ATV Executive Director Nick Ip Resigns

After failing to pay its employees, ATV Executive Director Nick Ip (葉家寶) was charged on accounts of negligence and was due to pay $150,000 HKD in fees. With November’s salaries still outstanding, Nick officially announced that he is stepping down as Executive Director.

In terms of paying its staff for last month’s work, a representative from ATV shared, “ATV received the funds from its investors today and they will be distributed to the employees as their compensation for November.”

In Nick Ip’s farewell statement, he wrote:

To my beloved ATV colleagues:

It brings me great sadness to tell everyone that we were unable to meet the deadline in distributing the November salaries. That is why I’ve decided to resign my position as ATV’s Executive Director and its respective duties, as well as resign my position on ATV’s board of directors.

This has been an extremely difficult decision.

As the Executive Director, I take on full legal responsibility with being unable to help with the company’s struggles and being unable to compensate the staff. I’ve tried my best to urge the shareholders and investors in meeting this November payroll deadline and hoped that their investments could help distribute the November salaries. But unfortunately, we were unable to give everyone their necessary compensation. I can’t violate the law again and I must face the legal consequences as the Executive Director.

With no choice left, I can only resign my executive position.

Even though I’ve stepped down from this position – I will continue to try my best to help fight for everyone’s rights.

I want to thank everyone for being with me during this challenging time and staying with ATV during its most difficult days. Even if we didn’t get the happy ending like we wanted – we treated ATV with love and we persevered. In the most difficult of times, our professionalism and spirit shone, and we’ve left wonderful memories at ATV.

But since I’ve been plagued with lawsuits recently, I must take on the legal responsibilities. I would not erase anything from my life. I appreciate everyone that has accompanied me along the way – everyone are my beloved coworkers – I will always remember everyone. I will remember how we fought with ATV. You gave me encouragement, supporting, and blessings. These will always be a part of my memories.

I am very, very, very, thankful for my beloved colleagues!


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  1. ATV is a joke, it been months where wages have been delayed. Nick Ip has been made a scapegoat, I feel sorry for him but at the end of the day, the investors behind ATV forced him out and really had no choice but to resign.

    ATV should call it quits now anyway as their license expires next April, no one is watching their programs.

  2. I actually don’t feel sorry for Ip Kar Bo.  Yes, he was made a scapegoat, but the problem is that he was a willing scapegoat.  He had full knowledge what type of situation ATV was in, yet he continued to stay in his position month after month and would try to beg the investors for money rather than just step down and let the investors / execs face the consequences themselves.  Maybe he thinks of himself as a martyr, sacrificing himself in order to fight for the rights of his colleagues, as that’s what he’s been implying when people ask him why he didn’t step down earlier (though if he truly wanted to go that route, he might as well continue to stay in his position now and go to jail for those bastard investors too).  In my opinion, I don’t see any ‘glory’ in his actions – all I see is stupidity.  To me, Ip Kar Bo’s situation was completely avoidable if he had stepped down earlier instead of staying behind and making a public fool of himself time and time again in defense of ATV.

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