Nick Ip to Bring Back ATV Programs and Miss Asia

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Nick Ip Ka-po (葉家寶), former executive director of the fallen broadcaster ATV, has announced that he will be reviving ATV programs through online stream, including a new season of the Miss Asia Pageant.

At an art event he attended recently, Ip divulged some details about his upcoming vision for ATV, and said, “We are in the process of reviving it. We still need more time. We plan to launch it sometime around the second season of next year.” (Will your new programs be based online?) “We’re not sure yet, but the Internet is indeed a strong platform.”

Ip also said that he will “definitely” revive the Miss Asia Pageant, and has already started production on a new television web series starring singer Don Li (李逸朗) and former TVB actress Lori Chow (周美欣). The drama held its camera commencement blessing ceremony a few days ago.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • 3 comments to Nick Ip to Bring Back ATV Programs and Miss Asia

    1. m0m0 says:

      so shocked that they plan to bring back atv. they think the recarnation will make a come back?

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    2. vodka says:

      pointless… the ladies who participate will have no gain from winning the pageant.

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Does anyone think he looks a bit like Pal Sinn? That’s right I thought they loose alots of money already and still can make it really?

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