ATV Employees Have Not Received Their August Salary

Just when ATV finds new investors, the cash-strapped station once again hits another financial iceberg. In the past few years ATV, Hong Kong’s oldest free-to-air station, has been struggling with financial difficulties, and was in a risk of losing its license until a mysterious buyer came to its aid in June of this year.

Despite their revival, ATV is still having problems paying its staff their monthly wages. Last year ATV was under fire for postponing salary payments and went through a series of lawsuits. This July, ATV was late in paying salaries, and the same scenario is happening again for the month of August. It has already been over seven days since the deadline for August payment.

ATV executive director Ip Ka Po (葉家寶) has expressed that he is in immense pressure because of this. In an article posted online, Ip Ka Po said that handling the August wages have mentally and physically drained him. He wrote in the article, “I’ve always been working to the best of my abilities when it came to the payments, and I try my best to discuss it at the board meetings. I have been requesting the shareholders and new investors to invest more on the wages. I have been working 100 percent, asking for the August payments to be given as scheduled. However, the company still has not done anything yet. I am also just an employee. I do not have any shares and do not profit from this. I will continue to try my best tomorrow, hoping that this matter will be settled soon.”


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  1. So much for a new investor, and not having to worry about cash-flow. This company is just as big of a joke as the HK government. Idiots always flock together.

    1. @anon Haha…absolutely agree! Come on people, let ATV fold already so they can stop being such an embarrassment to HK and to the entertainment industry! They are already beyond salvageable and the idiot management over there is making it worse by coming up with an ‘excuse’ every week to be in the news. No need to wait for April of next year – pull the plug now please!

  2. Why are they still hanging on? They’re not filming nor making money. Surely their boards are losing money too. Why don’t they just fold? What’s it in for them??? Them = upper management and not the little guys like actual workers.

    1. @jjwong Your guess is as good as mine – to me, it defies logic that anyone would want to continue wasting money on ATV.  Whoever is calling the shots over there must still be in denial or something….and executive director Ip Kar Bo is an idiot for continuing to put up with the board’s antics.  I honestly don’t understand why he doesn’t just quit instead of continuing to make a fool of himself every week with the ridiculous garbage that comes out of his mouth in defense of ATV.  I personally feel that this whole ‘new buyer’ thing is yet another lie put out by ATV execs/investors in efforts to get gullible, die-hard loyal employees to continue working for them so they can ‘squeeze’ whatever last bit of return on investment they can muster before the station is forced to close down for good next year.  Of course, I could be wrong, but at this point, nothing really makes sense when it comes to ATV.


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