The script didn’t allocate chance or scenes to develop Bosco’s love for Linda too since the final week turned the series into a crime detection genre and the serie got worse when the script forgot to develop Bosco and Linda’s story and instead focus too much on the crime by Paul and Ram cheung. At this point I don’t know what Lau Ka Ho wanted to do. I love episode 4-13 the most where the series allow Bosco and Linda to interact.

    I was only watching because of Bosco and Linda so I got frustrated by the change of theme. The ending was a bit too dramatic and painful but I love how this couple execute it.

    My verdict

    Story: The story that attracted me the most was Bosco and Linda but the script didn’t allocate enough chances for Bosco’s character to properly show his love to Linda and it made me frustrated because I know the couple can be sweeter. Besides this I also like the athmosphere among the WPU team.

    There is a heavy focus on the crime storyline in the second half which didn’t interest me since I love to watch Bosco and Linda’s storyline more.

    Acting: I don’t have any complain for the acting in this series. I love Bosco and Linda more after watching.

    Character: At first I thought Bosco’s character will be boring because he’s an all around good guy, but he turns out to be charming especially when he was protecting Linda, but I wish the script can add more romantic scene to show his character’s love for Linda developing into deep love because the storyline didn’t allocate space for this. He has more scene at work than with Linda and due to this we can see that Bosco is more affected by Ronald’s character than Linda. Linda’s character was written well and she’s so likeable when she was getting to know Bosco. Bosco and Linda are charming with their roles.

    For the supporting characters, Paul Chun and Ram have a lot of screentime and episode 15 -20 focus on their past crime which didn’t please me much because this made Bosco and Linda’s story went underdeveloped. Their fans will love these episodes. Paul’s assistant has a good character in here. Cilla and Ronald Law are ok and I like Ronald’s dimples. The others roles are smaller to get noticed.

    Overall rating: 5/10. Bosco and Linda’s love story can be written better. It’s unfair for Bosco’s character because the first half of the series focus on how Linda fell in love with Bosco but the second half focused on crime detection and didn’t give much chance for Bosco’s character to fell in love deeply with Linda. He keep rejecting her. I wish there were better development for the couple because I love their charm in this series.

    1. @google: Thanks, I may actually pick up where I stopped watching this series, after all. Gave up on it halfway because I got bored with Bosco and Linda’s relationship and was not looking forward to watching yet more episodes on them with their back and forth angst; Bosco stoic and resisting; Linda sad and devastated. But the clincher for my dropping this series was her frequent singing accompanying her scenes.

      But with the latter half of more Paul and Ram’s scenes, I’m going to give it another try.

      Miriamfanz: Bosco makes me laugh too “whenever he stands politely holding his hands in front of him” looking much like a prim and proper English butler than a police officer.

      1. We really have different preference but it’s ok :D. You’re welcome clamine. The charm for me in this series are Bosco and Linda. If you’re looking forward for the veterans, you might want to watch the second half.

      2. Odd, I found Bosco potrayal great as Hui Wai Sum the cop workaholic and career oriented cop. I’ve never seen Bosco this calm and mature and this has become my most favourite character of Bosco 🙂

    2. Cilla is ok? Really or not? She’s always an annoying brat in her other series LOL

    3. I feel the same with ‘goggle’. WI’s best parts are the front to middle episodes when Hui sir and Ji Lam are the main attention. I was chasing When Sapura enters and the story shifts to him, that’s when the series is not special anymore and lost the attraction but Hui sir is still a hottie and that’s the only attraction left.

    1. were they playing bosco’s version of “the moon represents my heart”??LOL i started laughing idk why….instead of touching/heartbreaking, the scene looked pretty stupid to me..

      1. It’s stupid that someone is dying in your arm and all you do is weep. Linda’s acting FAIL.

    2. Damn Bosco is obviously dying but Linda don’t even try to call for help? Common sense FAIL. ROFL

  5. Overall, Witness Insecurity has a bad direction from Lau Ka Ho.

    1. My Most Favourite Character: Hui wai Sum, Kiu Chi Lam and Kiu Kong Ho before he turn bad

      Least Favourite Character: Kelly, Sapura

      Dislike: The script especially when the series changed direction and don’t know what theme it’s going to focus into

    2. I wont be surprise if 3 Kingdoms RPG ending will suck.

      1. KM dying in TY’s arms. When TY crying we need to withstand her long nose.

  6. If anyone interested, 3 Kingdom RPG and Witness Insecurity crossover:






    李國麟: 劉備 VS Sapura
    曾偉權: 張飛 VS 潘sir
    李成昌: 韓良 VS 何兆良
    蔣志光: 荀彧 VS 細喬生
    李綺雯: 丫環巧蓮 VS 重案組探員
    羅樂林: 曹操 VS 大有錢佬邦哥
    羅鈞滿: 家丁 VS 巴打
    簡慕華: 劉備老婆 VS 大喬生老婆
    張穎康: 范根 VS 爆呔
    樂 瞳: 司馬妹妹 VS 巧欣

    要改變琛的命運,就要改變大小喬生和Sapura 殺了張富商的事實.方法很簡單,只要道具組不需要省錢用黑布讓小喬生綁富商眼睛,而是用黑頭套就可以了!(當然要透氣的,否則悶死了張財主結局也是一樣!)



  7. This series is definitely a time filler. I was more interested in the chunky sweater Linda was wearing than her character Lolz. Gotta find that sweater for winter 🙂

  8. If rumors is true,it was short cut from 27 eps to 20..the ending was rushed, ending could have been way better..(my opinion)

    1. lol i doubt they would cut 7 episodes, that’s too much

    2. LKH said himself that it was 20 from the beginning. Rushed ending is something TVB often have now. I don’t find the feeling that the series was cut.

  9. WI is typical TVB filler series, but what make it special to me was the different feel that Hui Sir and Hailey pairing give.

    I’m not interested in all the boring 3 Brothers and Sapura subplot.

    The ending made me teared, but when I look back there are many things that are far fetched.

    I fell in love with Hui sir :D. Finally I like Bosco in a series.

    1. 15 minutes in last episode with him figuring out the whole Sapura link.

    2. Agree. I was hoping to see more of Hui Sir and Hailey.. Majority of the series was about the two brothers and Sapura..

      The ending… I can’t even be satisfied with the ending. >__< so many things wrong with it!

    3. I wish TVB just made this a love story and less focused on the subplot…. Since this is barely a cop drama anyways they might aswell just make it a full-on love drama

  10. Such endings are either good for my heart or my eyes 🙁


    The ending was stupid. It was like Bottled Passion again and if it was supposed to be romantic it was a dud. For me the best ending is if he ended up in a wheelchair with Linda beside him. After all he has her father’s blessing. Why does TVB love to end with guys crawling/motorcyling half the town instead of going to hospital where he might have been saved? And Linda’s last scene was terrible. I don’t get why she would cry like ends of earth in other less severe situation and here is the perfect situation for her to do just that and she didn’t? It was like as is he was going to a surgery, may or may not die when he is like dying.

    Absolutely stupid. And since I missed 18 episodes in between, does it mean it took them the whole 19 episodes to finally come to a realisation on 20th episode that they loved one another with him dying like a second later?

    Even Titanic had scene of Rose’s life after Jack, so why can’t this one?

    1. They changed the ending after he cheated on Myolie in real life i.e his character needed to die.

      Even the cheater lawyer in HOG needed to die after cheating on Linda, LOL

    2. Linda’s acting fail when I watched the ending above. Someone is obviously dying in pain in your arm and all you do is weep quietly. WTF I feel like slapping some sense into her. So stupid go get help!

      1. It’s not bad at all as everyone reacts differently. Her character may be in shock.

      2. She dont look shock. If I saw my bf like that I will panic and start finding a phone to call emergency service or if no phone I will yell for help

      3. It isn’t in the script i.e calling for help, LOL

      4. Not the script but her acting in this scene was really dull. The emotions were not right at all.

        It can’t bring her the wave like Miss Cool last year. Really can’t.

      5. I dunno why people keep condemn Linda while she did her best in WI. Maybe this is not her best series but good enough for her performance this year. WI may not the best series and I do admit that THc is much better in term plot and actings. She still young…

      6. Miss Cool was a fluke and overrated. Just because she cried like someone died.

        Wait someone died in her arms here and she just sobs? LOL

  12. This is a good drama except ending was very sad. Bosco shouldn’t die, they should be together.

    1. I can’t be sad when I saw a woman only weep quietly when someone she’s supposed to love is dying and shuddering painfully in her arms WTF. Either you find help or you cry histerically are more appropriate!

  13. It was so stupid that Bosco drove off instead of going to the hospital.. and none of his friends even stopped him! Even if he did live, I don’t see how Linda would accept him after he gave her a bracelet just to get her dna, and then caused her dad and uncle to go to jail.

    1. Because it is a love story, she is crazy about him and her father gave them his blessings.

    2. I don’t know what made many of my friends keep tweeting about the ending. It made me pissed to see their tweets because they all can forgot about Boscolie breakup quickly.

      1. That’s the entertainment world. People will bring it up occasionally; nothing lasts forever.

  14. I actually found the series ok. minus Linda. I never really had a problem with her but found her a bit annoying and boring in these series. Most importantly, I found her acting a bit too fake like she was just acting. it was said that this role was especially written for her but i don’t think she measured up in terms of acting for a role with such a complicated personality. i noticed that in all her other roles too that she’s not exactly that good at it, its simplifying acting, sometimes looking really force that it makes me cringe and skip her parts

    1. IMO, This is Linda’s worst acting in TVB career. She was “uncomfortable” through the series, it was not natural, faking all over the places. Maybe Bosco giving her insecurity around her.

      1. well according to one news article, Linda said this is her representative work in her career so far. i find that sad because it is her worst series in terms of acting. maybe she said it was her representative because of the ratings. and honestly, a lot of second leads can act better thna her especially nancy wu. she would never be able to take on the complicated roles nancy has taken and do sucha good job in it. man hk audience and TVB are blind

      2. The rating is high so sure that she’ll say it’s her representative role.

      3. In the first 3 episodes, Linda was surrounded and has a lot of screentime alongside veteran actors Paul and Ram and she still did horrible. I give up after 3 episodes of Linda’s bad acting because of her.

      4. the ratings will be surpassed by Ghetto2, Silver Spoon, High and low, Confidant soon. Linda overrated herself

      5. @lol: Linda has some improvement in the middle but maybe the ending was filmed before the middle so she was truly bad for the ending scene.

      6. Heart of Greed is Linda’s representative work. Yeah, it shot her to fame.

      7. Her acting is exactly like Kristen Stewart!!

  15. Did TVB banned dying scenes in hospital beds at the end of the series lately?

    1. They had a fight with the medical association or something so probably banned all scenes requiring medical help. Even if Tavia dies in the sequel of hippocratic crush she will die away from the hospital without any medical assistance.

      1. Funn:

        You are very funny …. a fight with the medical association …… banned all scenes requiring medical help. Perhaps TVB just ran out of money to seek medical assistance!!!

  16. I’m on ep. 13. After reading the reviews and comments, I think I’ll just skip the rest of the series. Back to rewatching Journey to the West and other old TVB dramas for the 276281th time. It’s so hard to find a good TVB drama with solid acting these days. Sighs.

    1. oh gawd… yes old tvb series.. reminded me i hce yet to watch step into the past louis koo… hve been meaning watch for years nvr got to it… got fnd the dvd at my store room

  17. aftr seeing the review.. decided nt watchng ths..

  18. predictable predictable predictable. i knew what was gonna happen when shawn had that evil look on his face.

    didn’t make me cry, the medicore singing that went along with the ending didn’t make it any better.

  19. i already know this series is mediocre from trailers.

  20. seriously she looks so ugly in that picture.

  21. oh and Bosco died at the end. Better that i reveal the ending now than get you to waste your time watching this series.

  22. I had to go and watch A Moment of Romance when I watched Bosco die at the end.

    The scene where he died didn’t look too glamorous for a hero either.

  23. The ending wasn’t as bad as BP. At least Hui Sir made it to see Ji Lam for the last time. It was a closure to their relationship. The bittersweet ending was memorable, which left a deeper impression on the viewers. As you can see, it’s stirring up talks.

    Overall, it’s one of the better productions of 2012. The first 10 episodes were worth chasing after. The plot lost my interest after, but picked up again towards the end. Not bad.

  24. Well, according to the review and the comments posted here, “Witness Insecurity” did not seem to be an interesting drama series to watch. However, its viewership ratings were pretty high in Hong Kong. Strange! Perhaps other TVB drama series were all getting lower and lower recently.

    1. I’m being biased because i am big fan of Linda. But I don’t think she’s that bad in this series. It’s just because she doesnt have chance to act other role instead of being innocent, cute and sad. Linda wont win any awards for this year…for sure…She still has long way to have it. So for this year…Tavia, Nancy Wu, Kenneth and Bosco should get something. Especially for Tavia. So bad for talented person like her if she didnt get anything.

      1. Linda had chance to act in different type of roles other than innocent, cute and sad. But these roles weren’t impressive enough for ppl to forget her innocent cute sad roles.

      2. Linda in DGD and HOHAV this year – FAIL. Those are not innocent, weak and sad roles 😛

    2. The series isn’t bad but too typical LKH :). I find it’s quite ok.

    3. The surprise that LKH get was when this series and Hui sir-Ji Lam receive high support from mainland weibo community. They also gives high support to Hui sir. I think this is out of LKH or everyone’s expectation.

  25. Linda Chung looked good to be paired up with Bosco Wong in this drama series …..] better than Myolie Wu in real life. Myolie looks a bit older to be Bosco’s girlfriend.

    1. LOL do you know got quite many people suspect Linda is the third party? ROFL

  26. According to kuagaiTVB@weibo WI’s 2 hours finale only garner 32 points in ratings.That’s pretty bad for a finale don’t you think?Well I guess the whole boscolie breakup saga really did effect the viewership and some ppl boycotted it perhaps?

    1. i think it was more of the plot. after ep 15 or so, i only had the show on in the background. it was so boring and i didn’t know what they were trying to get across.

      also, a lot of people were saying the song really touched their hearts and made them cry but i thought the singing was so bad. imo, neither bosco or linda can sing. bosco is nice to look at though.

      1. It’s more to do about how the song represent the two characters, that’s why a lot of people like the song.

        Can’t agree more about the plot. The 33 years old crime arc bored me. I only watch whenever Hui Sir some onscreen or when Hui Sir and Hailey have scenes together.

      2. The song is special because it’s Hui sir’s favourite song. Ji Lam first know this in episode 9 when WPU finished their duties and they went to Karaoke, but it was explained later in episode 14 during Ji Lam’s visit to Hui sir’s childhood world.

      3. When Hui sir was a teenager, he worked at a cabaret club. One day the owner tricked him into singing The Moon Represent My Heart but while Hui sir is capable of doing everything else, he sings out of tune and he was ashamed because of this and this is starting from that day he keep singing this song to make himself better at it. However he himself admit to Ji Lam at he doesn’t have a natural talent for this in his first rejection.

  27. As 4 me, the last episode when Bosco died really make me sad and I did cry 4 that scene. I cried twice.

    1. I cried too. Bosco did his death scene very well and I’m fine with Linda not doing her bawling over thing. Opposite from many people here I don’t think Linda is as bad as everyone is saying IMHO.

  28. Can i know the ratings for WI’S finale?? please someone tell me

  29. What on earth was that? Secret coded message? “Hey Linda, I’d rather die than to be with you”?! Knock some senses into their heads and make them crawl all the way to the hospital, if they have to.

  30. WI will be much better if it keep to Hui sir and Ji Lam love story and explore this relationship deeper. Hui sir and Ji Lam chemistry and unique relationship gives a fresh breath to this TV series. Instead it took an old fashioned turn and is not great because of too much investigation into Sapura case. Sorry to say that Sapura-link made the series weak.

  31. Why suddenly many complain not enough love plot? LOL usually you people complain too much love plot? ROFL

  32. Terrible storyline in terms of romance (because there really wasn’t any), and terrible plot development in general. Let me comment on a few things.

    1. Ending scene: Why the hell is Linda’s character just sitting there weeping when Hui Sir is obviously dying? Also, she has no real understanding of the whole situation. Her reaction doesn’t make any sense at all.

    2. Hui Sir’s death is illogical. TVB just had to insert it to cause audience tension, I swear.

    3. Linda and Bosco’s characters never really started dating. Their love for each other never stood out much, and yet the ending was like a super cliched lovey dovey kind of thing. It was really really sad, but I was sad because I loved Hui Sir’s character. I wasn’t sad from their “romance”.

    1. Zhi Lam is desirable, but Hui sir is ultra MAN and shouldn’t die this way. I’m a guy but I’m also sad for Hui Sir :(. No gay ok. Hui Sir is fantastic and Bosco is great. He’s eligible to win those end of the year award.

      I would so hit Linda Chung I don’t know why many girls love to criticize her. Many times I want to punch Hui Sir in the gut. Dude she’s throwing herself at you! Wake up!

  33. I just watched the ending and cried my heart out. Hui sir doesn’t deserve this ending! So is Hailey! This ending is crap. It made me depressed.

    1. I will miss Hui Sir a lot. The ending is too depressing. What was the scriptwriter thinking?

  34. WI: bad TVB meshed plot but young main leads are eye catching and attractive.

  35. Short review:
    -Ending was depressive for a long time because Hui Sir character potrayed by Bosco Wong is someone I cared the most in the whole drama. The tragic ending multiplied tenfold because it was Hui Sir.
    -Another tragic element was although the pair was attractive and cute to watch, their relationship ended without having started at all. No holding hands, ho hugs, no kisses, not even a couple declaration!
    -Plot development is typical of a TVB lousy production.

  36. This movie sucks! The plot is really stupid follow by a even more stupid ending. I am sorry, I wasted my time.

  37. WI from all the series Bosco has been playing in, then this one was dissapointing. I loved the caracter Hui sir, but whole in whole then the story was boring. I don’t think I have sitted and waited for something interesting to happend as much as in this drama, and still not getting much back. If they can’t make all the investigation in the story exciting, then at least do something with the romantic part, but here nune of them was really something.

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